Mandarin Garden Chilliwack: Best Chinese Buffet in Town!

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Chilliwack is a city in British Columbia province surrounded by beautiful mountains and places such as the Cultus Lake. Many tourists visit Chilliwack annually to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational areas.

Outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, camping, whitewater kayaking, and fishing attract the attention of residents and tourists alike. Apart from this, Chilliwack also houses many exemplary restaurants. One such restaurant is the Mandarin Garden Chilliwack at 45295 Luckuck Way.

Everything to Know About Mandarin Garden Chilliwack

If you are a Chilliwack resident, chances are you have already dined here or have at least heard about this place.

For those who might not know about this place or are tourists visiting Chilliwack, the Mandarin Garden Buffet restaurant provides the best Chinese cuisine in this area at the best price.

1. Restaurant Menu

Mandarin Garden Buffet restaurant is known for its lip-smacking sour pork, fried chicken, and juicy and perfectly spiced lemon chicken.

Not only this, but they have a wide variety of seafood options, from their crispy, deep-fried prawns to their mussels served with a bean sauce.

For many of us, some of the first things that come to mind when discussing Chinese food are egg rolls and crispy chicken drumsticks, and the Mandarin Garden Buffet restaurant provides its customers with authentic Chinese cuisine.

1.1. Vegetarian Specials

What if you are a vegetarian? There is no need to worry, as the Mandarin Garden restaurant also has a long list of vegetarian options for vegetarians and vegans, ranging from chow mein to sour soup and wonton rice noodles.

Chinese restaurants are famous for their fried rice. The Mandarin Garden Chilliwack restaurant provides many vegetarian options, such as the Mix vegetable fried rice and their delicious buffet-style fried rice, which are to die for.

1.2. Gluten-Free Options & Special Menus

Moreover, their menu boasts gluten-free options for all their dishes, keeping in mind the special needs of some people. Considering that many of their diners are Canadian, the restaurant has a special “Canada” menu that contains only Canadian specials, such as deep-fried chicken wings with fries.

Along with these dishes, the restaurant provides many options for appetizers and side dishes such as Siu Mai, chili potato, shrimp chips, the all-time favorite onion rings, and an array of soups, including their famous wor wonton soup.

The buffet also serves an excellent Chinese food buffet, just as its name suggests. The buffet menu provides diners with options ranging from appetizers, soups, fried chicken, seafood, and various side dishes.


2. Discounts and Offers

The restaurant provides its customers with various combo deals that help them try different cuisines at a discounted price if they have difficulty deciding what to order.

The restaurant also gives special discounts for senior citizens. Families with kids are also given special discounts during the lunch and dinner buffet hours each day.

You can always go online and check the menu and discounts on their website, which they keep updating regularly.

3. Friendly Staff and Amazing Service

Great food alone can never make a good restaurant. Excellent service and friendly staff make a restaurant better than its competitors. The hot, fresh, and delicious food and the great service have led to the Mandarin Garden restaurant’s high ratings, according to both food critics and diners.

The guests are taken care of, and the staff gives everyone a warm feeling, resulting in some good reviews from regular diners and tourists alike.

4. Awards and Accolades

The restaurant has also won many awards and accolades for its great service and Chinese food, including the No.1 Buffet awarded by the Abbotsford Times.

It is also among the Top 10 Buffets in British Columbia, published by Urbanspoon.

5. Additional Details

People can make prior reservations to book their tables in the restaurant. You can always visit their website to access their menu and timings beforehand.

The restaurant provides a takeout facility for those of you who don’t have much time to stop and eat at this place but still want to enjoy its fantastic cuisine.

6. Price and Quality

Despite their amazingly delicious food, the price of the food at Mandarin Garden restaurant is surprisingly low considering the rates of nearby restaurants.

This might lead people to think that the restaurant cuts back on the quality of ingredients. However, this is surely not the case, which can be easily seen from their ratings.

The food quality being sent out of the kitchens is immaculate, and the restaurant has set such high standards that its competitors are nowhere near them.

However, you don’t have to believe what others say and should try their food yourself.

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If you visit British Columbia or are a resident of Chilliwack and like hot and fresh Chinese food, don’t forget to visit this place. The restaurant is in a very good location and provides a cozy and calm environment. The food is full of flavor, the prices are great, and the overall experience is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Mandarin Garden Chilliwack has everything you want from a Chinese restaurant and buffet. Their friendly staff ensures that your visit is special and memorable, which their ratings clearly show. This place will always leave you wanting more and more, and once you dine here, you are sure to return.

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