Nunavut Arctic College : 3 Helpful and Informative Facts

Nunavut arctic college is a community college located in the Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. It is a public university funded by the territorial government of Nunavut. Its history dates back to 1968, when governing powers were under one single banner of northwest territories. It was founded on 1st January 1995, before Nunavut became a territory.

Kivalliq Campus
Image from Nunavut Artic College Website

The Nunavut arctic college puts its strong foot forward in providing the high quality education and opportunities to its students. It holds an official website showcasing all the necessary details of it.

1. Campuses of Nunavut arctic college

The college is located in five different campus locations. However, the Nunavut arctic college has three campuses and 24 community learning centers.

Following are the three campuses:

  1. Kitikmeot campus: This campus is located in the Cambridge bay
  2. Kivalliq campus: This campus is located in Rankin Inlet. And in the vicinity of Rankin Inlet, Kivalliq hall and Sanatuliqsarvik Nunavut’s training center in trading is located.
  3. Nunatta campus: This campus is located in Iqaluit

Some of the community learning centers and their campus are:

  1. Nunavut Innovation and Research institutes: It is located in the Iqaluit, Cambridge Bay, Arviat, Rankin Inlet, and Igloolik.
  2. Piqqusilirivvik Inuit Cultural Learning Center: It is located in Clyde River with its satellites positioned in Igloolik and Baker Lake

All three campuses of Nunavut arctic college offer on-campus accommodations to students enrolled in full-time programs.

Image from Nunavut Artic College Website

2. Courses offered at the Nunavut arctic college

There are a variety of programs and courses offered at the college in various fields like:

  • Health and wellness :a. Bachelor of Social workb. Pre-healthc. Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (Arctic Nursing)d. Social service worker program
  • Business and Management studiesa. Management studiesb. Office administrationc. Municipal Government Programd. Computer Systems Technician
  • In the field of Lawa. Nunavut Law Degree Program
  • Art and Designinga. Jewelry and Metalwork Programb. Fur Design and Production Program
  • Educational Programs in early childhood and adult education programs.a. Adult Basic Educationb. Nunavut Teacher Education Programc. Early Childhood Education Applied Certificate Programd. Pathway to Adult Secondary School (PASS)

    e. College Foundations

    f. Early Childhood Education Diploma Program

    g. Getting Ready For Employment and Training (G.R.E.A.T)

  • Certificate and Diploma programs related to Inuit culture and languagea. Inuit Studies Diploma Programb. Interpreter Translation Diploma Programc. Inuinnaqtun Language Revitalization Certificate Program
  • In Trading and Technologya. Environment and Technology Programb. Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeship programs in Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, House Maintainer, and Technician

3. Facilities at the Nunavut campus

The Nunavut arctic college offers a variety of facilities to its students on campus. They are as follows:

  1. Accommodation Facilities: The housing facilities for the students are present on campus after the enrollment into the program. The Nunatta Campus, Kivalliq campus, and Kitikmeot campus have accommodation facilities for their students.
  2. Food services: The food options are available based on the location of the campus.
  3. Scholarships: The college offers the provisions for scholarships, grants, and awards to its students. The career development advisor or counselor attached to the Nunavut university may assist the students.
  4. Library services: The Nunavut arctic college is known for keeping the best available resources in its library to ease its students and the teachers.



Nunavut arctic college or NAC is one of the recognized public agency known for providing post-secondary education to the people of Nunavut, Canada. The college aims in providing the best possible knowledge and opportunities in various fields from apprenticeship, research to business. The college believes in enhancing the vision of its students for future challenges while keeping the knowledge of Inuit culture and tradition alive.



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