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There are around 92 provincial parks present in Manitoba that are spreaded across an area of over 4 million hectares of land and water. These parks are just perfect if you are in mood of camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, or bird watching. In this article,we have covered some of these beautiful provincial parks in Manitoba for you to explore.

1. Manitoba Provincial Park Pass

It is important to buy a pass if you wish to visit these provincial parks in Manitoba. Three types of passes are available from which you can choose:

  • Annual Park vehicle permit pass for $44.50.
  • Daily Park vehicle permit for $9.50.
  • Casual Park vehicle permits (valid for 3 days) are available for $16.50.
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2. The Best Provincial Parks in Manitoba

There is something unique for everyone to enjoy in these provincial parks. Hike through the natural grasslands, relax on the pale sand at the Grand Beach, spot rare orchids, or paddle down world-famous canoeing rivers.

We have listed our top picks in this article, so continue to find out about them. We have listed our top picks in this article

2.1. Whiteshell Provincial Park: Among the Best Provincial Parks in Manitoba

The picturesque Whiteshell Provincial Park is spread over an area of 2729 square kilometers (1689 square miles) of crystalline waters and lush green forest, and you can find some of the best hiking trails, beaches, and beautiful views in this park.

2.1.1. Famous Points in the park

The Bannock Point Petroforms, Hunt Lake hiking trail, Rainbow Falls, Candy Lake tunnel, and top-of-the-world trail are some of the best points of the parks, along with lakes like Falcon, West Hawk, and Brereton.

2.1.2. Things to Do Here

You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, playing tennis, sitting beside quiet beaches, and water sports. Over 200 lakes offering a variety of sea creatures boost fishing excitement.

2.2. Birds Hill Provincial Park

Are you someone who is looking for a quick escape into nature from Winnipeg or looking for a camp near the city? If you answer yes, then Birds Hill Provincial Park is a solid pick for a quick day trip escaping from the big city.

The Winnipeg festival that is held in Birds Hill each summer brings amazing musicians to Manitoba.

2.2.1. Famous Points in the Park

A viewing tower is present in the park, and fields of wildflowers, huge forests, and an excellent artificial lake are present for summer swimming.

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2.2.2. Things to do Here

There are more than 100 trails to explore. You can either go hiking, biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.

2.3. Turtle Mountain Provincial Park

This park has some of the most loved campgrounds in Manitoba, like the Adam Lake and Max Lake provincial campgrounds, to name some. Turtle Mountain is the best place for those who are looking to spend a relaxing holiday and for outdoor enthusiasts.

This Park is located Southwest of Manitoba, in Boissevain. It has over 200 lakes, rolling hills, and lush green forests. William Lake and Max Lake are two of its campgrounds that offer basic camping, and the Adam Lake campground has electrical hookups and a water facility.

2.3.1. Famous Points in the Park

The back tower in this park is accessible through a hiking trail, which offers a serene and picturesque view of the mountains surrounding the farmlands.

All the lakes in the park are just perfect for boating and fishing; wind-surfers can head towards William Lake.

2.3.2. Things to Do Here

You could spend a lot of time here enjoying the laboratory of nature. A wide variety of activities are offered here, from hiking and biking to water sports and wildlife viewing.

Be ready to see deer, raccoons, beavers, loons, etc. Some other popular activities here include fishing and canoeing. There are many unexplored routes. Don’t miss out on those painted turtles when in the water; the area was named after them.

2.4. Paint Lake Provincial Park

This Paint Lake provincial park is almost an hour’s drive south of Thompson. It extends over an area of 24290 hectares (55958 acres) of Precambrian boreal forest. It has two campgrounds for the visitors to choose from.

Along with this, it also has a wonderful Paint Lake lodge, which is an ideal spot to spend at least a week, or maybe more, if you want to take complete advantage of the nature that will surround you.

There are uncountable small islands dotting the lake, and these are the best places to witness the mesmerizing Paint Lake from the water.

2.4.1. Famous Points in the Park

Paint Lake Lodge

2.4.2. Things to Do Here

There are a lot of activities, from kayaking, boating, canoeing, and fishing, that are extremely popular here.

2.5. Spruce Woods Provincial Park

If you want to witness some of the unique landscapes, then you should head towards Spruce Woods Provincial Park, which is in the western part of Manitoba.

