Famous Bookstores in Hamilton- Top 10 Reading Places

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Reading always transports you to places you have never been to previously. It sets in the gears of your imagination. Once you immerse in them, they teleport you to a magical place and open the doors to your imagination. To help you live this experience, here is our list of famous bookstores in Hamilton.

Furthermore, every new book is a magical door to a completely different world. Imagine the number of lives a reader has lived in various settings, timelines, countries, and periods.

Don’t you think it is the best feeling in the world to walk into a place where you are surrounded by so many stories waiting to be discovered? And also a place where so many worlds exist together. Let us visit those places without further delay.

1. Famous Bookstores in Hamilton

1.1. J. H. Gordon Books

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: J.H. Gordon Books

J.H. Gordon Books is a small and independent bookstore in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. This store is in a perfect location and comprises a good selection of fiction and non-fiction books. Moreover, its vibrant storefront will grab your attention, and the calm and quiet ambiance will win your heart.

This bookstore contains a good selection of new books featuring local Hamilton-based authors, and you might get some good recommendations too. Furthermore, it is one of the finest bookshops around. Also, for people with a tight budget, there is a discount shelf in the store.

This store is next door to Café Oranje, which makes it a perfect book and coffee day. Moreover, the books are reasonably priced, and the bookstore has well-stacked shelves. If you ever have trouble finding any books, you can contact the owner and have the issue sorted out.

Undoubtedly, Gordon Books is one of the best bookstores in Hamilton, which has its very own charm, and if you love books, visit it without fail.

1.2. Epic Books

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: Epic Books

Epic Books is a unique full-service independent bookstore offering a compelling mixture of current popular books and a decent selection of Canadian books. If you someday navigate Locke St, Ontario, you can spot this little shop.

Furthermore, the staff at this shop are friendly and knowledgeable, and they will recommend books and order the ones you are specifically looking for.

Moreover, this bookshop is perfectly curated, and you can find a nice collection of fiction and non-fiction titles for the entire family. Also, the quoted glass window will give you a glimpse of the bright little bookstore, which would tempt you to explore this beautiful place.

1.3. The City and the City Books

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: The City and the City Books

Named after a China Mieville book, this independent bookstore lies in the heart of the Ottawa Street neighbourhood. Apart from having a good curation of used and new books, they also sell magazines, cards, and other gift ideas.

The City and the City Books will catch your eye with its charming refined entrance, and once you enter, you won’t be disappointed. They also have an excellently curated section of books, especially for lovers of speculative fiction.

Moreover, the owner is nice and friendly and knows about her collection. From classic to contemporary, you will find so much to browse; even the employees have great taste in books, and their online shop service is quite good.

Although small, the shop is worth exploring, as you will find best sellers and unique books. Furthermore, the bookstore has a very welcoming atmosphere and even holds events for authors. The old books are in good condition and are reasonably priced, and it is everything that a small local bookstore needs to be.

1.4. James Street Bookseller

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: James Street Bookseller

James Street Bookseller is a charming bookstore. It will appear as though it is a part of Diagon Alley, and the large fountain pen framed in front of the window just adds to it. Take in the atmosphere as you are awed by the classic and vintage decor, which makes you feel like you have stepped into a different time altogether.

Furthermore, the bookstore has a carefully curated collection of new books and beautiful hardcovers. James Street Bookseller is a place that every book collector must visit. You can find the owner, a very kind and welcoming person ready to help customers always.

Moreover, the shop has a wide range of aged and rarer volumes than the more contemporary ones we are used to, but the quality of these books is excellent.

It seems like a bookstore you would see in movies and has been featured in many films and television shows. The best part for readers is that they also have a comfortable seating area to sit and enjoy their novels.

1.5. The Printed Word

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: The Printed Word

The Printed Word is a great vintage bookstore on a lovely street. It offers a great collection of books, both new and used. Moreover, this store is the best place for literature lovers and has amazing poetry collections. You can probably browse for hours.

Furthermore, the beautiful window display will draw you in and lead you to a world of rare editions and wonderful collections of books of philosophy, art, and poetry. The owner is quite knowledgeable in literature and poetry and will give suggestions that prove quite helpful.

