Majority View Economy, Healthcare as Worse under Trudeau

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As a result of the latest political opinion polls, in May 2020 around 25 % of Canadians reported that they had “sewn more than expected” and they had “accomplished a lot” during the first 5 1/2 years of Justin Trudeau’s term as Canada’s Prime Minister. 

The general public is tired of us after the fourth year and two months, although one federal election has passed. In fact, this month 55% of Canadians said that Trudeau has so far accomplished little which is 15 points higher than it was in the past.

Perception of Federal Competencies:

Moreover, 50% of Canadians this month claimed that they did not consider his performance as good as it was expected to be, which was 25 points higher than before.

Dissatisfaction is quite common amongst a significant number of citizens because of the manner they perceive the federal competencies in power as being managed. 

To be exact, three out of four Canadians, trusted that the economy of Canada (67% bigger taxation system (61%, and health care systems ( 60%, have become much worse, compared to the time of coming to power of Trudeau. 

Two-thirds (65%) of respondents said the federal trade deficit (up 41 points), the treatment of Indigenous peoples (up 11 points, and the health care system (up 9 points) got worse under the government, while almost half also think national unity (49 per cent, up 19 points), public safety (48 per cent, up 25 points) and Canada’

The example of distinct demographics is illustrative of how campaigning for the next election in the federal status is much more likely to be challenging for the heading authority.

Although these results are satisfactory, this paring of itself hasn’t produced a significant lift in the polls since November. 

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Political Landscape:

The Conservatives lead the pack with 38 per cent (unchanged among decided voters), then the Liberals with 26 per cent (up two points), the NDP with 20 per cent (down one point ), the BQ with 10 per cent (up one point), the Greens with three per cent ( down one point) and the PPC with one per cent (down one point).

The Liberals only catch the Conservatives in Ontario by 10 points (30 per cent versus 40 per cent). The gap is six points in Quebec with the Bloc ahead of the Liberals. (28 per cent versus 34 per cent). This poll puts the Liberals at an almost identical position in British Columbia, they had 16 per cent as of the current poll, while the same voters polled them at 13 per cent in 2011.

The approval ratings area has nothing in it. The score of 39 per cent of the channel remained far under Jagmeet Singh of the New Democratic Party (48 per cent) and Pierre Poilievre of the Conservative Party (47 per cent). 

When people were asked who they thought would be the best person to serve as prime minister, no more than 32% named Poilievre. This was a number that stayed the same. It was Trudeau who had 26% (an increase of 3 points), and Singh got 17% making his drop one point.

While the recent pharmacare statement is less controversial, it still doesn’t give any sort of enthusiasm to Canadians. More than half of the respondents (43 per cent, up one point) are happy with what the Liberals and the NDP have done since they signed the agreement in March 2022. 

Policy Issues:

Poilievre’s image of an economically proficient administrator has risen to the appreciation of almost half (49 per cent, a two-point boost). Trudeau is also losing ground on certain indicators, like this one where he scored only 38% (up one point).

Housing and affairs in the country (27 per cent, down two points) and homelessness remain the most essential issue. Following the economy and jobs at 24% (increased by 3 points), health care has replaced the environment both are scoring 15%(decreased by 4%). immigration also scoring 8%(sudden increase of 2%).

Health Canada Has Been Misleading Canadians With Pfizer


We can conclude from this evidence that people generally have lost confidence in Trudeau due to his efficiency as executive power for the last 4 years. The Liberals currently have 20 per cent of their supporters back from the Conservatives in 2021.

While the governing party could still direct the policies and establish an emotional connection with voters in the event of a Liberal defection to the Conservatives up to around 30% at the end of the year, however, it would be indicative of higher support and acceptance of the official opposition as the government in the waiting.

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