Liberal Tyranny: Making Farmers Poorer Despite Cutting Emissions

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The Liberal regime’s repressive target of reducing fertilizer emissions makes a mockery of Canadian grain farmers who have led the way in sustainable farming for many years. This is so because, these “world’s worst emission offenders” as labeled by the government have actually reduced their emission intensity by an astonishing 50% between 1997 and 2017, above the entire Canadian economy that recorded a 36% reduction.

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This baseless accusation has been disapproved by research from renowned institutions like University of Saskatchewan’s Global Institute for Food Security. In fact, Canadian farmers, especially those in Saskatchewan have always been ahead of their counterparts globally when it comes to adopting low-emission agricultural practices. For example, canola farmers from Canada have a carbon footprint that is about 60% lower than the global average while Saskatchewan farmers achieved an incredible drop in emissions by 67%.

This feat speaks volumes about how much innovation amongst Canadian farmers has gone into developing sustainable farming practices and improving crop yields through less inputs and emissions per acre. As Professor Steve Webb rightly stated, “These impressive results are driven by the widespread adoption in Saskatchewan of agricultural innovations and sustainable farming practices that have significantly reduced the amount of inputs and emissions needed to farm each acre of land.”

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However, despite these achievements being worth commending; they have not mattered to liberal government which insists on forcing them to reduce fertilizer emissions voluntarily with a draconian thirty percent cut target by 2030. The impractical nature and arbitrary choice for this goal without proper consultations or thoughts for devastating consequences has attracted opposition from an alliance representing over two hundred organizations with interests in agriculture who warn about catastrophic impacts on worldwide food safety.

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The Grain Growers of Canada rightly observed that more research investment is necessary to overcome present barriers and exploit future possibilities related to reducing greenhouse gases. According to William van Tassel, vice-chair, “For decades, grain farmers have been at the forefront of sustainability, making Canada a global leader in producing grain with the lowest emissions possible. However, to boost our competitiveness and commitment to emission reductions will require substantial increases in research and development investment that are imperative in order to overcome current obstacles and leverage future opportunities out there.”

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Unfortunately, instead of recognizing and supporting Canadian farmers’ admirable achievements in terms of sustainable agriculture, the Liberal government has decided on imposing unrealistic targets on them. Furthermore, this dictatorial style not only spoils the sweat and tears of farmers but also puts global food security at stake. It is about time that the government of Canada stopped these kinds of wrong policies but embraced dialogue meant for fostering innovation, supporting farmers as well as ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture.

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