Most Famous Art Gallery in Surrey – 9 Facts

Surrey Art Gallery is the most famous art gallery in Surrey. It is a contemporary art gallery situated in Bear Creek Park, Surrey.

Contemporary art shows from local, national, and international artists are featured at the Surrey Art Gallery. Visitors can interact with modern art through recurring exhibits, ongoing pieces of art, discussions, tours, as well as educational opportunities.

1. History

The Surrey Arts Centre, which also has a theatre and studio facilities, established the gallery in 1975. The gallery’s debut show, which exhibited works by regional artists, took place in 1976.

With a permanent collection of more than 6,000 pieces of art, including paintings, drawings, installations, photos, and other media. The Surrey Art Gallery has expanded over time to become one of the largest public galleries in the area.

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Also, the art gallery in Surrey has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the presentation of contemporary art. It has a particular emphasis on pieces that address social, cultural, and political concerns.

Many individual and collective exhibitions of work by regional, worldwide, and well-known artists have taken place at the gallery.

The Surrey Art Gallery provides a variety of educational events in addition to its shows, such as artist talks, seminars, and tours. It also gives artists the chance to take part in residencies and other possibilities for professional growth.

It has played a significant role in encouraging and promoting the visual arts in Surrey and the surrounding area.

2. Mission

The objective of the Surrey Art Gallery is to foster continuing discussion among the general public about topics and concepts that concern diverse communities, and are expressed in modern art, as well as to give the general public chances to interact with artists and the creative process.

Additionally, the Surrey Art Gallery purchases, administers, investigates, archives, and exhibits pieces from its holdings of contemporary art, which is kept in confidence for Surrey’s current and future residents.

The art gallery in Surrey is wheelchair friendly as the entire structure is equipped with slopes and elevators.

For people with visual impairments, the gallery provides sensory accommodations, such as large print labels as well as audio descriptions of the exhibits. For guests who require a break from sensory overload, the gallery also features a quiet area.

The art gallery in Surrey includes audio tours and assistive listening devices for visitors with hearing difficulties. Also, for visitors with impaired vision, the gallery provides iPads with visual descriptions of the artwork.

With prior notice, the art gallery in Surrey may provide American Sign Language interpreting for visits as well as programs.

There is an outdoor pet relieving area, and the museum accepts guests with service animals.

The art gallery in Surrey can help visitors with developmental or intellectual disabilities and can arrange specific requirements and group visits with prior notice.

4. Collection

The Surrey Art Gallery is home to a wide collection of artworks by different artists. The museum’s collection contains close to 6,000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, sketches, drawings, photographs, and movies.

Its collection consists of about 300 pieces of art in a variety of media, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and mixed-media works.

The collection, which features works by some of the most well-known Canadian artists, shows how contemporary art has changed in that country.

This art gallery in Surrey has a substantial collection of works made by local artists from Surrey and the surrounding area. The collection showcases the variety and creativity of regional artists via works in mixed media, drawings, sculptures, videos, and paintings.

The majority of the collection is of contemporary art, with an emphasis on works that explore social, cultural, and political issues. The emphasis of the collection is on pieces by indigenous artists, South Asian communities, and female artists.

Moreover, the Surrey Art Gallery is home to a wide collection of pieces made by local artists from the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

The art gallery in Surrey continues to actively collect as well as purchase new works of art so as to increase its permanent collection.

Over a century of Canadian photography is represented in the astounding collection of pictures at the Surrey Art Gallery. The collection includes works by renowned photographers Edward Burtynsky, Diana Thorneycroft, and Jin-me Yoon.

The exhibition features modern works of art that showcase the newest developments and trends in modern art. This collection of works includes works in performances, installations, as well as multimedia, among other works.

A number of programs are available at the Surrey Art Gallery to encourage cross-cultural as well as intergenerational relationships.

With its programs, the art gallery in Surrey is dedicated to advancing inclusivity and diversity, and “Art Together” plays a significant role in achieving this goal.

This art gallery in Surrey is committed to giving visitors of all backgrounds as well as ages. The opportunity to interact with art in significant ways because it believes that art has the ability to unite people and spur changes in society.

Families may take part in interactive tours at the Surrey Art Museum to promote learning and exploration across generations. Attendees of all ages and educational backgrounds will find the tours to be interesting and accessible.

Thy also hosts workshops where people of various ages and backgrounds can come together to make art. These workshops may concentrate on a certain theme or media and are intended to be entertaining, engaging, and instructional.

There is a designated studio area at the Surrey Art Gallery where guests can collaborate on artistic endeavours. The studio is accessible during normal gallery hours and offers guests a warm and encouraging space to develop their ideas.

The Cultural Connections program at the Surrey Art Gallery provides chances for people from various cultural backgrounds to interact and exchange artwork, tales, and experiences.

The program consists of exhibitions, workshops, and activities that improve intercultural communication and comprehension.

The art gallery in Surrey also features a lot of exhibitions displaying artworks of modern as well as historical nature among other developments.

Some of the exhibitions in the art gallery in Surrey are:

6.1 Atheana Picha: Echoes

The window artwork at Surrey Arts Centre’s entryway honours the traditional value of mountain goat horn bracelets as well as the importance the animal holds for the local Coast Salish population.

