Justin Trudeau Addresses Oakville Community on April 24th

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On April 24, 2024, Ottawa Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to visit Oakville to discuss how budget 2024 funds will be used partly to alleviate the housing crisis by building homes on public lands.

At the speeches held in the Halton Regional Centre, the PM pointed out that to make houses affordable and available more required for their subsidization.

Hence, he sought to support this scheme by proposing to develop open lands and use them for building homes which would lead to the creation of 250,000 new homes by 2031.

For instance, “the situation is that web, presently governments across Canada are having a significant number of lands under use or surplus of which public assets are like deserted office towers or short buildings,” said Justin Trudeau.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Although a way ahead exists to build more units for housing, all of us are required to take a step up. We must all get involved. I will, in partnership with my municipal, provincial and private sector partners, start a public lands acquisition fund which will be $500 million to enable us to purchase land from other levels of government that too through building middle-class homes.

Trudeau also proposed to rent public lands to the private sector whenever possible to avoid that public land staying in public space and that housing built on it would stay affordable.

The prime minister was requested on the volume of public land the federal administration had in mind for housing construction in Halton and he was not able to answer, but he said the federal administration would proceed in determining this.

“Right here in Halton, we will be reaching out to all various municipality leaders to join collectively and look carefully at land that has been underutilized, that has remained vacant or that has the potential to build good homes on it,” said Trudeau.

“The federal government will have to help in stepping up to the partnership so that this public land is accordingly taken care of. But, in the meantime, we should get buildings with mid-end prices put up on it now.” That is what we aim to do here in the Halton region, entirely in the GTA, but getting it to the whole nation as well.

Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities, Sean Fraser, added he would be unveiling a digital map in upcoming months which would pin-point all the federal lands’ parcels and rate them on priorities such as jobs, transit and others’ infrastructure.

Government Ban

The prime minister’s answer to the question from the public on the urgent need addressed problems that were important for the Halton community.

When he was asked whether to stop the Milton Feature Assessment Hub development of the Canadian National Railway Company, which is opposed by the town of Milton the region of Halton, and the residents’ groups, and given a Federal Court of Canada recent ruling stopping the approval, Trudeau noted that all participants in this matter are not only heard but also voiced.

“There is a court process unfolding and, we’ll be watching that event unfold,” he said.

“Finding the best solution for the future is the main purpose for which we pin all our hopes.”

Regarding the Oakville Ford Plant and the recent Ford’s decision to postpone EV production rollout from 2025 to 2027, Trudeau was asked if he had called Ford to see whether he was determined to this breached deadline as the largest amount of federal funds was needed for retooled the Oakville plant.

“The early days of this week were marked by open discussions, of which some are still in progress,” he added.

The prime minister announced that his administration is making efforts to bring down hurdles for Canadians for purchases of EVs and in the same way, entice demand for building them by fostering EV infrastructure in new home construction.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Initiatives

“On the other hand, our initiatives for electric vehicles are not pioneering but also prevalent. We’re striving for more and cheaper buying choices for consumers.” 

We don’t think EVs are expensive at all in capital cost, but the gas is always tougher and division generation is cleaner, and that is the direction things go, Trudeau said.

“It’s not just us being proud of ourselves in this matter.” There are quite a lot of EV industry players and supply chain partners that enjoy the profitable niche in Canada. 

Making the particular decision that we were building not only an EV ecosystem in here but also North America and ultimately global market initiated as well helped us to concentrate our focus on achieving our vision to be part of the system here that is very exciting.”

Auto theft remains an important crime concern for Halton, as 1,558 vehicles were reported stolen during 2023 as indicated by Halton Police.

We started a poll on our Scoop Canada YouTube channel, seeking our subscribers to vote on whether Trudeau successful in addressing Auto Thefts. Give your valuable votes by clicking here


Furthermore, the Trudeau government aims to strengthen the criminal laws concerning car thefts, offences and severe penalties if the automobile thief has a relationship with organized crime and utilises electronic devices or digital to steal vehicles.

“Moreover, we have just given off $120 million for Steven Del Duca to tackle auto theft and stepped up with $28 million for CBSA, $15 million for police jurisdictions,” added Trudeau.

“It was the turning points such as that last one in the Port of Montreal which took 600 cars in just a few weeks ago that led to this.”

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