Kevin O’Leary blasts Trudeau’s government as “complete idiots.”

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Shark Tank star and self-proclaimed “Mr. Wonderful,” Kevin O’Leary, didn’t mince words when criticizing the federal Liberal cabinet’s perceived incompetence.

During a podcast with news anchor Daniela Cambone, O’Leary bluntly called for Prime Minister Trudeau’s dismissal. He emphasized Canada’s wealth of natural resources per capita, contrasting it with what he deemed as mismanagement by calling those in charge “complete idiots.”

O’Leary went further, asserting that Trudeau, whom he labelled the worst manager in Canadian history, should step down. He also criticized the cabinet members under Trudeau, claiming widespread incompetence across various mandates. According to O’Leary, this level of ineptitude is unprecedented and dire.

Kevin O’Leary expressed that Canadians are beginning to recognize the poor management of their country. Despite his criticisms, O’Leary stated his desire to support Canada and his belief in its potential.

Kevin O

This is the video of our Scoop Canada YouTube Channel, In this video, Kevin criticizes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his subpar policy execution and handling of national crises, citing the recent flood relief controversy as a prime example.

Challenges in the Mining Sector:

Regarding mining, O’Leary highlighted the challenges investors face in Canada. He referenced Canadian billionaires Pierre Lassonde and Frank Giustra’s campaign urging federal investment in Canadian mining, lamenting that the industry has been overtaken by foreign giants, particularly in China.

Issues with AI and Data Centers:

O’Leary also discussed the importance of AI and the need for data centres worldwide. He noted that Canada lacks sufficient energy permits to support these projects, attributing the regulatory hurdles to Trudeau’s government. As a result, O’Leary argued that investors are deterred from pursuing such ventures in Canada.

Impact on the Canadian Economy:

O’Leary emphasized that Canada cannot change course until Trudeau is removed from office. He asserted that investors are hesitant to risk capital in Canada due to perceived obstacles in various sectors, including mining and data centres. O’Leary accused the federal government, under Trudeau’s leadership, of crippling the Canadian economy through mismanagement.

According to O’Leary, regardless of the metrics analyzed during Trudeau’s tenure, the situation has worsened annually. He underscored the urgency of replacing Trudeau, stating that Canadians could elect any other leader and see improvement.

True North attempted to seek comment from the Prime Minister’s Office but did not receive a response.


In summary, Kevin O’Leary, known as “Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank, strongly criticized the federal Liberal cabinet’s perceived incompetence, particularly targeting Prime Minister Trudeau.

He called for Trudeau’s dismissal, labelling him the worst manager in Canadian history and accusing his government of widespread ineptitude. O’Leary highlighted challenges in Canada’s mining and AI sectors, attributing regulatory hurdles to Trudeau’s government.

He argued that investors are deterred from Canada due to mismanagement, urging Trudeau’s removal. Despite his criticisms, O’Leary expressed support for Canada’s potential. True North’s attempt to seek comment from the Prime Minister’s Office yielded no response.

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