Also, the shop has a nature and art corner, which is quite fascinating, and you can get some good art supplies from there. The store has opened in a new location just a few blocks from McMurray St., Ontario.

1.6. By the Lake Books

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: By the Lake Books

By the Lake Books is a gem of a used bookstore containing a diverse and inexpensive collection. This bookshop is a haven for anyone who likes to read books at their leisure. It is owned by a lovely lady keen on helping her customers whenever they need anything.

You can contact the lady if you don’t find the book you are looking for and she will order it for you. Furthermore, you can find books apart from the standard bestsellers, and the prices are quite reasonable. The books are well organized and are shelved up to the ceiling.

The shelves are also organized well and have loads of used books in good condition. Moreover, the staff are also quite friendly and will suggest some authors and titles if you are unsure what to read. Undoubtedly, By the Lake Books is a treasure trove for book lovers.

1.7. West Side Stories

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: West Side Stories

West Side Stories is an independent quaint bookstore known for its collection of vintage books, used and rare books. It is one of the flagship bookstores and has a good compilation of books. Furthermore, it has a warm and inviting atmosphere and is the best place for people who love out-of-print books.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They also have a basement that has a great collection of science-fiction, fantasy, and graphic books. There are also many categories of books, which are organized and well-stocked, and the prices are reasonable.

The bookstore’s interior will take you by surprise, and you will find diverse and unique books from almost every genre. This store is a perfect choice for all avid readers.

1.8. King W. Books

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: King W. Books

Located in Westdale village with an alluring storefront, this bookstore has an incredibly well-curated vast collection of contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles. It is a lovely bookshop with a welcoming atmosphere. The owner is very insightful and appears to have read numerous books.

The staff are also friendly and helpful. If you are clueless about the selection of books, you will still leave the store with some great suggestions.

Furthermore, it is a cute bookstore with some of the best literature reads, classics, small press titles, and a fascinating section of books for kids. It also has an incredible stock of stationery and art supplies.

1.9. The River Trading Company

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: The River Trading Company

The River Trading Company is a bookstore located in the heart of Barton Village with a wide and unique collection of books. Two friendly and knowledgeable people own this used and vintage bookstore. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the owners have two cute cats.

Furthermore, this store is a perfect combination of a clean and well-organized place with walls full of tons of beautiful books. The store also carries a section of diverse and rare books. You can sit and read in the front, where you can find a couple of chairs.

The prices of the books are genuinely good, and they also sell a stock of vintage prints and DVDs. Moreover, it is a lovely place to visit for an avid reader. It is a quaint bookshop where you will always find literary gems you will forever cherish.

1.10. Pickwick Books

Bookstores in Hamilton
Source: Pickwick Books

Pickwick Books is a nice quaint bookstore in a historical building. It is a charming bookshop filled with the smell of real books, and with every turn you take, you will find another surprise. Moreover, this is a shop in the city where you will find something for everyone.

The store clerk is helpful and welcoming. It has a massive selection of books for different genres that breathe life into the shop. There is also something calm and comforting about the ambience that draws you in.

Even though it seems small, it has such an extensive collection that you can browse for hours. It has a great combination of old, current, and rare books. You can also sell them used books for store credit, which makes it all the more affordable.

2. Conclusion

Hamilton is a city that provides an excellent blend of nature, arts, and history, and if someday you do get to visit this beautiful place, be sure to check out these hidden gems of the city. When you walk into one of these famous bookstores in Hamilton, Ontario, you will have this magical feeling that will make you fall in love with these shops.

You can buy books for yourself or buy them as gifts for your loved ones. Some bookshops even have a website where you can order online. While some of these bookstores do not provide space for reading, you will be surprised by the collection of books they have on various categories, genres and authors.

Some of these shops also have a great selection of books by local Canadian authors. For every bibliophile, these places are no less than a treasure trove, where whenever you visit, you end up finding a new gem. Moreover, these stores are like heaven for readers all around the world. In the era of digitized content, let us keep the bookstore culture alive and support these independent bookstores.

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