Healthcare Crisis Exposes the Cracks in Trudeau’s Vision for Canada

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The healthcare system of Canada which has always been a matter of national pride is in desperate need of repair under the leadership of the Trudeau government. The implementation of this system has led to untold suffering for patients including long waiting times, lack of family physicians, and an increase in deaths that occur while patients are still on hospital waiting lists.

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A recent survey by Leger reveals a bleak picture about public perception on healthcare services. Astonishingly, 64% of Canadians feel that ‘major changes’ are necessary as far as their health care system is concerned while another 27% believe that ‘minor changes’ would be required. Only 5% claim that the simplest solution to these problems lies simply adding more money to the health budget.

This general dissatisfaction is a major indictment against how the Trudeau government handles issues concerning health care. Instead of being receptive enough to understand what many Canadians want and make meaningful adjustments, it still sticks with its age-long one-size-fits-all approach, discrediting tried and tested solutions adopted by other developed nations.

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It is an ideological position marked by an absolute rejection for any payment options beyond public coverage such as private insurance; thus discouraging individuals from pursuing better quality health provision even if they can afford it. It pretends not to know that in most universal healthcare systems like Europe’s, there exists leeway for citizens to opt for private medical assistance when publicly funded ones do not sufficiently address their concerns.

According to the poll results, Canadians’ top three priorities include; access to family doctors, shorter wait times at ERs, and less time spent before getting common surgeries or treatments. However, the Canadian administration does not look ready for reforms aimed at tackling these urgent matters.

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Instead, federal actions have undermined provincial efforts aimed at easing pressures on healthcare systems. For instance, last year’s funding cuts made by Liberals targeted provinces that allowed patients to pay for private diagnostic scans despite this approach being a common part of other universal health care systems.

By clinging to a flawed government-controlled system, the Canadian population has become vulnerable and disgruntled. All along, the Trudeau government should prioritize patients’ well-being rather than self-interest as it is in an apparent state of demise.

Provinces have taken matters into their own hands by experimenting with some limited changes like contracting privately-run publicly-funded clinics to perform more surgeries. Though this is a good starting point, much bigger moves are required if there will be any solution to the systemic problems facing Canada’s healthcare sector.

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The attitude of the Trudeau government towards this urgent need for reform plus its unwillingness to consider reasonable solutions represents another setback in terms of confidence and trust about Canada’s health care by the public. In conclusion, we want a healthcare system fit for purpose which is timely and responsive and most importantly centers on patients; the time has come for the federal government to start listening to us Canadians’ concerns about our healthcare system and take action on them

The Canadian healthcare crisis shows how much the Trudeau administration failed its people because they failed to put citizens first. The prime minister has refused to embrace innovative ideas or give provinces power over local concerns instead; he has clung onto a broken one-size-fits all policy that does not work at all. As dissatisfaction among Canadians grows, Trudeau government must be held accountable for gross negligence when it comes to such critical national issue as our lives are concerned.

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It is high time the Trudeau government showed real leadership, set aside partisan interests and got to work in collaboration with their provinces to introduce reforms necessary to restore public confidence in the Canadian healthcare system. Because of this lack of attention, only deepening the crisis will be do nothing more than further undermine people’s faith in government for managing national affairs. As a result, this great nation has been turned into a place where corruption is on the rise due to its inability to properly address her problems.

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