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The following article deals with many intricacies that would help one ace test questions. This would be the perfect Alberta driver’s Guide going forward to help you get a valid driver’s license without any hassle.

You could also look up Canada’s Driving license’s nitty-gritty here.

Undergoing an Alberta driving test is a pretty serious step one plan to take to obtain (or upgrade) one’s Alberta driver’s license. That is coupled with the significant undertaking costs that make it an ordeal you must try to not repeat.

All that being said, let’s try and dive into the types of licenses the Test questions could offer to get an idea of what we are going for.

Class 7 Driver Test

This is a learner’s permit that is applicable once you complete your computer-based Driver’s knowledge test alongside a Vision test.

Class 7 Drivers would then be allowed to work on mopeds, although one would be requiring a guardian’s consent form signatures if one’s a minor.

Class 6 Driver Test

This driving test allows the candidate to drive motorbikes, with the minimum age being 16 years to procure the license. although one should remember that a class 5 or class 7 probationary driver would not be allowed to operate a motorbike.

Students with a Class 5 or a higher permit have limitations except for having a directing rider available.

Class 5 -Graduated Driver’s Licence (GDL)

This driving test would allow a 2-axle single motor vehicle to a candidate once received. To receive the license, a candidate should have a minimum age of 16 years. Once a driver has held a Class 7 learner’s license, they can apply for this. This permit would allow one to drive without going with an authorized driver. This test requires an actual driving test to assess the seeker’s driving skills.

Class 5- Full Licence, Non-GDL

Once completed, this driving test would allow the seeker to drive a single motor vehicle without airbrakes unless one holds a certificate for air brakes. A driver could apply for this if they have had the Class 5 Probationary driver’s license for 2 years without having been suspended.

The minimum age for this is 18 years, and it requires an advanced road test by all Alberta learners. Once received though, you would be referred to as the “fully licensed driver,” which is kind of cool.

Class 3 Driver Test

This final test on the list allows one to drive any motor vehicle that a Class 5 permit would allow, including a single motor vehicle with at least 3 or more axles. The Alberta Driving test questions comprise 30 types of decision addresses with 4 options to pick from.

The driver test questions would cost $17 and would require a 60-minute sitting to clear. In case one fails, one can retake the test after 24 hours and would be charged an additional fee. This is a knowledge test that would assess the driving skills of the applicant who wishes to procure an Alberta driver’s license.

With all that said, we can hop onto the next phase of this article which would be discussing the knowledge these test questions require, and then we’d look into some practice tests one could use to help them ace the written test.

Class 5 Alberta road test requires a great deal of attention, for the monetary costs make it harder to be retaken. This is a real test that would dive deep into driver education, ensuring that the candidates’ “decent driver education”

Alberta Driving Test could be faced with the following keep in  mind

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1. Skim through the required material

The knowledge test requires one to carefully study and understand the materials that come in handy for a road test. It remains a valuable resource to have all your facts ready on your side. I personally would recommend the Alberta Driver’s guide, which could help you refresh your memory for the Alberta driving test.

It includes everything from road signs to the nitty-gritty you all would require for the written test for the driving exam, along with a quick skimming through the required material.

I would also want to recommend the learner’s license Practise test, which is a road test online that would be quite useful to help you review the basics required for the road test.

2. Know Your Vehicle 

It might sound redundant, but knowing your vehicle before you book your road test would be a big asset. During the Alberta Driving Test, you might be asked questions with regard to the identification of the vehicle controls, and the best way to have a correct answer is to be aware of the vehicle you drive. The Alberta roads require you to be aware of the vehicle’s nitty and gritty, especially for new drivers.

3. Prepare your Vehicle

Well, the first impression matters a lot. Make sure you have the best foot forward. Good driving practices also include properly managed vehicles with perfect engines and oil and fuel tanks and clean and organized interiors.

Also, one must note that vehicles with non-factory glass tinting are not eligible to be used for road tests.

4. Practice a lot

The Class 7 learner’s license allows one to practice under an experienced driver examiner. That sure is a great way to go through the driver examination checklist, checking all the important aspects of driving along the way. 

These include but are not limited to

  • Understanding and memorizing traffic laws and road signs
  • understanding the importance of decorum and its impact on driver safety
  • traffic signs
  • smooth driving skills, including proficiency in merging and changing and driving in a proper lane and parallel parking and hill-climbing

An Advanced road test often demands advanced Alberta driving hence it’s always best to come prepared.

5. Get your Documents in order

When appearing for the Alberta Driving test for the learner’s permit, one must ensure there is no hassle while presenting oneself. This majorly includes having all documents on hand in person, along with a subtle touch of punctuality.

The documents would include your Class 7 Learner’s permit along with the registration and auto insurance documents for the vehicle that’s being driven. Valid auto insurance and registration documents are essential for the driver’s test, and failing to provide them would cause one’s licensing process to get disbarred.

