Future Stability for Trudeau as NDP Supports Drug Cost Deal

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With nothing still certain not even until the election next year as far as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s staying in office may be concerned, a political party, that has been keeping him that way said it would continue to do the same.

Trudeau leads a minority Liberal government as only 33.8% of seats have been won by the Liberals. This means Trudeau’s government is relying on other parties for parliamentary support. In the final stage of 2021, the left-wing New Democrats (NDP) endorsed Premier Trudeau to propose the federal prescription drug insurance system that would be the national method.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who recently called the Trudeau government to hold a delay in their meeting while on CBC insisted that talks over “pharma care” move forward, and said the two parties managed to reach an agreement.

“Canadians did great a job with that,” he said, apparently referring to the recent elections. Meanwhile, he noted the significance of the win “I would say it’s historic for Canadians.”

No immediate statement was supplied by Trudeau’s office upon the receiving of the request.

An official from the government source revealed to the news outlet that the terms of an agreement with NCP were published and details will be shared next week.

The NDP have thus far been supporting Trudeau, which would consequently give him the mandate to govern to the next election, in October 2025.

Polls by the left-leaning Liberals and the moderate New Democratic Party have also shown that the right-of-centre Conservatives would eat them alive if a general election is called prematurely with some voters tired of Trudeau who has been in office since mid-2015.

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