Navigating the Process: How Do You Apply for A work permit in Canada?

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How To Apply For Work Permit In Canada

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Canada is located on the northern side of the USA. To move to Canada, you must know the protocols and procedures to obtain your work permit. Some people think polar bears outnumber humans in Canada, or people ride polar bears, and it rains maple syrup.

While visiting any major city in Canada, you will find you are taking a tour of more than one country. It is because of the multiculturalism of Canada. You will find places like Little Italy, Chinatown, and Koreatown. 

1. Reasons to Move to Canada

People from many nationalities are spread over major cities in Canada. Canada has an abundance of natural resources. It holds 7% of the world’s renewable water supply.

Canada offers excellent scenery with lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Northern territories of Canada are mostly filled with snow and ice. Canada also has immense gold, nickel, diamonds, and crude oil resources.

Because of these resources, other countries look up to Canada as an exporter of natural resources, which helps Canada’s economy.

Low violence and crime rates make Canada a great place to raise your kids compared to other nations. Also, Canada has well-balanced politics. Being a secular country, Canadians respect each other’s views and traditions.

Canada has low tuition fees compared to other developed English-speaking countries. According to a survey, Canada has tuition fees that are 27% less than the USA. The cost of living is also very affordable in Canada.

2. Benefits of Canadian PR

Canada is a country that intakes the maximum number of immigrants, and it is loved by immigrants from all over the world who want to relocate to another country in search of a better life. Every year, Canada surprises the world by increasing the number of annual immigrant intake.

The country’s welcoming nature increases its economic growth and makes the immigration process easy, attracting people to come to Canada and settle.

Many immigrants come to Canada, work, and settle in this friendly country by getting permanent residency. 

2.1 Right to Live and Work 

Canada is the top destination for liberal democracy, living and working conditions, freedom to enjoy faith, multiculturalism, entrepreneurship, and quality of life. Once you get PR in Canada, you can move to any territory in Canada.

2.2 Extend or Renew Your Visa 

You will get five years of permanent residency in Canada with your Canadian PR. Although some may have a validity of only one year.

The officer does some checks while renewing your permanent resident status because there are some limits to maintaining your permanent resident level, which depends on your physical presence in the country.

2.3 Bring Your Family Along with You

Canada allows you to bring your family members. Family members can get similar rights upon becoming permanent residents. You can sponsor some residents if you are above 18 years of age. 

2.4 Free Education for Your Children

The education system in Canada provides free education till the age of 12. Children above the age of 18 years with PR status get all the free education benefits in Canada.

The Canadian Education system consists of primary, secondary, and higher education. The university education fees for permanent residents are also meager.

2.5 Healthcare System

Canada has a well-structured and effective healthcare system for all immigrants and citizens. For every permanent resident in Canada, health care is free, covering all bought under tax prescription drugs. Public health insurance is also available to permanent residents in Canada. 

2.6 Social Benefits

An immigrant with 40 credit points can have all social benefits in Canada. Immigrants with a work history of 10 years of 40 quarters are also eligible for the same.

Having a high-paying job allows an individual to live a better life. There are benefits like retirement benefits, disability benefits, and survivor benefits for deceased workers.

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2.7 Path to Canadian Citizenship

The permanent resident status allows you to live in the country for five years. If an immigrant has lived in the country physically for 1095 days out of the five years, then that individual can become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship

2.8 Freedom to Start a Business

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Permanent residents in Canada are called landed residents, and they have the freedom to start businesses. Under Canadian PR, you can create a franchise or establish a business.

3. What is a Work Permit in Canada?

To work in Canada, a valid work permit is mandatory. Canada offers different kinds of work permits depending on the nature of your job profile.

The work permit can permit you to take your spouse or children to Canada, and they can study and work in Canada.

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There are two types of work permits that exist in Canada. The first is a closed work permit in Canada, and the second is an open one in Canada.

