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Kansas City is home to some of the finest bakeries in the nation, and Roma Bakery has been one of the main bakers that have ruled supreme since it opened in 1952.

The establishment was created by Philip DiFilippo and his wife Pauline under a simple mission: deliver fresh baked bread to their neighbors.

Founders of Roma Bakery

Since then, the bakery has been passed down to their son Anthony who still runs it today with his team.

Culinary Offerings at Roma Bakery

Roma Bakery prides themselves on being a mainstay for Italian cuisine. Offering up countless items made with love from scratch. And here are just a few:

Fresh Breads and Rolls

bread in varieties
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Every morning locals wake up to the smell of fresh baked breads and rolls produced by the bakery. Whether you’re a fan of soft rolls or crusty baguettes. They’ve got something for everyone.

Handmade Breads

Loaves made by hand as if they were crafted from artistry itself can be found here. These breads live up to their name being baked with patience and traditional methods.

Domestic and Imported Cheeses

They say every cheese tells a story, but Roma Bakery’s curated selection could write an encyclopedia on flavors alone. Here you’ll find your standard local favorites all the way to fine imported delicacies.

Cured Meats and Cold Cuts

No deli counter could be complete without these meats. And Romas’ offerings are second to none. Each slice comes packed full of history and tradition that’ll make your next sandwich unforgettable.

Pizza Offerings

Roma Bakery celebrates 70 years, $4M expansion planned

Their pizzas merge time-honored recipes with local tastes resulting in pies that you won’t be able to resist:

Roma Pizza

With its thick focaccia like base, it’s easy to see why this pizza is loved by all ages.

Slab Pizza

An easily recognizable slab pizza that is a signature of Roma Bakery. This one is known far and wide.

Party Favorites

Looking to throw a party? Roma Bakery has all the bells and whistles you’ll need to keep your guests satisfied. Choose from their variety of pastries, cakes, pizzas, and platters for an easy-going event planning experience.

gourmet dessert appetizer buffet
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But don’t think that they’re just any old bakery. The atmosphere and amenities found at Roma go beyond whatever types of food they sling out.

Once you step foot in the place, you’ll be greeted with a heavenly scent of freshly baked goods. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a second home because that’s how they treat their customers — as family.

The cozy and warm vibe is more than enough to make you want to sit down and never leave. Their comfy seating invites everyone to come relax, eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company.

Roma understands how important it is for people nowadays to stay connected at all times. So aside from the free WiFi they offer, there are also other amenities available to every single one of their customers.

Roma Bakery is loved worldwide

And it’s not just through word-of-mouth either. Roma Bakery is vouched for by countless individuals who enjoyed their time here — most of them saying that this bakery made them feel super special as if every meal was an occasion.

Of course we can’t forget about the food! Many rave about how fresh everything tastes, even going as far as saying that the authenticity of Roma Bakery’s ingredients can’t be reproduced elsewhere.

Roma Bakery

Others tend to focus on dining in here. They appreciate the friendliness the workers bring along with them while serving each customer a plate full of grub.

If you don’t have time to head over right away then check out their social media pages! If you go through each review on both Instagram or Facebook, you’ll notice just how much people love this place — it’s truly amazing!

There’s nothing else left but to give this place a shot if you haven’t done so yet. We promise that your journey will be worth it!

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