Poilievre Alleges Trudeau’s Dishonesty Amid Convoy Camp

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The leader of the Conservative party is feeling the pressure after cheering up a caravan of anti-carbon tax protesters right on the borderline of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where he made uncouth labels on the prime minister such as lies about everything.

In consequence, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Pierre Poilievre of the willingness to accept “conspiracy theorists’ support and extremists”;

The social media videos show the opposition leader thanking and boosting the morale of the people who had formed a convoy-like “hold the line” format in this campaign since April 1 – that is when the carbon tax increase went into effect.

The video made by the protesters who have been living at the site for three weeks is very revealing. In the video, Poilievre asks them to “keep it up” and let them know that their Canadian tax revolt is a good old traditional phenomenon.

“Everyone hates the fees of the tax because everybody got screwed over,” Poilievre remanence in the clip, where we can see demonstrators carrying placards with the inscription of “Axe the tax” and “F–ck Trudeau” and flags. Get Canada Great Again has been written on the back of the car that is parked least.

“And it was true. They went for crazy things he told. He was revealing lies in everything, you know.”

As another piece of evidence from the Truck Convoy visit, Poilievre, whom the polls have been showing to be ahead of the Liberals led by Trudeau since last summer, is captured exiting a truck loaded with the black and white Diagolon flag.

According to RCMP documents submitted to the Emergencies Act inquiry the year before, the national police believe that the Diagolon network is a militia-type circle whose affiliates are actually in favour of an “accelerationist” ideology — the doctrine that such things as civil wars or the collapse of western governments are going to happen and that it is, therefore, better to speed up this.

The initial founder even negates a disputable documentary and disclaims it as being a mere phoney meme.

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Trudeau: Poilievre Will Resort to Anything for Victory

Trudeau responded, “Every politician has to make choices about what sort of leader they want to be” in their responses to the motion when asked about Poilievre’s comments on Wednesday.

“Do they define the leader that is going to worsen the divisions, fear, and polarity within the country, make personal attacks and extend the support of conspiracists and extremists? Because that is exactly what Pierre Poilievre continue to do, not just when engaging members of Diagolon but also when he refuses to condemn and reject the endorsement of Alex Jones.”

Jones, who is a broadcaster known for being immoral and ordered to pay a billion-plus dollars in damages to the Sandy Hook victims who claimed the school shooting was a hoax, has called Poilevier the “real deal” and had recently reiterated his support. In 2012, a mass shooting occurred here, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where the shooter used firearms that killed twenty-six people among them twenty children aged 6-7.

‘This is the reason why the man thinks Pierre Poilievre has the best ideas for the country’ said Trudeau while campaigning in the Toronto area which was about his latest budget. The new polling state this week is that the fiscal budget of last week doesn’t seem to move the voters’ opinion.

And there we get to the nitty-gritty of that tepid reaction of Pierre Poilievre to that endorsement. He just wants to win anyway and that’s not how Canada should be run, so such divisive approaches are bad with me.

Poilievre’s Team Denies Ties to Alex Jones

Declined to be mobile, Poilievre’s spokesperson Sebastian Skamski said that his team follow Jones, but also listens to what he says, and that’s not their case.

“Unlike Justin Trudeau, we are not watching what some American is hugging him about.” In this instance, they conveyed a message of nonchalance and disregard for criticism.

Skaminsk did not comment on the CBC inquiry whether Poilievre knew the fact that the symbol stood for Diagolon.

Poilievre publicly rebuked the online group as dirtbags for their founder’s threat to punish his wife with a sexual assault during an internet stream the previous year.

Skamski recounted the incident when Poilievre found the anti-carbon ally demonstration while he was driving between offices in Atlantic Canada.

“What he described to me as a crucial factor in his success, of course, being his vocal opposition to Justin Trudeau`s harmful carbon tax that has driven up prices on groceries, gas and heating that I witnessed firsthand,” he observed.

If Justin Trudeau is worried about extremism, he should examine parades that are held on Canadian streets in honour of Hamas’s mass slaughter of Jews on October 7th.

The comment seems to refer to the recent anti-Palestinian rally on Wellington Street and how its power has transformed over time. The Ottawa police force says it is investigating reports of hate speech as the video of a man using a megaphone to praise the actions of the Hamas group that killed more than 1200 as per the numbers of Israelis gets widely shared. More than 34,000 Palestinian people in Gaza have already been killed by Israel’s military campaign that has lasted 14 years, according to officials in the settlement.

Although both Trudeau and Poilievre chastised the protester’s rhetoric, the public remains divided on the issues of national unity and economic development.

Likewise, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh criticized Poilievre, in a separate news conference, as being working with the goal of breeding division among Canadians.

Jagmeet Singh Wants His Pension

A true leader must not use language irresponsibly and act as a catalyst for division and hatred. This, for him, was a basic.

This is an individual who has received the help of persons such as Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. This is a very divisive individual who is contributing continuously to them, backing their irresponsible nature and their divisiveness.

Pollster Advises Caution on Poilievre’s Visit

David Coletto, the founder and CEO of Abacus Data Polling firm, articulated one of the motives of Poilievre to visit the protest encampment might have been to generate the enthusiasm level of the salary people of his base who admire the populism of the People’s Party of Canada – which managed the 4% of the votes in the last elections.

“I’ve heard that speakers who challenge existing divisions by identifying what is uniting and focusing on the benefits of a different world are regarded as the riskiest ones. The one that seem to be polite policy proposals are in fact just an ideological disguise for extremism, as Senator Chung warned,” he added.

“That’s always the weak spot for Conservatives. Canada’s home!”

Coletto claimed that Polievre is enjoying backlash with what many critics consider to be failure from the incumbent federal prime minister with whom Canadians want a change. Thus, it seems that coalition is, to some extent, unstable.

“This could mean the Tories might be resting on their laurels a bit too much and if everybody goes around delegating and being confident because pollsters like me are telling the Conservatives they have a 20 point lead nationally, then massively if people turn off by them, they could lose that base,” he added.

“I believe that he is throwing the whole new alliance apart.” Get Instant Access to the Research Database for All Assignments & Projects

On Thursday Trudeau said that Poilievre was the one linking him to someone who used racial epithets in public.

Coletto explained that the news releases as of this time have not shown any influence in terms of Canadians’ levels of confidence in Mr. Clement.

“What is it with the Canadian people, but is the accumulation of these evidence points over time who eventually just says,’ I can’t fathom that he is still going to be the prime minister of Canada?” he said.

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