Person playing Call of Duty Warzone on iPhone 14 Pro. Person playing Call of Duty Warzone on iPhone 14 Pro.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Warzone Gaming Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a pro; a little reading can always enhance your Warzone gaming experience. For this reason, we’ve compiled some of the best tips that can help boost your Warzone gaming experience significantly.

Some of these tips might seem obvious, but it’s the things you neglect that can go on to become your greatest weapons on the battlefield.

1. Tip # 1: Optimize your Resolution and FPS before playing

Warzone is beautiful… if you turn up your gameplay resolution to its highest settings. However, higher settings can be tough on your GPU and your PC. Keeping your graphics settings high can also negatively impact your FPS, which is bad for your gaming experience.

If you want to win those gunfights, you must prioritize your FPS. This would help you detect even the smallest of details and help you detect enemies and, of course, kill them.

You’ll need to tone down on the graphics front to keep your FPS high. Although the map won’t look as beautiful as before, it’s a necessary sacrifice that will make you a better player.

2. Tip # 2: Get out of your comfort zone

Most people play the game for the stats. It’s embarrassing to note that your deaths in the game outpace your kills.

This is why most players play the game too cautiously. Instead of getting involved in gunfights, they prefer to hide somewhere and pick a safe kill or two before proceeding. Although this strategy is good for the stats, it’s terrible for your gaming experience.

To become a pro player, you must be brave and throw caution (and the stats) out the window. You’ll need to jump into gunfights whenever they happen, notch up the pressure, and learn the skills necessary to become a pro player.

Your stats might depreciate, but you’ll soon learn to rack up 20+ kills in each game.

3. Tip # 3: Learn the Map

This is more difficult than it sounds. The Warzone maps are huge, and plenty of places would be pretty new to you.

If you go out there, explore the maps, and memorize everything, creating the right strategies will be easier when heading out on the battlefield. Knowing where to fight and where not to can make you a much better player than you used to be.

4. Tip # 4: Optimize the sounds and graphics

It feels great when the in-game music is high, and strong controller vibrations provide an authentic gaming experience. But these things can hinder your gaming performance.

Loud music can affect your in-game communication with the rest of your team members. Strong vibrations can startle you and put you off balance during a gunfight. In both these cases, it’s better to keep these settings low or off if necessary.

Also, increase the sound of gunfire or any in-game movement so you can hear movements well, even if you cannot see the enemy.

5. Tip # 5: Get easier lobbies by using a VPN

Call of Duty Warzone employs skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) to determine your next opponents. This means that with more victories come harder opponents and more skilled enemies. But if you want to enjoy an easier gaming experience, then a VPN can help you get to easier lobbies.

Here’s the trick. Most pro gamers game in the evenings. This means that lobbies in the mornings are comparatively easier. So, if you live in the US and turn on Warzone in the evening, let’s say. You can connect to a server in Egypt where it’s still morning using a VPN. This way, you can play in a much easier lobby and win more victories.

Additionally, another technique to optimize your gaming experience in Warzone is to consider port forwarding. By configuring your router to forward specific ports used by Warzone, you can potentially reduce latency and improve the stability of your connection, resulting in smoother gameplay and quicker matchmaking.

6. Conclusion

So that covers it up. These five tips can give a significant boost to your Warzone gaming experience. So use these tips to the max and become the champ that you are every time you play Call of Duty Warzone.

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