Long Point Beach: Your Essential 101 Guide for a Blissful Coastal Retreat

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If you avoid beaches because they are overcrowded, then Long Point Beach is your solution. This beach is known for its calmness and for being a quiet spot.

Furthermore, it has beautiful dunes, clean water, and beautiful views. The beach is also known to have slightly warm water, making it a perfect destination for non-summer months.

Long Point Beach is located in the Long Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie’s northwest coast, near Port Rowan.

What’s more, Long Point is also designated in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

1. Things to Do at Long Point Beach

12 Things to do in Long Beach

1.1. Swimming

You won’t feel tired even after spending hours in the water as it is just warm enough to make you relax. The park is family-friendly so that the kids can enjoy the water.

1.2. Fishing

The waters have different fish species, and you can catch some big fish here.

1.3. Relax and Get a Tan

Instead of going in the water, you can chill with your family or friends on the soft sand on the shores and soak up the sun.

1.4. Cycling up The Nature Trails

You can ditch walking and bike up the trails if you love cycling.

The elevation is not too high; hence, the cycling path is average in difficulty level. So sweat it out with good cycling on the beautiful trails.

You must also halt to observe the beautiful birds sitting among the trees. The place is perfect for some excellent clicks of rare, beautiful birds.

1.5. Boating and Canoeing at Long Point Bay

There are superb boating facilities at Long Point Bay. Canoeing is also available along the sheltered marsh of the Bay.

This will allow you to enjoy the fantastic scenery from your boats.

2. Things to Do at Long Point Provincial Park

Besides the regular beach activities, Long Point Provincial Park also brings out some special fun activities.

The Long Point Provincial Park is one of Canada’s most popular bird-watching destinations. Many beautiful migrating birds pay a visit to the Long Point region.

Furthermore, some unique wildlife species are present here, like endangered species of rare toads, turtles, and snakes. So, it is perfect for wildlife lovers.

Sunset at Long Point with a seagull on the beach
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2.1. Long Point Bird Observatory – Bird Watcher’s Paradise

Beautiful flying guests visit Canada every year during the spring and fall seasons.

The park is flocked with beautiful migrating birds; hence, the park is on top of popular bird-watching destinations.

2.2. The Thrilling Camping Experience

The Long Point Provincial Park is divided into two sections: Old Park and New Park.

Old Park, aka Cottonwood Campground, is a small, radio-free campground with beautiful cottages.

New Park is larger and wider than the Old Park and includes three campgrounds: Firefly, Monarch’s Rest, and Turtle Dunes Campgrounds.

Some new facilities are available, like showers and washrooms, and the beach is within reach of all four main campgrounds.

In total, Long Point Provincial Park provides approximately 256 campsites.

2.3. Lake Erie & Norfolk County- Unforgettable Panoramic Views

Lake Erie is a panoramic location. The lake stands in the fourth position of largest lake (by surface area) among North America’s five Great Lakes. So, you are in for some jaw-dropping stellar views in the surrounding area.

Sunset from Long Point
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2.4. The Unique Discovery Programme

The program is conducted during July & August. You need to join the park’s staff, who will lead you to the Discovery Drop-in spot.

You can fetch your Discovery Activity Book or get one at the Drop-in counter.

Make full use of the equipment and materials provided to you and explore the park, observe the flora and fauna plants, and uncover the wonders of nature

You must share your survey with the park staff and take the Discovery Ranger Pledge. The bonus point is your Discovery Ranger Button for a true nature lover.

3. Facilities at Long Point Provincial Park

  • Barrier-Free Access-There are some excellent facilities that make your trip quite comfortable. The comfort stations and the park store have barrier-free access.
  • Good Boat Launch Facilities- The boat launch facility is at the New Park on Long Point Bay. A plus point is that it can accommodate most pleasure boats. You will require the necessary permissions to use the boat launch.
  • Clean Comfort Stations– Comfort stations are also available near day-use areas.
  • Well-Known Day-Use Area– You can avail of the famous Day Use Area near New Park. It comes with a parking spot for approx 650 vehicles. The opening time is available on the official website.
  • The Park Store for Tasty Food– The park store is located near the New Park entrance. You can purchase snacks, beverages, tasty Vanhoutte coffee, and delicious ice creams. The store also has firewood, ice camping supplies, and a variety of souvenir items.

Before visiting, you can also check the official website for updates on newly added facilities.


Long Point Beach is a beautiful and peaceful spot. You can detox your mind from worries here, and it is a golden chance to let your hair down and relax around the stunning views.

The soothing environment keeps calling you back to beautiful paradise on the picturesque shores.

While the beach is known for its relaxing, warm waters, the provincial park offers its visitors many fun activities involving nature, making the place a must-visit.

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