How Long Does it Take to Learn English?

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The English language is no longer a second language confined to Britain or America. The English language is a standardized language for humans all over the world. Let us find out how long does it take to learn English

1. English Language

Most people understand, speak, and communicate in English as it is a necessity. English is no more just a language.  It is an indispensable tool that opens opportunities for the personal, professional, and overall development of an individual. 

English can aid us to understand various cultures and interact with people coming from different backgrounds. Be it travel exploration, business deals, or enhancing career prospects, English is an essential part of it all.

how long does it take to learn english
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1.1 Why Learn English? 

Even if you win Wimbledon, the speech needs to be given in English. English has evolved as a necessity of life. For example, when conducting research, you need to have a good understanding of English.

Another example is the use of English to explain your skills in the professional world. Also,  employers usually prefer English speakers. For startups or Global Businesses, English is used as an intermediate Language to establish a strong understanding and good communication skills. 

On a funny note, even to read this article you need to have a basic understanding and knowledge of English.

English acts as the most used medium and sought-after language. It empowers and generates confidence in individuals from non-English-speaking nations.

English speakers have an edge in terms of international news, and education resources. They usually have a better outlook and opinion towards the world. English therefore, is one of the most important aspects of the modern world. 

2. How Long Does it Take to Learn English

 We need to understand that it is time to address the major issue i.e. how to learn English. Sometimes some things might appear tough for certain individuals. In certain circumstances,  these people might not be able to face the world and therefore develop a sense of inferiority complex.

We have certain shortcomings and we must be ready to learn new things. This article will tell you how to learn English and be proficient in English.

Let us speak proficient English, understand difficult words, and explain our thoughts and ideas in English. Be ready to surprise your friends, colleagues, and family with your proficient English. 

3. How to Learn English

There are many ways to learn English. Let us discover the ways to learn the language. 

3.1. Step 1: Accept Yourself

 The important thing you need to do is accept yourself the way you are. We should accept our limitations. You must imbibe the fact that your journey to be a professional master of English will be tough.

To err is human. You might end up making mistakes but you must learn and grow from your mistakes. So be ready to make errors but remember to avoid repetition of the same mistakes.

3.2 Step 2: Set Daily Targets

Set up daily targets. Understand that whatever is done in the past, is the past and that the new journey will be different than whatever has already been over.

In the beginning, there might be a few errors and mistakes.  People can demotivate you. It is easy to stop and carry on with life.  However,  if a person wants to progress in life, he needs to be persistent. 

3.4 Step 4: Focus And Consistency 

Remember!  Learning a new language is like learning a new subject. One should feel proud of learning. There is no age bar to learn something new.

One should remain focused during the process of learning.  We must follow the learning process with keen interest and dedication.  We must be ready to experiment and exposure which is necessary to learn English. 

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4. Ways to Learn English

There are many ways to learn English.  You can join an English-speaking class nearby or join a college for a diploma/ degree. You can also try to learn English from books. 

However, English is a complex language with different pronunciations and distinct grammar.  We recommend you use your mobile as a tool. Here are the two ways to learn English online. Let us begin the journey of learning English. 

4.1 Apps Like Duolingo

The actual journey of learning English begins here. As step one,  you must install mobile applications like Duolingo.

The application teaches English at the beginner level. Starting today, stop procrastination. Use the application to learn English every day on the move. 

4.1.1 Using Mobile Application

Maintain a personal notebook for recording your frequent errors, important rules, and certain pointers. You must try to learn what the application teaches, and try to score marks in each assignment. 

Doing so will ensure that the learner understands what the app is trying to do. Being punctual with homework submissions is also important while learning a language using an application. 

4.1.2 How Does This App Help?

The Mobile application will help you to learn new words and gain insights into the use of them.  

This mobile application enables you to incorporate English in a fun way of learning the language. If the user is consistent, and practices every day, then this journey of learning will be a cakewalk.

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4.2 Youtube

Youtube is a worldwide platform that will help you learn English with numerous experts teaching you new techniques and innovative methods of learning. 

Numerous youtube channels can give you in-depth knowledge and information at your doorstep for free. For using Youtube to learn English, all that needs to be done is to have a good internet connection and a willingness to start learning.

4.2.1 How To Learn English From Youtube

Consistency is the key that plays a major role in this entire learning process. You just need to type how to learn English, and this app will showcase a list of tonnes of courses from all over the world. Be careful while selecting the playlist which suits the user according to his/her requirements.

4.2.2: Do’s And Don’ts in Learning From YouTube

Remember taking the widest jump in the starting itself is not beneficial in the long run. One needs to start by learning the basics.

Take one step at a time.  Learn systematically from the use of words to the formation of paragraphs.

Don’t jump into the intermediate and expert level syllabus without being confident about the basic level. Since the syllabus is available online, there may be incorrect thoughts that speaking complex English will give you an edge over others.  This is not recommended.

There can also be desires to do things that sound more professional. This will lead to joining speedy and rapid courses.  This is not recommended.

It is pretty common to have the mindset in the beginning that if somebody is learning the basics, they are easy and this might not be the correct take to learn the thing. But the harsh reality is that a beginner must first make himself/herself comfortable with learning the basics.

A good in-depth knowledge of commonly used phrases and easy and short words to understand and practice would lead to a transition from a beginner to a master of basics. Once that is achieved,  learning complex forms of literature, and figures of speech, and improving vocabulary will be a cakewalk.

Start slow but be consistent.  You will require to practice, making the basics and grammar correct. Also, the variety that YouTube offers might be confusing. It is recommended that the users should follow a particular channel or playlist, and not experiment.

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5. Conclusion 

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While learning English is difficult, everybody must have a specific goal in mind. To be able to speak, write or learn the rules there has to be a decision on what an individual wants to do and work his/her goal in the same way.

Now the choice to turn to set up a goal for his/her self lies in the hands of the individual. This leaves behind the question of what a person would follow in the long run and where one needs to focus and work with dedication. 

This journey will indeed need a lot of hard work, persistence, and perseverance. People might have a thousand reasons to give up and just one single reason to continue.

Every single day the world becomes more wide-open for those willing to learn and English as a language is a vast medium with many opportunities to shine! The journey to master it will be tough indeed but is not impossible if the individual is sincere. We wish you all the very best in your journey to learn English!

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