This program is divided into three phases. The first phase consists of the people under the high-wage category, who can invite their spouse under an open work permit.

The second phase will expand access to the same rules for people who come in through a lower wage stream, and the third phase will include families of agricultural workers.

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The government has considered that a person can have a better personal and financial life if he brings his partner to Canada and they can work in Canada. Also, Canada has a labor shortage, so getting spouses can improve the situation.

3.1 What Is a Closed Work Permit in Canada, and How Do You Apply for One?

If you receive a job in Canada, specific job details will be mentioned, such as how many hours you can do that job per day or week, what facilities you will get, and the salary per hour a day or month. Your job contract letter should mention these job and remuneration details.

A close work permit in Canada is a work permit that is LMIA based, and the company which has hired you you have to work under only that company. You can not work under any other company. While an LMIA can potentially support a PR application, it is not mandatory for all PR applications in Canada.

3.2 What is an Open Work Permit in Canada?

An Open Work Permit is a legal document that allows a foreign national to work for any employer in Canada and does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from concerned authorities in Canada.

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The employer must comply with employment conditions in Canada and should be indulging in adult entertainment and services in Canada.

An Open Work Permit in Canada can be applied for by individuals who have used to be sponsored by their spouse or those whose spouses are in Canada on a study or work permit.

A foreign national must have used permanent residency sponsorship from within Canada through the in-Canada stream of the spousal sponsorship program to be eligible to apply for a spousal sponsorship open work permit.

You can apply for a work permit on a study visa. If you arrive in Canada on a tourist visa, you may be eligible to apply for a work permit under certain conditions.

A temporary resident permit holder with a minimum validity of 6 months can apply for a work permit. Still, the validity date of the work permit should not exceed the validity of the temporary resident visa.

3.3  How Do You Apply for a Work Permit in Canada Under Different Open Work Permits?

3.3.1 How Do You Apply for a Work Permit in Canada under PGWP?

PGWP stands for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada. You can apply for this work permit if you have completed a full-time degree in Canada for at least eight months. If your degree duration is less than two years, but your PGWP and course duration are the same, you can apply for an open work permit under PGWP.

3.3.2 How Do You Apply for a Work Permit in Canada under IEC?

You can apply for an Open Work Permit in Canada through International Experience Canada (IEC). If you belong to the 30 countries mentioned, you can apply for an open work permit in Canada even if you do not have a job. But there are a few conditions which need to be fulfilled. 

3.3.3 How Do You Apply for a Work Permit in Canada under SOWP?

A spouse Open Work Permit (SOWP)  is a way through which your spouse can apply for an open work permit in Canada. Suppose you have obtained a study permit, qualified for PGWP, or studied full-time in any Canadian college or university. In that case, you can invite your spouse on an open permit work visa.

 3.3.4 How Do You Apply for a Work Permit in Canada under BOWP?

Under Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP), you can apply for an open work permit in Canada if you have applied for Canadian PR and are awaiting its results, or you can remain employed in a Canadian company. At the same time, your temporary status expires before PR.

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4. How do you apply for a work permit in Canada?

While applying for a work permit in Canada, you must not be a threat to Canada’s security, and you must be in good health, which may include undergoing a medical exam. You must provide all the documents which the authorities demand.

To apply for a work permit while you are in Canada studying with a valid student visa, have used for PR, or are working in Canada, you must visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

It is mentioned in the instruction guide, and in the 5553 section, you can find all the details about applying for a work permit in Canada.

Even if you are outside of Canada, you also need to visit the same website, and in the 5553 section in the instruction guide, you can find all the details about applying for a work permit in Canada. 


Canada’s great employment opportunities make it the most desired immigration destination among residents of many countries. Canada has good social benefits, a healthcare system, and educational services to raise your family.

This country is secular, where all beliefs are respected. The cultural diversity of Canada makes it a most loved destination among immigrants. To apply for a Canadian work permit, visit the (IRCC) website.

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