Woman savoring pizza slice at a cozy pizzeria. Woman savoring pizza slice at a cozy pizzeria.

Satisfy Your Food Cravings in the Amazing Restaurants of Powell River

Powell River is a city of beautiful scenic views located on the sunny coast of the northern British Columbia region. The city has great adventures, sights, and food from local restaurants.

1. A Little about Powell River

Powell River is called the city of hidden treasures, with some beautiful rivers and lakes, and it is one of the best-known places to visit in Canada. The name of the city Powell River has been taken from a person named Israel Wood Powell.

Israel Wood Powell was known to be the first superintendent for Indian affairs and the head architect associated with colonial policies (of residential schools and the banning of Potlatch).

Powell River, British Columbia

2. List of 7 Best Restaurants in Powell River

2.1. Rocky Mountain Pizza

Rocky Mountain Pizza is a well-known bakery and pizza place in Powell River. This place is a part of the Powell River sea kayak resort.

This restaurant offers the best local food on the marine avenue along Powell Lake. This place was established in 1996 by recreating an odd setup into a dining place for people to hang out.

Screenshot of the cover page of the official website of the Rocky Mountain Pizza.
Source: Official website of Rocky Mountain Pizza.

The restaurant is known for its various pizzas and offers great baked goods, sandwiches, soups and salads, bread, cal-zones, and coffee. It is like grabbing your quick meal at not-so-high prices with your choice of drink and heading on the journey to Vancouver Island.

This restaurant is quite famous for hosting events like Thursday night trivia. The place even serves as a tech bar or a great hangout place for students of the neighboring colleges.

Well, the restaurant believes in giving a good experience to its customers and providing an ambiance to create memories of a lifetime.

Location: 1005 Hemphill Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

2.2. Minato Sushi Restaurant

Minato Sushi Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants known for its Japanese cuisine. The restaurant was established in 1991. The place is known for serving authentic, fresh, and delicious comfort food.

This restaurant offers some seriously good sushi. The delectable menu offers a range of dishes in sashimi, sushi, and some of the traditional Japanese dishes from the restaurant.

The restaurant also offers outdoor seating and in-store pickup.

Location: 4801 Joyce Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 5P4, Canada.

Contact no.: +1 604-485-6118

2.3. The Lund Resort’s Pub

The Lund Resort at Klah Ah Men is known for its great services, but it has a pub that serves brilliant local slow-style food. The place offers the best views of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada.

Screenshot of the cover page of the Lund Resort at Klah Ah Men.
Source: Lund Resort website.

The place is known for serving some delectable fresh seafood, burgers, and pasta dishes, with some great drinks up for grabs. The restaurant offers great scenic views of the Strait of Georgia, the west coast of Vancouver Island, and the marine views of Savary Island.

Location: 1436 Hwy 101, Lund, BC VON 2GO, Canada.

2.4. 32 Lakes Cafe and Bakery

32 Lakes is a coffee company serving a variety of local coffee roasters with a cafe and bakery on Marine Drive. The peculiar focus of the company is on the coffee beans that are freshly roasted with every order.

This place serves great coffee and has a variety of menu offers. It ranges from sourdough bread, croissants, rich coffee flavors, and baked goods.

Screenshot of the cover page of the 32 Lakes Cafe and Bakery official website.
Source: Official website of the 32 Lakes Cafe and Bakery

The team at 32 Lakes Cafe and Bakery believes in showcasing local artists and providing a cozy, friendly atmosphere to each visitor in the city.

Location: 4707 Marine Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 2L2, Canada.

2.5. Little Hut Curry

Little Hut Curry is one of the Powell River’s finest restaurants, known for the gourmet cuisine of North India. The place belongs to two Indian people, Janmeet and Mohinder, whose origins are in Kashmir.

Screenshot of the cover page of the  Little Hut Curry website.
Source: official website of the Little Hut Curry.

It is located in a cool little house on the marine drive, providing a relaxed atmosphere, and is known for its great service and taste. The owners, who relocated to Canada and shared their traditional dishes, call themselves restaurateurs by chance.

The menu serves a delicious variety of North Indian and Kashmiri styles and fusion food as a home-cooked preparation. They believe in using as many quality local ingredients as possible with options for everyone, like meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians.

The restaurant offers a great selection of wines to pair with the food and some fresh, locally brewed beer in their upcoming dine-in menu.

Location: 4623 Marine Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 2K8, Canada.

2.6. Old Courthouse Inn

The Old Courthouse Inn is a great hotel in the historic Powell River district on the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada. The place was built in 1939 and was renovated in 1997 and April 2022.

It is an amazing place with great architecture and an intimate atmosphere. The hotel is home to one of the great restaurants famous for its breakfast sandwiches, Edie Rae’s Cafe.

Screenshot of cover page of the Old Courthouse Inn website
Source: The Old Courthouse Inn website.

The cafe has an ideal breakfast and brunch menu for takeaways, walk-ins, children, friends and family, or a dine-in meal. It even offers two separate menus for the people visiting the cafe and another for the guests staying at the hotel.

This place was once a setup for a jail, police station, town courthouse, and other essential government services. It is important in being known as the building of Powell River history and is quite famous with the city’s people and visitors.

Location: 6243 Walnut St, Powell River, BC V8A 4K4, Canada.

2.7. Granada Restaurant

The Granada restaurant is known for its great pizza. It is located on the corner road to the Old Courthouse Inn hotel.

Source: Official website of the Granada Restaurant.

With a good variety of pizzas on the menu, the restaurant also offers dishes of Greek cuisine.

Location: 6249 Marine Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 4K6, Canada.

Final Note

Good food in any city is always the choicest wish of anyone. The city of Powell River in British Columbia, Canada, is home to a lot of attractions. Some of the great restaurants in Powell River offer the finest food and fresh flavors to its people and visitors in town.

Powell River is surely not a place to miss and visit in terms of its history, heritage, sight attractions, wildlife, festivals, events, and adventures. It is known to be one of Canada’s most beautiful places to visit.

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