17 Must-To Do Kelowna Activities

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Want to know the most fantastic thing about visiting Kelowna? The super exciting and fun Kelowna activities. All you need to do is leave boredom behind and have a great time from scenic lakesides to the well-groomed city park. Kelowna has got it sorted for you. Enjoy!

1. A Brief About The City-Kelowna, British Columbia.

Kelowna is a beautiful city. It is situated in the charming Okanagan Valley on Okanagan Lake. Kelowna is blessed with natural beauty. There are many lakes in this beautiful city.

2. What Are The Best Kelowna Activities In British Columbia?

Kelowna, BC in the Okanagan Valley, is a natural lake country. The obvious reason is the huge number of lakes, all of which are equally beautiful. Most activities are based around these lakes. Kelowna is heaven for nature lovers.

Kelowna has a variety of activities to offer. Besides lakes, there are many high mountain summits in the Okanagan Valley. The mountains in Kelowna are perfect for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, etc.

If you are more of a beach person, Kelowna has you sorted with so many beaches, like Hot Sands Beach, Rotary Beach Park, etc. Approximately 30 small and large sandy beaches are located at the shoreside of Okanagan Lake.

You can also enjoy the fine eateries and brewpubs on Downtown Kelowna’s streets. Downtown Kelowna has lots of shops for shopping lovers. The Waterfront Park is very close to the main streets of Downtown Kelowna. Another good choice with an outdoor patio to sit and relax or walk.

Following is the list of the most wonderful activities in Kelowna, British Columbia:

2.1 Take A Boat Ride On Okanagan Lake.

Visiting Kelowna during the summer months? Hop on any of the boats. Enjoy an early morning in the calming waters of the beautiful Okanagan Lake. Okanagan Lake is a fairly large lake. About 135 km in length, a breadth of 5km, and 230 meters deep.

Okanagan Lake has a unique origin. It has been formed over some time due to repeated glaciations. Thus Okanagan Lake is also quite an interesting geographical feature.

If you want to enjoy the lake’s beauty, don’t just observe it from far away or by sitting on the shores. Get inside the lake waters with a boat. It is what will make you calm on lazy summer afternoons.

There are lots of options for a boat tour in Kelowna. You can visit the online sites for boat tours in Kelowna. It will help you choose your options before visiting Okanagan Lake.

2.2 Go Trailing At The Myra Canyon Trestles.

If you want the most panoramic view of the entire British Columbia. Visit the beautiful trail of Kettle Valley Rail Trail in Myra Canyon trestles. The trail is fairly long, about 65 km. Just the Kettle Valley Trail runs between Hope and Castlegar in the entire trail.

If you want to visit the most beautiful part of this trail. Then visit the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park. The park is located just at the border of Kelowna, British Columbia.

The tourist visiting Kelowna, BC, definitely visit here. All visitors love the place the most among all the Kelowna Activities.

Keep aside your worries about running trains. The beautiful trail is no more a running track. The trail has been transformed into a recreation spot for hikers and bikers.

An early morning visit will be a plus point for hiking here. Sporty people will surely enjoy a bike ride all the way up to the 18 Myra Canyon Trestles. These bridges hang to the side of Myra Canyon.

So, if you are sporty, try this trail at Kelowna, BC. You can also opt for enjoying this view in a helicopter for an amazing bird’s eye view experience. Check out the online website for complete details on hiking here.

2.3 Enjoy Big White Ski Resort

If you are a winter sports lover, visit Big White Ski Resort. Enjoy an amazing adventure of snowboarding, mountain biking, and skiing here. It is the most adventurous among all Kelowna Activities. The scenic mountain makes it the most popular resort. Big White Ski Resort is the third-largest resort in this region.

The mountains here are also good for mountain biking. These mountains have quite high peaks, with skiable terrains. The mountain peak is about 2319 meters in height.

These mountains are home to more than 2,700 acres of skiable regions and 16 lifts. Thus, it’s an amazing way to reveal the beauty of the mountains around Kelowna.

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2.4 Go  For A Stroll In Downtown Kelowna.

The buzzing streets of downtown Kelowna have a lot of shops for shopping lovers. There are lots of eateries and brewpubs in downtown Kelowna. There are lots of interesting places in Downtown Kelowna,

like the Okanagan Military Museum, the Central Okanagan Sports Hall, and Kelowna Cruises.

