How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming?

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How long does it take to learn programming? If you think about pursuing programming languages, it’s genuine to have this question in mind. Many software engineers start from this part in their beginning.

There are many different programming languages with certain difficulty levels. However, it is not very tough when you practice enough. Initially, it was a new concept for people with different backgrounds. So, it looks tough but it’s not.

On average, you can get a grip on programming within 3-4 months of practice or learning. But, this time is for those who have a familiar background in computer science and mathematics.

Furthermore, people from different backgrounds might face issues, and will take 6 or more months to learn. This range of learning can be extended to 1 year or more than this. It entirely depends on the time and practice you invest. 

1. How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming?

Many programmers work with high-level programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc. However, in the beginning, nobody can master these languages easily. Also, the time to learn a programming language depends on various factors.

Still, as a newbie, who doesn’t know anything about programming will take a time of 6 months to 1 year. Meanwhile, you won’t be a master of programming languages. 

how long does it take to learn programming
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Furthermore, for those people who are a bit familiar with coding, it can take 3 to 4 months to become fluent. But, as mentioned above, you can’t master it early. You need to put in effort, invest time, build projects, and work for several years.

Afterward, you’ll be able to understand the programming concepts clearly. Programming is like solving math when you practice regularly. Eventually, you’ll become fluent. Meanwhile, if you skip days and practice, you’ll get bored and the syllabus will get out of your reach to understand. 

2. Average Time to Learn Programming

Computer programming requires time investment along with months of practice like any other skill. Usually, anybody can learn the fundamentals of programming within 3-4 months. Further, if you want a strong base in programming, you must dedicate hours of practice over 6-12 months.

However, programming is a deep-dive process. When you go for one concept or language. There is another language or concept, which is linked to it. Nowadays, many programming concepts are developed every day and programmers are required to learn new technologies.

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So, there is no end to practicing or learning programming. Nevertheless, the more you practice, the earlier you will understand the concepts of programming.

3. 4 Best Ways to Learn Programming

There are many ways to learn programming. Mentioned below are the top 4 ways to learn programming precisely.

3.1. Enroll in Programming Bootcamp – How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming

Enrolling yourself in a programming boot camp is one of the best ways to pursue programming. Bootcamps help you learn in a sociable environment. Here, you can take the courses on-site.

In these boot camps, you will have experienced teachers who will guide you toward the most appropriate way to learn programming. Also, boot camps have an environment like classes but they are better than regular college classes.

In class, you will have theoretical knowledge first then refer to the practical knowledge. Meanwhile, bootcamps just focus on the main topic, which is programming. Here, you will get theoretical and practical knowledge simultaneously.

Additionally, you will be surrounded by learners like you. This type of environment will help you associate with other students and build projects together. 

3.2. Buy an Online Course

Many online courses are available for learning Programming, you can undertake anyone that suits you. The course comprises interactive videos specially made for understanding the concerned concepts. They are best suitable for those who want to learn programming but are not sure about enrolling in the entire course. 

There are various top educator platforms like Byjus, Udemy, and others that offer courses at different levels. Courses contain videos of about half to an hour that can be seen at any time of your convenience.

Introduction to Programming and Computer Science - Full Course

Even if you can’t afford an online learning course. There are alot of free  courses online. You can acknowledge the most suitable course for you. Given below are several platforms that will allow you to buy a course for free.

  • edX
  • Udacity
  • OpenCourseWare
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • YouTube
  • Khan Academy
  • freeCodeCamp
  • Codecademy

3.3. Watch Video Tutorials on YouTube – How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming

You can discover thousands of programming tutorials on YouTube. Many experienced programmers and teachers made tutorials for learners worldwide. 

Also, courses vary depending on your level. As there are courses for beginner to advanced level. Together with learning, video tutorials of building projects are also available. And project building is the best way of practicing and learning anything accurately.

Different programming languages require different tutorial videos. You can find each type of video as you need for languages like, HTML, Python, CSS, C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. Along with languages, tutorials are available for coding libraries like React.js, Node.js, NumPy, jQuery, etc.

