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Who doesn’t love food? In life, almost everyone comes across situations when they have no choice but to eat outside. This is when you knock on the doors of Ethiopian Restaurant Winnipeg.

If you have browsed Ethiopian cuisine before, you probably would have heard the term Injera. Injera is an Ethiopian flatbread made from teff flour and sometimes mixed with wheat and barley. A dark brown Injera indicates that it is made from 100% teff, while a whitish-brown Injera indicates that it is mixed with wheat or barley.

If you get a chance to be in Winnipeg, and your taste buds are urging you to eat some delicious Ethiopian food, then keep reading to learn about the places that provide great Ethiopian cuisine in Winnipeg. No Ethiopian dish is complete without the Injera. Given below is a compiled list of ten of the best.

10 Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Winnipeg

1. Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

The Gojo Ethiopian restaurant prepares its food from authentic recipes of ancient times and fresh ingredients. It offers a wide variety of non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes. In non-vegetarian food, the Tibs is the most popular dish which consists of either chicken, beef, or lamb. All these are served with the Injera.

2. Merkato

Number two on our list of the ten best Ethiopian restaurants in Winnipeg is the Merkato. Located close to the Winnipeg airport, Merkato would be a good choice to dine in if you have just flown into the city or are flying outside.

The restaurant is run by an Ethiopian couple who settled in Canada for over 20 years. You will enjoy the authenticity of Ethiopian food at Merkato. You must try their special dishes- Derek Tibs and Kitfo. All their dishes are served with the Injera.

3. Kokeb Restaurant

Located just a kilometre away from Merkato in Edmonton street is Kokeb restaurant which is well-known for its vegetarian food. Its vegetarian combo and samosas are famous. Kokeb is renowned for being economical. Their non-vegetarian offerings come in different combinations. If meat is not your thing and you want to try Ethiopian food, then Kokeb is the go-to restaurant for you.

4. Gohe Ethiopian Restaurant

Number four on the list of the ten best Ethiopian restaurants in Winnipeg is Gohe. Shifinfin, Doro wat, Alicha wot, and Key wot are Gohe’s popular dishes. These are spicy and you get lots of Injera. The hot sauce and the Ethiopian coffee here are famous.

5. Mesob Ethiopian Eats

Formerly known as Massawa, Mesob Ethiopian Eats is famous for its location. The Chacha, a smokey-flavoured beef or lamb sautéed with flavoured Ethiopian butter, onion, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and Ethiopian spices is the top dish here.

They will make it spicy if you ask them to do so. Mesob Ethiopian Eats has the biggest menu of all the Ethiopian restaurants in Winnipeg. Pasta, Alecha, Tuna, Tibs, Clifto, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are other things on their menu.

6. Harman’s Cafe

Number five position among the ten best Ethiopian restaurants in Winnipeg goes to Harman’s Cafe. It is run by a woman named Desta who is known to be very friendly and does a lot of charity for her less fortunate fellow Ethiopians.

Harman’s Cafe also has plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. Their vegetarian platter has multiple dishes to offer. They offer rice as an alternative to the Injera. Do not miss the coffee before you depart Harman’s Cafe.

7. Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

Habesha means people from Ethiopia and Eritrea. At Habesha Ethiopian restaurant, you will be welcomed by the owner and chef Mimi. The veggie-meat combo platter is famous here.

8. Ibex Restaurant & Event Space

Ibex restaurant is a restaurant cum sports bar on Sargent Avenue. The restaurant lets you reserve your spot online. It offers a wide variety of options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Ibex restaurant is a combination of decent Ethiopian food, music, a dance floor, and a shisha lounge. All of this adds to the vibe. It also has a big screen for you to watch your favourite sport.

9. Red Cherry Cafe

Red Cherry Cafe in Portage Avenue has breakfast and lunch sections on its menu. It offers special Ethiopian coffee in various flavours. Lastly, they offer various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

10. Genuine Restaurant

Last but not least on the list of the ten best Ethiopian restaurants in Winnipeg is the Genuine Restaurant on Sargent Avenue. It is an East African restaurant offering Ethiopian, Somali, and other ethnic food. It is your place to grab your meal if your choice is multi-cuisine.

In case you do not wish to go to the restaurants in person, you may order online. Companies such as Ubereats and Doordash provide delivery services to your doorstep in Winnipeg via their app and website. Their apps have the facility to track the order while you wait. These companies use cookies, and it is recommended that you allow the use of these cookies on your browser via settings. Once they apply the cookies, you will be shown personalized offers and ads.

Other Restaurants to Look for

1. Akins Restaurant

Apart from Ethiopian, you can also try a different African cuisine in Winnipeg. Akins restaurant on Sargant avenue specializes in West and Central African cuisine. The owners run the restaurant with one mission in mind- that is to provide variety in their authentic West and Central African cuisine.

On their menu, they have lots of rice-based options along with a weekend special, a kid’s menu, beverages, and alcohol. The Jollof is the most liked dish over here. The staff at Akins is known for being friendly. In case you find it difficult in choosing what to eat, they give you suggestions based on your taste and preferences.

2. Karibu K Cafe and Hookah Lounge

If you are a fan of hookah, then head over to Karibu K Cafe and hookah lounge at Portage Avenue. Apart from a hookah, you can enjoy their snacks, shakes, and pastries that come in a variety.

So, if you are in Winnipeg and want to try Ethiopian food, then this list of the ten best Ethiopian restaurants in Winnipeg should suffice your research. Because, whether you are a foodie or not, Ethiopian cuisine is a must-try once in a lifetime.

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