Reaching New Heights: Everything You Need to Know About Calgary Tower

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The expansive landscape, which is sandwiched between the towering Rocky Mountains and the grasslands, is home to the breathtaking picturesque beauty of the sunsets and sunrises that seem to light up the entire sky, as well as a dazzling downtown cityscape with a creek cutting through it and surrounding snowy peaks.

Although Calgary is a major city with a population of almost a million, it has managed to avoid the hectic schedule of a bigger metropolitan. As a result, you could still keep your windows open all the time to let in natural light.

The Calgary Tower was constructed in 1967 to commemorate Canada’s 100th anniversary. The work was completed in 1968 and is made of steel-reinforced concrete.

It is still a striking and symbolic representation of the city’s ancient and modern civilization more than half a century later. The Calgary Tower was a significant Olympic icon in 1988, and the city of Calgary has come to cherish it ever since.

It is a terrific excursion for families because kids can climb the skyscraper.

Visiting the Calgary Tower, children may learn so much about the city’s ancient and modern culture from 191 meters in the air. Step on the glass floor viewing deck of the Calgary Tower and see how daring you are.

Of course, how can you forget the marvelous idea of the observation deck? This masterpiece was established as a tribute to Alberta’s anniversary. Since it was built at the Calgary Tower in 2005, the flooring made up of glass has been a mainstay.

1. History of the Calgary Tower

1.1. Earlier Name, Husky Tower

The Calgary Tower is a free-standing viewing platform that stands at a height of 191 meters (626 feet) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its original name was the Husky Tower, but the authorities renamed it the Calgary Tower later.

It was created as a joint project by Husky Oil and Marathon Realty Company Limited in 1967 to commemorate Canada’s centenary and as an urban revitalization strategy component. It is a wonder of technical and physical workmanship.

The tower weighed about 10,884 tons and was constructed for an expense of CA$ 3,500,000, 60% of which is underground.

The Calgary Tower was considered the tallest building in Calgary and the tallest building beyond Toronto when it first officially opened on June 30, 1968.

A view of the top part of the Calgary Tower from a distance.
Source: Unsplash

1.2. Accomplished New Building and New Name

In 1971, the Calgary Tower received its new name. During 1987 and 1990, the tower endured substantial refurbishment. The tower underwent significant renovations worth $2.4 million of the tower’s highest echelons, including developing a gift shop and a rotating diner.

A glass dome was erected in 1990 to function as the new lobby. While Marathon Properties and Husky Oil constructed their new corporate headquarters in Calgary, they advocated the tower’s construction to celebrate 1967 as Canada’s centenary year and promote urban regeneration and the expansion of the city’s central business district.

W.G. Milne & A. Dale and Partners were responsible for designing the building, which can endure fatalities like earthquakes and storms of up to 161 km/h (100 mph).

Construction for this majestic tower was started on February 19, 1967, and it was estimated to cost C$3.5 million to build in 1 year and three months. The tower’s core was developed using an unheard-of continuous cement pouring.

At an average increasing rate of 7.6 meters (25 feet) per day, pouring started on May 15, 1967, and was finished 24 days later. Industry professionals hailed this pace as “an astounding accomplishment of physical and technical craftsmanship.”

A close-up view of the Calgary Tower from the bottom.
Source: Unsplash

1.3. Highest Recorded Building

When it was finished, the Husky Tower was North America’s highest skyscraper of its kind, measuring 190.8 meters (626 feet) high, with its glass floor south portion and observation deck being the biggest attractive Calgary tower features.

It commanded Calgary’s cityscape with a height that was more than twice as tall as Elveden House, the area’s highest-recorded building.

To stop rival contractors from breaking the height record held by the Husky Tower, builders purposefully misled the public by suggesting the tower would rise 187 meters (614 feet) tall.

Authorities brought to the light level of the Husky Tower soon after San Antonio; Texas administrators made an opportunity to claim the record for themselves by declaring the construction of the 190-meter (620 ft) Tower of the Americas.

2. How Much Is Calgary Tower Height?

A view of the Calgary Tower from the bottom.
Source: Pixabay

If you have visited the Calgary Tower, then during the afternoon, you will hear a variety of music genres streaming from the digitized carillon chimes as you get closer to the Calgary Tower’s Height. 

The carillon also chimes on the clock to signal the passing of each hour. Using the elevators, you can reach the top in around a minute.

Tower Bells

The sights, including the trampling grounds, are displayed on the observation platform. During busy periods, hostesses are on the Viewing Platform to give visitors excursions and knowledge.

In honor of Calgary’s centenary and as a token of gratitude for the independence of the Netherlands following World War II, the Dutch Canadian Centenary Council gave the city the initial Clock Tower Bells in 1973.

The chimes had to be removed due to modifications in 1989, but a digitized carillon ring has successfully replaced them.

The Calgary Tower, a pioneer part of the World Federation of Great Towers, is located 191 meters above the city’s center.

Although Petro Canada’s Western Tower—now designated as the Suncor Energy Centre’s Western Tower—surpassed it as Calgary’s tallest structure in 1983, its size and architecture still give the impression that you are floating through the air.

3. Why Visit and Discover the Calgary Tower?

3.1. A Bird-Eye View from the Top of the Tower

An essential stop for anyone visiting the city for the first time is to observe their surroundings, get a bird’s eye spectacular view of the picturesque city, and take in the vistas of the Mountains.

Perched atop 9th Avenue, one may stroll around and enjoy thanks to a viewing deck and transparent floors.

The sights from the viewing platform are unbeatable. Whenever the environment cooperates, you might also see the magnificent snow-capped peaks emerging unexpectedly from the grassland.

Even budgetary tourists frequently unwilling to spend admission fees should, without a doubt, make an exception for this time.

3.2. Sky 360 Restaurant

The Calgary Tower has a revolving restaurant called Sky 360 that spins to give patrons a beautiful perspective of metropolitan Calgary (one revolution takes 45 to 60 minutes).

It is on 9th Street SW and can be reached by automobile, C-train, or foot. The Tower is accessible by the Central C-train in the no-fare zone.

Calgary Tower l Jane Rayos

3.3. Carries Intriguing History

Additionally, the Calgary Tower continues to draw recognition even though it is no longer Calgary’s tallest structure due to the rise of nearby complexes ever since its completion in 1968.

It would be amazing to look at historical pictures to see how fast the city has grown and evolved in just a few years.

The tower was built at the beginning of 1967 and was finished in 1968. It was also one of the earliest skyscrapers of its sort at the time since super-high tower construction boomed in vibrant urban downtown areas all around the globe a little later.

Finding the tower is not difficult because you can see it just about anywhere.

An aerial view of Calgary Downtown and the Calgary Tower is visible from a distance among the buildings.
Source: Unlimphotos

Things to Remember

Due to the heavy traffic in Calgary’s Centre, it is advised to leave your rental car properly parked if you have already booked one. Instead, use the public transit system or walk.

Take the C-Train to Central Avenue or 1st Avenue SW and get off if you take the subway. The Calgary Tower will be visible from here, a short stroll away from that location.

Final Note

Well, now the Calgary Tower is regarded as the previous tallest structure; no one can ignore that it was the first tallest structure in Calgary in the downtown core, attracting many visitors because of its observation deck tower and glass floor.

It would be interesting for the visitors/readers to know its history and how it transformed into one of the tall skyscrapers.

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