PM Trudeau Resolute Pledge to 2SLGBTQI+ Rights!

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On 17th May 2023, recognized as the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to show his support and promise to protect the LGBTQ+ community’s Rights in Canada.

The tweet says,

“You should be able to be who you are and love whom you love, free from discrimination and hate. Full stop. No ifs, ands, or buts. We’ll keep working to make that possible – and we’ll always stand with 2SLGBTQI+ people at home and around the world. #IDAHOTB

2SLGBTQI+ Rights
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Justin Trudeau’s Stand on LGBTQ+

Moreover, adding furthermore in the press release, the PM emphasized the protection of vulnerable communities’ Rights.

Also, he apologized in the House of Commons for the systemic persecution, nonacceptance, maltreatment, and criminalization of 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians.

Highlights of Policies Introduced by Justin Trudeau’s Government for LGBTQ Rights

  • In 2022, they launched the Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Planwhich aims to address and support the community based on their issues. Under this scheme, $100 million was allocated for 5 years.
  • Bill C-6 was introduced in 2020, and as a result, the controversial conversion therapy was banned. Also, Bill C-6 states that if anyone forces or advertises conversion therapy, that individual is liable for a hefty and can also be jailed.
  • Bill C-92 was passed in 2019; it aimed to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. In summary, it recognizes the rights of indigenous communities to help them determine their own rules.
  • In 2017, a committee of 11 members was formed after receiving multiple complaints of being discriminated against or persecuted by the federal government in the past, and based on the report by members of this committee, PM released an apology. He apologized to everyone who faced unjust treatment and also to the federal public servants, including those in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


However, the 2017 committee consisted of the following members:

  1. Randy Boissonnault
  2. Marie-Laure Leclercq
  3. Helen Kennedy
  4. Albert McLeod
  5. Shelley Colter.
  6. Laurent Maurice Lafontant
  7. Kate Shewan
  8. Sue Genge
  9. Svend Robinson
  10. Marni Panas
  11. Reverend Gary Paterson
  • Moreover, Bill C-16 was introduced in 2016. It amended the Canadian Human Rights ACT, and also the Criminal Code. This made it clear to include gender identity and expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination and any hate propaganda.

Analyzing Canada’s Social Environment for LGBTQ+ Individual

Canada has always been regarded as one of the safest countries for LGBTQ+ people. Moreover, even the reports show the same story.

For example, Asher & Lyric’s Danger index has been ranking Canada in the top position for the safest travel destination for LGBTQ+ travellers for three straight years.

However, the ground reality for everyone is not the same. Numerous cases of homophobia, transphobia, and violence against this community have been reported. Certainly, just like any other country on earth, even Canada is not perfect.

But as there is always room for improvement, and by the continuous efforts of the government and various social activist groups, this country seems to be on the track to becoming a Haven for everyone.

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