The cacti and those sand dunes will definitely make you forget everything. It is exceptionally simple not to remember that you are strolling in those Canadian grasslands when in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

This desert serves as a habitat for various flora and fauna, including the northern prairie skink, the only lizard in Manitoba, the Western Hognose snake, and two species of cactus. You can also spend your weekend staying at the Kiche Manitou campground.

An equestrian campground is also present if you want to explore the park while riding a horse. The service center for visitors has a wide variety of interpretive programs, including an amphitheater, talks beside the campfire, properly guided hiking, events for children, and many more.

2.5.1. Famous Points in the Park

It has Spirit Sands, a desert-like area of 4 square kilometers of open-blowing sand dunes that surround the prairies up to 30 meters.

You can also witness the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a surreal blue oasis of water surrounded by tall spruce trees.

2.5.2. Things to Do Here

You can go hiking along those beautiful trails or enjoy those wagon rides drawn by horses.

2.6. Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Duck Mountain Provincial Park is composed of densely lush, rolling landscapes with tons of deep, clear lakes overflowing with different fishes.

This park is located to the South of the Swan River, which is in Western Manitoba. Duck Mountain also serves as the home of Baldy Mountain, which is a noteworthy pinnacle of the territory.

The Blue Lake trail, considered one of the best hiking trails in Manitoba, takes you through those lavish green timberlands along the lake’s east and west shorelines. The dazzling water of the lake will astonish you.

You can stay at one of the campgrounds that are present in the park and get an opportunity to be near nature, or you can take a cabin on lease at the very beautiful Wellman Lake Lodge, where you can find a small beach with small-scale golf and a spectacular restaurant.

2.6.1. Famous Points in the Park

Blue lakes, Wellman lake lodge, Baldy mountain, and Copernicus hill.

2.6.2. Things to Do Here

With dozens of lakes, fishing in this park is one of the fantastic things you can do here, and you might get a chance to catch fish like trout, splake, walleye, perch, and northern pike.

2.7. Atikaki Provincial Park

Spread over a vast area of 3,997 square kilometers of rough woodland, rock outcrops, glass-like lakes, and wild streams that can only be accessed by air or by canoeing.

It is among those few parks where you can feel separated and independent. In other words, if you are looking for a quiet place that is too close to nature, you can track it down in Atikaki, virtually untouched by humans and a genuine wild.

2.7.1. Famous Points in the Park

The brilliant Canadian Shield can be explored while going through the forest and waterways.

2.7.2. Things to Do Here

Rock paintings from the prehistoric era can be seen alongside the rivers. Maybe 100 years ago, these delicate connections with the past were made for ritual purposes. Spot the untamed wildlife of the park, noticeably the forest caribou.

2.8. Nopiming Provincial Park

A park that got its name from an Anishinaabe word that means “entrance to the wild ”. It covers an area of 1429 square kilometers that is mostly undeveloped. Nopiming is the ideal backwoods park to explore.

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Highlights of this park include towering granite outcrops, stands of black spruce, and around 700 lakes; a few of these lakes have the facility of fly-in or drive-in fishing lodges and campsites.

The wildlife here includes forest caribou for the season. Areas for camping can be found at Bird, Tulabi Falls, Beresford, and Black Lakes.

2.8.1. Famous Points in the Park

Black Lake Trail, Fire of ’83, Tulabi Falls, and Caribou of Nopiming exhibit.

2.8.2. Things to Do Here

The remarkable hiking spots of Nopiming Provincial Park are some of the best trails in the nearby area. Activities like motorboating, pedal boating, canoeing, and kayaking are all worth the experience.

3. Manitoba Provincial Campgrounds

Fortunately, there are a number of campsites in most of the provincial parks in Manitoba. Some parks have hundreds of campsites, while others have only a few. Various services are available, including those with excess amenities and those with only essential kinds of stuff.

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It is important to book online with regards to camping at any of the campsites in the provincial parks in Manitoba. The camping sites often gets booked so remember to be on time.

That is it for our part. We are suggesting some of the best provincial parks in Manitoba. Choose your option, and you will be intrigued by these provincial parks’ differentiating landscapes and photograph commendable sights.

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