How Long Does It Take To Learn JavaScript?

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How long does it take to learn JavaScript? It is a common question for all the people who want to start learning JavaScript. JavaScript is a common language, which is widely used for building interactive web pages. However, if you are here for JavaScript, you have already done HTML and CSS.

JavaScript can be applied only after you are done with HTML coding. It is used to make the web pages reactive with users. Together with HTML and CSS, a web developer must have a knowledge of JavaScript. Also, it is known to be a web technology, unlike languages like HTML and CSS.

So without wasting more time, let’s get through the article to find the answer.

1. How Long Does It Take To Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is not entirely a language and is considered a standard web technology. So, it can’t be said that you can master this skill in weeks and months.

But, according to the majority of programmers, you can get proficiency in JavaScript in 6 – 9 months. However, your skills become better in this over the years as you work.

how long does it take to learn javascript
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As a web developer, you’ll learn new skills each time you work or practice. It highly depends on your basic level of understanding of JavaScript. Fortunately, many employers hire people with basic JavaScript skills as these skills become better over time.

You cannot clear this concept within a certain time limit. You need to spend many years working with JavaScript for a better understanding and excellent knowledge of it.

2. Why Should I Invest Time In Learning JavaScript?

JavaScript is a renowned programming language as well as a standard web technology. You may find it tough to learn as a beginner, but this is just the beginning. You will understand the language better with time.

If you are trying to make your career in Web Developing. Then, JavaScript is one of the must-know languages. It helps make your web pages reactive. For instance, JavaScript works as an engine of a car. Without the engine, a car is not reactive. Hence, it is worthless if it does not move. Similarly, web pages are worthless and won’t be attractive to users.

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Investing time in learning JavaScript is necessary if you want to become a Web Developer or design webpages. You must invest your time to learn either of these works. The following are the reasons why you must learn JavaScript.

  • You can develop mobile applications with the use of react-native
  • It helps train the AI models by using Tensorflow.js
  • Design the desktop applications with the help of electron.js
  • Create impressive UIs for your website with ReactJS
  • For adding 3D inter-activities, you can use ThreeJS

Rather than these, there are still many uses where JavaScript is successful. If you are sure and determined to learn JavaScript, it will definitely become your excellent choice.

3. Best Platforms To Learn JavaScript

Nowadays, many online platforms allow you to learn JavaScript. Most of the platforms provide paid courses according to your suitability. However, if you are a bit low on budget and cannot go for paid learning, many of these platforms also allow you to learn JavaScript for free.

The following are the best platforms to learn JavaScript proficiently; these platforms provide both types of learning, paid and free as well.

  • Codecademy
  • Coursera
  • W3Schools
  • Khan Academy
  • Udacity
  • JSFiddle
  • GitHub
  • Udemy
  • Pluralsight
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • edX
  • freeCodeCamp
  • Mozilla Developer Network
  • Treehouse
  • Sololearn
  • Codementor
  • WebStorm

Furthermore, you can also scroll through YouTube. There are hundreds of distinct tutorials for JavaScript learning. Search for the best tutorial that suits you and provides you with the necessary details. You can start with a beginner-level tutorial. Later, you can switch to the other intermediate and advanced level tutorials of JavaScript.

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Here, you can also find projects to build with the videos’ help on YouTube. These projects are good for your practice and learning as well. When you start learning practically, you are more likely to learn sooner as compared to studying theory. 

4. Methods To Learn JavaScript

If you are learning anything, giving your best is important. Also, it is better to learn that thing efficiently. Given below are the useful methods to learn JavaScript efficiently.

4.1. Take a Free JavaScript Specialization

There are plenty of free specializations and courses for JavaScript on the internet. However, you might not be able to do a master’s with these courses. Besides, these are reliable and easy for beginners. With these courses, you can clear the fundamentals that are important. You can get a grip on JavaScript by learning from these courses.

Also, you can find a suitable specialization or course for yourself. It depends on your level of learning. 

