Kevin O’Leary’s expresses his view about the Trudeau Government

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Kevin O’Leary, the famous Canadian personality and former shark tank investor, has unabashedly expressed his views about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership. He recently criticized the Federal Liberal Cabinet with words like “total incompetence.”

Trudeau: “The Worst Prime Minister Ever”

In a recent interview, O’Leary decided to let loose. He called Trudeau “the worst prime minister ever put in power.” He did give him some credit by saying he is a successful politician but doesn’t have what it takes to rule the country properly. He said, “Hopefully, we will thank him for his service within the next 18 months. It’s so important to Canada that he moves on.” 

"The Worst Prime Minister" | Kevin O

Unhappiness with Canada’s Direction

Just saying words isn’t enough for O’Leary, though. He has repeatedly criticized the way Canada is run today. In his eyes, Trudeau’s management has been terrible, so people are frustrated like himself. O’Leary wants everyone to know this: Trudeau is “perhaps the worst” prime minister Canada has ever had.

Unqualified to Lead

He doesn’t just stop at Trudeau’s performance either; he also attacks his qualifications. In an interview with him, O’Leary says that Trudeau is “completely unqualified to be the CEO of Canada.” His emphasis on stepping down from office was pretty straightforward.

Electoral Reform and Trudeau’s Decision

Something else that triggers O’leary’s critique is Trudea’s decision to withdraw from electoral reform. As we speak, no one can predict how future elections might turn out, but there might be some truth behind what O’Leary says about changing electoral reform in later years, even if Trudeau doesn’t want to. 


Kevin O’Leary’s candid remarks has lead to debates about the Trudeau government. Whether you agree with him or not, his voice mixed into the everyday political discourse keeps things interesting. Even though Canada is facing new challenges in present and will continue to face so in future, Trudeau’s governance remains under high inspection. People are giving importance to O’leary remarks.

In conclusion, Kevin O’Leary’s strong viewpoints on Trudeau’s governance continue to grow. Although Trudeau has a right to choose whether he agrees with this criticsm or not. Though, it is obvious that people like O’leary have started questioning Trudeau’s authority and administration.

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