How to Start Coding | Programming for Beginners | Learn Coding | Intellipaat

So, overall learning via YouTube is the best option. As if you are confused about whether you should take the course or not. You can directly decide it without paying and watching the video without restriction.

Additionally, you can change your course at any time and find a suitable mentor for you. After learning, you can go for building projects, which are also available step by step.

3.4. Build Authentic Projects – How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming

Learning programming theoretically and practically alone is not enough. You need to work on projects for a better understanding of the concepts. However, nobody has been professional since the beginning.

You need to start with building simple projects and level up yourself gradually. Authentic projects refer to real-world projects. These projects help you learn the exact environment in the companies.

Projects will vary depending on your difficulty level. Initially, the projects will be easy to understand. Later on, you need to put effort into understanding the concepts precisely and apply them.

4. Learn Programming Swiftly

You can learn programming from 3 to 12 months depending on your familiarity with the skills. However, other than the above-mentioned aspects, many other factors also contribute to programming. So, you can learn it faster.

These factors can be a part of your previous knowledge and achievements. Let’s understand the factors below that will help you learn programming swiftly.

4.1. Understanding of Mathematical Concepts – How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming

Programmers are required to have a good understanding of mathematical concepts. These concepts are a must as they help in building successful algorithms. Most programmers have a previous background in the primary to advanced level concepts of Maths.

Programming languages have algebraic expressions. So, you must have a good and basic knowledge of algebra. You must know basic arithmetic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, percentile, etc.

It also includes logical operations. As we already know, computers understand only the binary number system. This is in the form of 0 and 1. Also, computers only understand Boolean logical functions that are true and false.

how long does it take to learn programming
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Furthermore, an advanced level of programming requires high-level mathematical concepts. These concepts include calculus, graphical theory, statistics, trigonometry, etc. A brief knowledge of statistics is mandatory for data science, machine learning, etc.

Data Science and Machine Learning are the parts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Advanced Maths knowledge is necessary for working with AI concepts. A good base in Maths is essential for becoming a successful programmer.

4.2. Problem-Solving Skills – How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming

Problem Solving is an essential skill for programmers. It is an ability to solve complicated problems. Programmers usually make high-quality algorithms with many lines of code. Besides, to write an excellent algorithm of code, you must have problem-solving skills.

This skill helps a programmer to have a detailed knowledge of the execution of each step of code. It’s like you can’t just jump to a conclusion. You must know the value and meaning of each step you have done. And this can be done with problem-solving skills.

This is a valuable skill, especially for programmers who do complex problems. Moreover, you can become a better programmer with these skills than the ones who don’t.

4.3. Awareness of Programming Languages – How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming

An output is a combination of many coding languages like C++, SQL, and Python. To make an entire application, you must know three primary aspects. These are front-end, back-end, and database.

Coding For Beginners | How To Start Coding | Learn Coding For Beginners | Coding Basics |Simplilearn

However, you can choose a single aspect out of these three. Still, you need to have a bit of knowledge about the other two. Awareness of programming languages can help you learn them faster.

If you are already familiar with some of the concepts of programming. Then, learning it becomes easier. And you can tackle it early. Previous knowledge can help you become fluent in 3-4 months.

5. Conclusion

Programming is a deep concept to learn. You have read this far, you must have gotten a satisfactory answer for how long it takes to learn programming and in what ways. However, there are many concepts, depending on which you can learn faster.

It is even better if you have a previous background or knowledge of programming. Meanwhile, to become a good programmer, a basic knowledge of high-school mathematics is a must. Additionally, programming is difficult but it’s not impossible.

With good dedication and enough practice, you can master it early. Also, learning time can vary depending on your programming language. As each language is not equally complex. Many take less time than the other high-level languages.

Moreover, once you are done understanding the concept of one, the other automatically becomes easier to tackle. As the concepts are relatable in many programming languages.

For more details on how long does it take to learn programming, click here.

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  • The article is a broad overview of how much time is required to learn programming and explains different ways of learning. It explains the standard learning time, various ways of learning, and what factors can make learning faster. It is highlighted that knowledge of basic mathematics and skills for solving problems are very important to learning programming. Overall, it’s a very useful article, written in an easy and concise way. Ideal for learners !!!

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