It is beneficial if you sort out the list of places you want to visit. Choose the best of the places of your interest. Besides, try some new activities that might seem interesting in Downtown Kelowna.

2.5. Hike A Trail In Knox Mountain Park

Knox mountain park is a beautiful mountain park popular for its hiking trails. If you are a nature lover who loves to hike over the peaks. This place is your perfect opportunity if you love to hike up a notch on the natural trails.

Knox Mountains is one the best recreation spot and a family favorite among the visitors and locals of Kelowna, British Columbia. The trails are wide and scenic. You get parking near the foothills of the mountain. To bring your pet here, keep them on a leash. One of the best hikes here is Paul’s tomb. It has very little incline and a scenic view of the lake below. You can get your cameras along to get some amazing shots for your social media post.

2.6 The Sweet Smells Of Nature At Okanagan Lavender Farm.

Love visiting t place for a sweet me time among the sweet-smelling flowers? Okanagan Lavender firearm is your best bet. A walk around these splendid farms, surrounded by the sweet smell of purple lavenders and sages. On top of that, the farm is eco-friendly, close to downtown Kelowna British Columbia.

Looking for a place to just sit back and smell nature at its finest? This 8-acre eco-friendly farm is found not too far from downtown Kelowna and allows you to walk around in splendor, surrounded by plants and herbs, such as purple lavender and sage. All of these beautiful things are then harvested into botanical products, such as essential oils and body butter. You can buy them on-site or just go online and order them as well.

2.7. Learn Wine Crafting At Okanagan Spirits Distillery

If you love to have a nice wine tasting. Try one of the best wine tours at the Okanagan Spirits and Craft Distillery.

This place is your way to a fine wine tour. Also, you get to learn what goes into the fine art of wine crafting. You get to taste some of the best spirits at their tasting bars.

It does not require any prior booking hassles. Just drop by here and enjoy some award-winning spirits. It tops the checklist of things to do in Kelowna for wine lovers. It is one of the best craft breweries in Kelowna.

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2.8. Kelowna Brewing Company For A Fine View With Wine.

Another option for wine lovers is Kelowna brewing company. This is a perfect fit for grabbing a local beer and enjoying it while sitting on the patio. It is a choice for all tasters and lovers of fine wine. They can get you different kinds of wine varieties and flavors. you must try this place out for sure, whether you are a wine lover or beloved s. You will love this place.

2.9. Explore Nature At Waterfront Park

A place filled with nature’s glory in full bloom. You are surrounded by exotic plants and flowers. A perfect plant life discovery atmosphere. There is some great artwork by Canada’s finest sculptors. Calming waters of the lake. You get a relaxing daytime me at the beaches. The evenings are further l of the best concerts in Kelowna. Try the open-air cinema experience screenings and entertaining evenings.

Between relaxing mornings and amazing evenings s, there are options for quiet and calm afternoons. Book your spot at Tugboat Bay.Sit beneath the shade of oak trees inside the park. Go swimming in the lakes to cool down the heat of summer. Take a boat and explore the water.

The location of this park is apt for the waterfront view it is situated at. Many beaches have the option of thrilling waters sorts. The Watersport rentals are available at most of the beaches.

Go for a walk on one boardwalk. The route will pass through landscaped gardens. The garden has a mix of native species and exotic plants.

If you appreciate fine art and sculptures, visit Rhapsody Plaza.T Theplace has some beautiful fountains and artwork. Continue your walk till Rotary Marsh to the far end of the beach You will spot a wide range of native bird species.

Encircle your walk around the boardwalk that meets the larger city park. Grab a drink or a snack from one of the stands along the way. Through the walk, enjoy the beach views across the lake and watch the boats slowly drifting past.

2.10. Take A Ride On A BBQ Boat

If it’s the summer all the time when you visit Kelowna. Then you are in luck for a fun BBQ Boat ride in the lakes of Kelowna. Rent a bbq boat and float in the lakes. The calming water will give you some peace in the warm winter afternoons. Since it is a food lover ride, make sure to keep a cooler handy. Tasty BBQs are being roasted for eating and float. It is a ride you will wish to last forever.

2.11 Spend A Summer Noon at Mission Creek Regional Park.

Mission Creek Regional Park is a branch of Okanagan Lake. The place is filled with lots of trails, lush greenery, and beautiful parks. The place is situated very close to downtown Kelowna.