Getting a legitimate driver’s license is a great ordeal and requires one’s best presentation forward.

In case you fail to qualify

Unfortunately, should you not qualify for the driving test, you should make sure you grab a copy of the Driver Examination Checklist. That is a driver’s knowledge test kit that is a mark of the things you missed during the Alberta Driving Test.

While retaking the Alberta Driving Test is often quite taxing, you can make it a perfect attempt if you work on the flaws and weaknesses.

The learner’s test often tricks you for its aims are the best driver education there could be hence, it requires a decent amount of input from the candidate’s end.

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Now that we have discussed the basic tips and tricks and a little information to get familiar with the Alberta Driving test Questions, we can move on to the next big contributing factor that could be just the thing you need, Practice tests.

1. Learner’s Practice Tests 

As the first one on the list, Learner practice tests by Driving test Canada have proven to be actually better than Alberta Drivers Guide in some ways with their up-to-date list of practice tests and questions to back their content.

You can try their Free Practice tests to check and get a swift knowledge test. Their website is designed to help on go through Alberta’s traffic laws to make sure the candidate bags the learner’s permit without any hassle, with the UI being perfect for first-time test takers.

The website offers amazing results no matter whether first-timers use it or someone who wishes to retake the text or even if you’ve just moved to Alberta and aren’t quite familiar with the niche.

Their Mock Test questions are very similar to the actual driving test, ensuring a high success rate and a certain degree of familiarity with the pattern and question banks for the Alberta driving test.

They have got a platform that discusses every error made and gives detailed explanations with regard to the mistakes. The Alberta Driver’s guide is surpassed by its intensive list of questions and explanations with less monotony that would make you use your time efficiently. 

No Sign up is required, make sure you check their website out by clicking here.

2. Alberta Driving Test Resources by

The best way to prepare for an exam is to ensure you leave no stone unturned and cover all the topics to the point where nothing can surprise you. Alberta driving test Resources by help you do just that.

Once you try these tests out you will do the following things, get familiar with the exam pattern making the questions less unexpected

Their questions have been curated by carefully analyzing older tests and new developments to ensure you have the best content to skim through before you try to go for the main test.
They have gotten questions correct down to their wording and framing to get you the best preparation for the Alberta driving test.

Be able to assess your progress

The Practise tests come alongside an elaborate explanation for every question so that you can revisit the topics you missed during the first few revisions.

The differentiated topic tests enable you to ensure you monitor your weaknesses and get familiar with your doubts and questions that can further help you to perfect your driver’s knowledge test.

Have the perfect material to study

The tests have been curated after precisely following the Alberta Driving test, and hence the questions have proved to be useful in terms of helping the candidates avoid redundancies and miscellaneous facts.

Moreover, the quick and elaborate explanations make sure you have the things you want without worrying about reopening the required materials.

be calm

Tests often stimulate the amygdala and turn on the alarms in the body that make you anxious. But these tests ensure you have you’re familiar with the facts and figures appropriate for the Alberta driving test, making you perfectly prepared to be a fully licensed driver. That does have a soothing and calming aspect to it.

be ahead of the unexpected question

The Alberta driving test has quite a few hard spots, but these practice tests have got that covered for you with their updated list of practice questions. Make sure you’re always prepared no matter what.

Test series by

Last on this list is the best of all, the leveled test series by, which provides a perfect guide for your Alberta driving test practice.

They have got an elaborate set of stages of tests for all you competitive folks out there.


It consists of three Practice tests with increasing difficulty, along with a 75-question Marathon of the easier questions for a quick skim. The test is free to access and has quite a high success rate for getting the easier questions out of the way and saving you time for the big guns later in the test.


This set consists of two practice tests along with a detailed revision of the road test coupled with traffic signs and road rules. The test is free to access as well and would help you get a grasp over some of the slightly trickier questions from the Alberta driving test.

The test is concluded with the 115-question HARD marathon for a fast revision of the topics that have been covered in a relatively faster time to ensure maximum retention.


The hardest questions are the ones we save for the last, and so does this website. The Road signs and situations, along with the fines and limits, have been covered here. The cherry on top would be the HARDEST marathon that helps one revise all the above topics with a bare minimum difficulty and tackle the big guns rather elegantly.


This is by far the closest to what you could find online for the Alberta driving test, for this is the perfect representation of what you need to do when you’re writing the actual test.

They have a strict pass or fail to keep the stakes high to emulate the actual testing conditions and keep you sweating despite your rigorous practice tests series to make sure the last doubts have been taken off of you.

They also have a BEHIND THE WHEEL and a CHEAT SHEET for the premium consumers that offer a deeper insight into the Alberta driving test that would make your attempt superior to all your contemporaries.


Getting a driver’s license in Alberta is quite an ordeal, but with the right amount of preparation and dedication, you could get through and drive your dream car after you take the Alberta Driving test.


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