National Park Johto: 6 Amazing Things to Know

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Do you ever know about National Park Johto?

This article incorporates some interesting facts about National Park Johto

For pokémon lovers, Johto has been considered the best region. This national park in question is located in the north of Johto between Route 35 and Route 36, and scattered all around it are tall green grass and trees.

To get a better visual idea of this park, tap on the video attached.

National Park Johto

Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal - National Park

1. The Bug Catching Contest

The players visiting are given the pleasure of catching the Bug-type Pokemon by participating in the Bug Catching Contest, which takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Before getting into an in-depth discussion about the Pokemon, let’s have a little in-depth chat regarding the National Park.

The National Park is a small area surrounded by a fence. It can be called a pokémon world where various kinds of pokémon live. As I mentioned earlier, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, a Bug Catching Contest is held where you get to chase and hunt these pokémon.

You will get to know more characters who live in this pokémon-themed world as you go deeper into the region of Johto. One of these is Cameron, the cameraman; he resides in the South of the park and at the gate where he is supposed to click pictures of the players once they cross the fence of the national park along with their Pokemon teams.

Pokémon HeartGold - Episode 17 - Bug Catching Contest

2. Pokemon to be Hunted

Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Scyther, and Pinsir – these are some pokémon you would encounter once you enter the Bug Catching Contest.

You can also win prizes; this wholly depends upon the type of pokémon that you will be catching. The game starts with you being handed twenty pretty ineffective park balls, and then you can get on with your quest of catching the pokémon. You can only take one pokémon with you at a time to find a bug pokémon.

Once you catch this pokémon, you can either quit or try again to catch another pokémon to replace the first one that you caught. If you wish to catch more than one bug at a day, sadly, you just can’t ! as there is only one contest a day.

As mentioned earlier, you can only keep one pokémon at a time, but you need not worry about your catching score because each pokémon caught will be recorded in your pokédex.

3. Prizes

Pokemon Evolution Stones

3.1 First Prize

  • Sun Stone
  • Fire Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Dawn Stone
  • Shiny Stone
  • Oval Stone

The variation is based on the stats of the pokémon caught, and the HP left in it. Here, the sunstone is the top prize, and to get this one, you are required to catch the Scyther. The scyther can be found in the tall grass in the north half of the park.

3.2 Second Prize

  • Everstone

3.3 Third Prize

  • Gold Berry

Don’t be disheartened; the rest of you, even if you don’t catch any Pokemon, will too be given the regular berries, and no doubt you get to keep the Pokemon if caught. This certainly will make your day.

4. Guide

Pokemon Silver Walkthrough Part 17 - If This is a "National Park", Since When Is Johto A Nation?

Before starting any game, the first thing you would want to know is what will be there in the game, so to solve this problem, we have brought you a guide to the National Park.

The video attached above is a full walkthrough of the Johto region. The park makes an entry at 0.39 in the video.

Upon entering through the park’s front gate, you would encounter a few people. Head towards your right, which is the southern part of the national park, and you can notice a woman sitting on a bench amidst flowers along with a Persian. And to receive the quick claw, you will have to speak with the woman.

After this, move further into the area, and you will get to meet four trainers for the battle in the tall grass. A one-on-one with the trainers can only take place in this particular grass field. It would be best if you were watchful for the hole in the upper right corner of the round plaza.

After going through here, you will be allowed to make a circle to the right for a Parlyz heal, which can be found in the east gate, or you can move all the way around to the left to catch the Dig; with the help of this, you can easily teleport yourself out of the dungeons.

Besides the TM, if you move further right and down, you can unveil the hidden Full Heal.

5. Trainers in Charge

  • Pokéfan Beverly
  • Pokéfan William
  • Schoolboy Jack ( also known as School Kid Jack )
  • Lass Krise

Generally, the participants get to meet them on the top half of the field. You can either have a nice chat with these trainers or engage in a battle, and it’s your call

if we talk about the infamous pokémon anime that we all used to watch in our childhood, we can also see the National Park Johto appear in the anime series.

For instance, we saw the National Park appear when Ash and his friends came to the grass field, where they witnessed the Bug Catching Contest and decided to participate. Ash aimed to catch a Weedle, but he ended up catching a Beedrill, and the Weedle was caught by Cassey, a friend of Ash.

At last, Ash appeared as the contest winner and earned himself a Sun Stone. Ash was also allowed to keep the pokémon he caught. Before leaving the area, Ash gifted his Beedrill to Cassey, knowing about her love for this particular pokémon.

6. Glossary

6.1 Quick Claw

This is a valuable item that helps increase the speed of the Pokemon and gives the Pokemon a chance to attack first. It comes in various varieties, for example, Diamond, Sapphire, Violet, Ultra Moon, Platinium, Emerald, and Leaf Green.

After watching the video below, you will have a good idea about how to find Quick Claw in Soul Silver Park.

Pokemon Soul Silver - How to get Quick Claw

6.2 Fence Hole

To find this opening, you must try to reach the higher building, which probably is on the top half and east side. Look closely at the fence, and you will notice the opening.

6.3 Full Heal

This full heal item is hidden in a short and narrow passage that leads to the trees, and at the end of the passage, you will find the full heal.

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