The spring and summer season is the best time to visit here. The park is full of shade of adoring trees to spend summer noon or evening. It helps to cool down the warm temperature of the season. The main attraction of this area is the famous trail. The Mission Creek Greenway Trails. It is a long trail dedicated to health-conscious runners, walkers, and cyclists.

The park changes its color during the autumn months. Beautiful trees turn the park into gold and red colors. It is picturesque scenery. The winters might be wet, but tourists can still explore the beautiful area. It is suitable for rain lovers for its awesome rain scenery.

All the facilities for guiding the tourist are available since all trails are well-marked with signposts. Do not worry about getting lost in the beautiful trees. However, you might want to do so.

2.12 Keep Your Golfing Stick Ready.

Kelowna receives enough sunlight for a nice sunny day experience. The people here can enjoy a happy sunny day out for long durations. This also becomes an advantage. Thus the city has the longest golfing season in Canada.

If you think you are a great golfer or maybe moving toward becoming one. Take advantage of miles of green spaces. Suit yourself with the

Whether you think you’re better than Tiger Woods or just getting past the mini-putt stage of life, Kelowna has tons of courses best to suit your golfing style among the various golfing courses.

You have great options like Black Mountain Golf Club, Kelowna Spring Golf Club, and Shanon Lake Club. All the clubs have beautiful scenic views and acres of open spaces. Make your golfing skills sharper than before.

Some of these courses also serve great brunches with tasty local cuisine. You can have your perfect gang day out. There are many family-favorite courses too.

2.13 Roam In The Scenic Kasugai Gardens.

It is surprising that among the busy, bustling Downtown Kelowna. There is a place filled with relaxing peace. You can make your escape from busy crowds to tranquility in the Kasugai Gardens.

The name of the garden comes from Kelowna’s sister city in Japan. Hence, the garden is built according to Japanese culture. Make time for inner peace when you are done living among the crowds. It is a perfect place for your little me time.

2.14 Long drive To Silver Star Mountain Resort.

A long drive to the amazing Silver Star Mountain Resort is one of the best things to do in Kelowna. The mountain resort has the best activities, like skiing and snowboarding, for winter lovers. Besides, it has the best bike park in the whole of Kelowna, BC. The bike park was created by the bikers and dedicated to the bikers.

It is the ultimate point for every bike lover in the world. The resort is the second-largest bike park in Canada. The professionals and beginners enjoy the thrilling and fun biking experience here. There are cross-country biking, rolling downhill, and endurance biking.

The park has all the facilities required. Just rent bikes and go zooming with your gang. Feel the cold air that touches your body with happiness. In winter, the biking path changes into a great fun-filled slope, a bonus to the adventure.

2.15. Splurge on the delicious local cuisine of Kelowna

When it comes to food lovers. Kelowna has got your back. It already offers great wines and spirits in its awesome wineries. Along with it, some tastiest food is offered by different hotels. These hotels cater to different taste buds. There are spicy, sweet and all the things you want. The local cuisine is what you must go for. It gives a never-before taste you will fall in love with.

2.16 Play The Adorable Mini Golf In Scandia Golf And Games.

If you want to have the nostalgia of your childhood, try the mini golf of Scandania. You will become a child for some time. The memories of playing mini golf for tokens is a very pleasant memory to look back at. Even if you did not play it as a kid. You get a chance to become a child again. Of course, kids and families love this place.

Visit this family-friendly spot during your fun time in Kelowna, BC. What else can be best than becoming a kid with your kid? You are going to take back a lot of happy and fun memories from here.

It might happen that not every visitor finds it too amazing. However, every visitor will see the go-kart racing tracks available here. A cool batting cage and an arcade are the cherries on the cake at this amazing place in Kelowna.

3. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How to spend a perfect day in Kelowna?

Answer: Try various activities like boating, swimming, and wine tours. There is so much to do in Kelowna.

Q.2 How do I spend a great night in Kelowna?

Answer: Kelowna has great nightlife. The aura is so welcoming that every visitor feels like a local in great company.

Q3. What is Kelowna most known for?

Answer: Kelowna is most popular for its vineyards and wineries. The scenic natural beauty in Kelowna is what attracts visitors the most.

4. Conclusion.

There are so many things to do in Kelowna, BC. You would never want to leave. Even if you do, you will definitely be back here very soon with loads of thrill for adventure lovers to warm, quiet, and calming for peace seekers. Juletoet your hair down in Kelowna. Once you are here, you will understand. Kelowna is the place I was looking for!

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