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4.2. Go for JavaScript Tutorials

You can search for hundreds of tutorials online on JavaScript. These can be found on various JavaScript or Online learning platforms. Furthermore, nowadays, tutorials on YouTube are really popular. Many coding mentors teach JavaScript for free with their videos. It is quite an excellent option to go for. 

4.3. Reading Books of JavaScript

Although it is an old approach, reading books can ease up your mind. It helps you clear your doubt and conclude the output yourself. Meanwhile, when you practice on your computer, you get either the correct answer or an error. By reading books, you can have time to estimate an output. This helps you to learn and understand JavaScript better.

4.4. Join Coding Groups

You can join the programmers or developers groups on Telegram, LinkedIn, or any other suitable group. This is among the best methods to learn. Here, you can ask questions if you are stuck somewhere in programming the other programmers.

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4.5. Do a Web Development Internship

If you are already done with the basic skills. Try to apply for Web Development internships. Firstly, you have to provide a demo of your skills. So, you will get an idea of how to represent your knowledge in the real world.

Besides, if you get selected, then you can get the advantage of daily practice by working on real-world projects. These internships are one of the best ways to upgrade your set of skills.

4.6. Enroll in Free JavaScript Projects

You can find many JavaScript-free projects across the internet. These free projects can be found on online learning platforms, YouTube, GitHub, etc. Practicing on the projects can upgrade your skills as well as your understanding of JavaScript.

If you are enrolling as a beginner, start with your basics. Once you are done with basic knowledge, you should enroll in projects.

4.7. Apply in Coding Bootcamp

Coding boot camps are the best option if you have some budget for enrolling. These offer a brilliant learning experience. Here, you can learn in groups, which is fun and easy. You can find coders groups and communities here to be a part of it. It allows you to concentrate specifically on programming.

Nowadays, boot camps are also available online. Besides, it is better if you can try to enroll in offline mode, which is on-campus boot camps. There are also several part-time boot camps about which you can discover more on the internet.

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5. Factors That Will Affect Learning JavaScript

These are the basic factors that will affect your learning in JavaScript. However, these factors are important for learning and achieving anything seriously. It is mandatory to focus on the factors below if you want to go for it.

5.1. Motivation

Motivation is the first important factor that can affect your learning. It’s important to stay motivated if you are pursuing a new thing. A lack of motivation can lead to discouragement. Moreover, you may lose your focus on learning and interest as well.

Usually, motivation comes from the inside. But you may have some external motivation to focus then you should find it. 

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5.2. Determination

Being determined to learn is prominent. Determination is one of the specific factors that you should focus on. It takes lots of determination to learn new things, especially when it comes to learning JavaScript.

5.3. Consistency and Regularity

Learning JavaScript can greatly be affected if you are not regular in learning. Consistency is the most important factor for learning JavaScript. You must maintain your regularity and consistency. Losing any of these factors can lead to a loss of language understanding.

5.4. Time Investment

Learning JavaScript sooner depends on the amount of time you invest in learning. If you invest less time daily, it is obvious that you will take more time to learn. However, if you invest sufficient time daily in learning, your skills will improve faster. Along with time investment, it must be done on a regular basis. Time investment alone can do nothing if you are not consistent.

5.5. Positive Attitude

Depending on your attitude, your learning can get affected. It is crucial to keep a positive attitude during learning. Learning with a positive attitude can ease your mind and you can learn things faster and better.

5.6. Practice

Practice is highly recommended. Without practice, your efforts will go in vain. Coding is one thing that needs regular practice for mastering the skills. However, practicing JavaScript is a must.

You may understand everything initially while learning. But if you do not practice regularly, you won’t be able to memorize anything for more time.

6. Conclusion

JavaScript is a popular programming language and a standard technology as well. It allows you to make interactive web pages. If you properly learn JavaScript by investing enough time regularly and with suitable methods.

You can get the JavaScript working proficiency likely within 6-9 months. It may sound longer, but it is actually not. JavaScript is something really deep. Your skills become better by the time you practice over the years.

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