6. 2 Transference: Jane Everett and Krista Belle Stewart

Two artists’ works that highlight the generational effects of colonization on Indigenous peoples were gathered together in this exhibition.

6.3 How Green is Your Muse?

A collective show that examined the relationship between art as well as environmentalism and included pieces that dealt with topics including climate change, sustainability, as well as more.

6.4 Fraser Valley Chapter Presents Fresh Paint!

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The Fraser Valley Chapter encourages artists to strive for artistic excellence.

The Chapter asked its members to create paintings for this exhibition that explore the theme of “fresh” through novel techniques, fresh subjects, fresh and imaginative points of view, utilizing fresh and stimulating colours, or subject areas that allude to new growth and rebirth.

6.5 Through the Lattice

This collection of multimedia artworks communicates both physically and symbolically about the locations we occupy.

In Through the Lattice, the relevance of the lived world is considered, whether it is owned, alienated, or desired.

In their most recent works, each of the chosen artists emphasizes the significance of place and its roving aesthetics of fashion, ornament, form, design, and structure. Despite using different approaches, they are all interested in the hidden meanings of space as well as its physical creation.

7. Digital Art

The Tech Lab, a special area reserved for displays of digital art, is located at the Surrey Art Gallery. It is a versatile exhibition area where works of art that creatively employ digital technologies are displayed.

The gallery also includes works in its digital art exhibitions that make use of cutting-edge technology including virtual reality, interactive media and augmented reality.

The Tech Lab offers various courses and events that concentrate on digital creative endeavours in complement to its exhibits.

For instance, the art gallery in Surrey might present programs that explore the connections between art, technology, and culture in addition to courses on digital art, 3D printing, or video game design.

The Surrey Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting digital art as well as technology and to giving artists and spectators the chance to meaningfully explore such disciplines.

The exhibitions as well as events of the gallery’s digital art department aim to encourage creativity, innovation, and critical analysis while showcasing the possibilities that technology offers as a medium for artistic expression.

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Anybody intrigued by assisting the Surrey Art Gallery’s programs and mission can choose from a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Volunteers known as Gallery Hosts greet guests at the gallery, inform them of the exhibitions and programs and help run the gallery. Assisting with special events and programs is another duty of gallery hosts.

Volunteer docents give narrated tours of the gallery’s exhibits. Docents are in charge of giving visitors engaging and educational tours and are trained in art history and interpretation.

During the year, the art gallery in Surrey presents special occasions, such as exhibition openings, artist talks, and neighbourhood festivals. Special event volunteers help as required with registrations, event preparation, as well as other duties.

Administrative volunteers help with clerical work like data entry, mailings, and other office responsibilities.

Under its Youth Docent Program, the Surrey Art Gallery also provides volunteer possibilities for young people ages 14 to 18. Youth Docents guide tours for other youth groups after receiving training in art history and interpretation.

A fantastic way to develop your artistic skills and give back to the community is to volunteer at the Surrey Art Gallery.

Volunteers receive training, assistance, and the chance to interact with new people while learning about culture and art. You can communicate with the Surrey Art Gallery directly for further details if you’re interested in volunteering there.

9. Funding

The Surrey Art Gallery Association and the City of Surrey both contribute financially to the operations of the gallery.

Their programming also relies on operational funding provided by the Province of British Columbia via the Arts Council of British Columbia and the Canada Council for the Arts. It also includes project funding provided by the Vancouver Foundation, Creative BC.

It also includes the Government of Canada via the Department of Canadian Heritage, and other institutions and for-profit companies. Also, they receive gifts and contributions from folks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, there isn’t a fee to enter the Surrey Art Gallery.

Absolutely, the gallery welcomes visitors of all ages and provides tours and educational activities. These include artist talks, workshops, and guided tours.

Yes, the gallery provides a range of volunteer opportunities to those who are interested in assisting with its goals and initiatives. Gallery hosts, docents, special event volunteers, office volunteers, and youth volunteers are all examples of volunteer possibilities.

The Surrey Art Gallery supports local artists and art collectors by providing a range of events and tools. The gallery’s website offers details about nearby art exhibitions, resources for artists, and ways for art buyers to get in touch with regional galleries and dealers.

Local artists’ work is offered for rent or purchase on a monthly basis. Both the gift shop and the hallway where you may rent paintings from have artwork on display.

Indeed, including weekends and most holidays, the Surrey Art Gallery is open every day of the week.  Also, it is advised to check the gallery’s website or contact beforehand for precise hours as the hours may change depending on the time of year and the scheduling of exhibitions.


To conclude, the Surrey Art Gallery is a thriving and interesting public museum of art that is dedicated to helping artists and communities in promoting modern art.

A wide range of topics concerning social justice, cultural identity, and environmental sustainability are explored in the gallery’s exhibitions and events.

The gallery is an important cultural institution in the area thanks to its commitment to accessibility, education, and community involvement.

Also, its creative use of digitalization in exhibitions and programs reflects its commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of contemporary artistic endeavours and technological advances.

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