How Do You Create an End Portal in Minecraft? A Step-by-Step Guide

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In the vast world of Minecraft, there are countless adventures to be had and mysteries to uncover. One of the most critical aspects of the game is the End Portal in Minecraft, where players can battle fearsome creatures and find valuable treasures.

To access this realm, you’ll need to create an End gateway. Just grab your pickaxe, gather your resources, and dive into the fascinating world of End portals!

1. What is the End Portal in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are three major portals, which are mentioned below.

  • Nether Portal – A gateway structure connecting two dimensions between the natural and nether worlds. Also, wearing Golden Boots in this world is advisable to prevent hostile mobs from attacking you.
  • End Portal – The portal we will discuss in detail also connects with dark dimensions through a gateway.
  • Exit Portal – Well known as  End Fountain, which opens up after killing the ender dragon. Players can’t make this portal in both survival and creative mode. This lets you respawn in your previous world and allow you to explore more.

End Portal is a portal obtained naturally through which you can directly travel to the end dimension or end part of the game. Moreover, you have to fight with Ender Dragon, Endermen, and Shulkers. Destroying End Crystal situated at the top of towers makes killing dragon easier.

This is not the end of the game. You can still maneuver and come to kill Ender Dragon again to get more XPs or orbs. Killing Ender Dragon will also open a portal that will take you to the end city, and at last, some credits will be shown.

2. Why is End Portal important?

The End Portal is essential as it opens a way to get into the end world or dark dimension where you have to defeat the Dragon.

Also, you can gain a significant amount of XP, potentially elevating your level from 0 to 68. Beating the dragon 20 times gives Elyta a full netherite, a dragon egg, and many other essential things.

3. How do you make an end portal in Minecraft?Survival Mode

Creating an End Portal is one of the last steps to enter the world where you can beat the dragon and complete the Minecraft story. To create an End Portal, you need two significant things.

  • End Portal Frame – It is a square block with a small hole to place the eyes of the ender — a green-grey with a patterned design on the front face.
  • Eyes of Ender – Eyes of Ender are a spherical green ball with a glowing purple iris in the center. You can create one by mixing ender pearl and blaze powder.

3.1 Create End Portal Frames

There are no ways to create End Portal frame-blocks in survival mode, but you can create one in creative mode. Besides, if you want to locate End portal frames in survival mode, you must find Stronghold in Minecraft. 

3.2 Create Eyes of Ender

Unlike End portal frame blocks, you can create Eyes of Ender in survival and creative mode. In Creative Mode, you have to follow the same steps for end portal frames, but to create ender eyes in survival mode, follow the given steps.

STEP 1: First of all, to create the eyes of Ender, you need to make 12 Ender Pearls and 12 Blaze powders.

STEP 2: You can get Ender Pearls by killing Enderman. Endermen can be found at night or in areas of Minecraft’s Overworld with a light level of seven or less. They are also frequently found on end islands and the Ender Dragon boss platform. Alternatively, Ender Pearls can be obtained by trading with expert-level cleric villagers or bartering with piglins.

STEP 3: For Blaze powder, you need a Blaze rod easily discoverable in Nether Fortress. After getting the blaze rod, put it on the crafting table and get the blaze powders. One blaze rod will give two blaze powders.

STEP 4: Put Ender pearls with Blaze powders on the crafting table to get Eyes of Ender in return. The number of Eyes of Ender obtained can vary.

eyes of ender
Screenshot taken from Minecraft

3.3 Locating a Stronghold

If you are playing in survival mode, you must find Stronghold to get the End portal. A stronghold is a naturally occurring underground place or area where you can get an end portal room, library, storeroom, and altar corridor.

To locate Stronghold, you have to stand in an open area and throw the eye of the ender by right-clicking into the air. Now, follow the ender eye as it will take you toward a stronghold. Repeat throwing Eyes of Ender and follow their trajectory until the Eye of Ender hovers in the same spot after being thrown.

It is essential to ensure that you have extra Eyes of Ender, as they can break when thrown into the air. After spotting the position, start digging until and unless you reach an underground area.

3.4 Find End Portal Room

After getting into Stronghold, you must find the end portal room where the naturally created end portal frame will be. The End Portal room is like a square room with a fountain-like structure and boiling lava. You may encounter or fight with silverfish while finding the room.

3.5 Activate End Portal

Once you have located the End Portal room, you have to activate the End Portal. You will get a naturally spawned end portal frame. Just insert an Eye of Ender in each end portal frame block by right-clicking on partnerships with the eye of the ender selected in Hotbar.

Also, as you insert the Eyes of Ender, the portal blocks will activate, and the End portal will form. Step forward or jump into the portal to be transported to the End dimension.

3.6 Fight with Ender Dragon

Moreover, fighting with the Ender dragon is not an easy job. After entering into Ender Portal, it’s a do-or-die situation. You have to fight with Ender Dragon. Be sure you are fully stocked with weapons, shields, arrows, and potions. Also, wear a carved pumpkin so Ender Man can’t see into your eyes. 

Fight with Ender Dragon, Mobs, and Ender Man and complete your Minecraft journey.

4. How Do You Make an End Portal In Minecraft? – Creative Mode

Creative Mode is a way to play Minecraft, where players can access unlimited resources and items in their inventory. In this mode, mobs can still exist, but they do not pose a threat to the player.

To switch to Creative Mode, type /gamemode creative. To create an end portal, follow the steps provided in the game’s instructions or guides.

STEP 1: Press “E” or your dedicated key to open inventory, search for Eye of Ender, and drag it into your hotbar.

eyes of ender and ender frame
Screenshot taken from Minecraft

STEP 2: Now go through the same process, but search for End Portal Frames.

STEP 3: Arrange 12 portal frames in the way you leave 3×3 spaces in between. Place three blocks vertically and horizontally, as shown in the image below.

end portal frame
Screenshot taken from Minecraft

STEP 4: Enter Ender’s eyes into the frames by right-clicking on each edge.

STEP 5: At this time, enter the end portal and fight with the Ender dragon. Also, You can’t die as you are playing in creative mode. 

end portal in minecraft
Screenshot taken from Minecraft

5. Conclusion

Creating an End portal in Minecraft is an exciting attempt that opens up a whole new dimension of adventures. Following specific steps, you can gather the necessary materials, locate a Stronghold, and activate the End portal.

Once you step through the portal, prepare for epic battles, rare treasures, and especially the ultimate challenge of defeating the Ender Dragon. So gather your courage, sharpen your sword, and embark on the journey to the End dimension!

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