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Discover the Delights of Indian Fusion Cuisine at Garlic and Greens

Indian cuisine, with its plethora of flavors and aromas, has stolen the hearts of people all across the world, despite being a recent addition. It’s a culinary tradition that’s been evolving for thousands of years, and every region brings its unique dishes and cooking style to the table. Indian fusion, however, is an innovative take on this age-old approach. It combines traditional Indian flavors with global ingredients and techniques to create something truly magical.

Garlic and Greens restaurant is a testament to this modern gastronomic adventure. They’ve built a menu that honors the diversity of Indian culinary art while incorporating global influences. And today, we’re going to be diving into this fascinating world of Indian fusion with them.

The Basics of Indian Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine is all about blending worlds. At its core, it takes the robust, complex flavors from Indian spices and applies it to various global dishes. And what you’re left with is an incredibly exciting mixture that appeals to everyone’s taste buds.

What a lot of these fusion dishes have in common are ingredients like cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger and garlic. It’s then combined with unexpected elements such as soy sauce or olive oil; sometimes even cheese! This creates a really nice balance between east and west.

Some popular dishes in this genre would be things like spicy Tandoori pizza or curry-infused burgers – or even saffron pasta! The possibilities are endless!

Cooking Techniques Used in Indian Fusion Cuisine

It’s not just about the ingredients in Indian fusion cooking; it’s also about how you prepare them. Traditional techniques such as Chaunk/Tadka (tempering) play a huge role in bringing these unique dishes to life by instilling deep, layered flavors.

Slow-cooking dum-dishes

Slow-cooking dum dishes will tenderize your meats and veggies while infusing them with spices at the same time. Quick-cooking ones through sauteing and stir-frying on high heat (or Bhunao) will seal in their flavors. And smoking (also known as Dhungar/Dhuanaar) will give them that rustic, smoky essence.


Marinating is one of the most common techniques you’ll see in Indian fusion cuisine. It’s when you soak your meats, seafood or veggies in a mixture of spices, herbs and other ingredients so they can absorb all those amazing flavors while simultaneously becoming more tender. You’ll find this technique being used for dishes such as fusion kebabs or grilled fish with Indian-inspired marinades.

Ingredients Used in Indian Fusion Cuisine

This modern take on our favorite dishes uses a wide variety of ingredients from both Indian and international cuisines. In terms of spice, cumin, coriander, turmeric and ginger are the basics – but they’re often paired with soy sauce, olive oil, cheese or even fruits like mango or pineapple!

The important thing here is to balance out the flavors so we can achieve the perfect blend. For example; adding lemon or lime for a bit of tanginess to your curry dish can really bring it to life. Similarly with coconut milk and its ability to create creaminess along with hints of tropical flavor.

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Fresh Ingredients. Source: Freepik

Garlic and Greens: A Culinary Adventure


Located right in the heart of a busy city, Garlic and Greens is a restaurant built to honor the art behind Indian fusion cuisine. With an army full of expert chefs who’ve mastered techniques from around the world, they’ve created a menu that doesn’t just taste great – but looks amazing too!

What’s on the menu?

At Garlic and Greens, traditional Indian blends go hand in hand with experimental creations. Classic Indian dishes like Chili Paneer Tacos and Butter Chicken Pizza will provide a familiar taste for you while unique dishes like Coconut Curry Pasta and Masala Grilled Salmon will take you on an unforgettable flavor journey.


This can be said about the decor too. The restaurant has a modern feel but is very warm and welcoming. It’s inviting for you and whoever you decide to take along with.

The Simplest Guide On How To Have An Amazing Time At A Fusion Restaurant

When at Garlic And Greens, we want each dish to blow you away: Start off by exploring our menu and asking your waiter/waitress what their favorite dish is. Don’t be scared of ordering food that sounds new to you! The odds are that if it’s on our menu, we’ve tried it and loved it!

green onion
Chopping styles at garlic and greens. Source:Freepik

Ordering food at a fusion restaurant is less like picking one thing to eat and more like trying to figure out what kind of flavors you want to experience. Do you want something spicy? Something tangy? Sweet? Or even all three! Just let your taste buds be free.

The fun doesn’t stop when the food arrives either, Indian dining has its own set of rules. How you eat your food for example. Some people will use bread to scoop up curry while others might have their plate as a family style platter where everyone eats from the same dish-no judging here!

Final Thoughts on Garlic and Greens

Indian fusion cuisine is something that combines the best of Indian culinary traditions with global flavors and techniques. From the use of traditional Indian spices to the incorporation of unexpected ingredients, it offers a unique dining experience that everyone should try at least once.

It’s fair to say that Garlic and Greens fits this description perfectly. We’ve only scratched the surface of how creative they get in the kitchen but I promise you, whatever you order, is going to be good.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Indian cuisine doesn’t matter. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s all about trying new things here! So step out of your comfort zone and check out what Garlic and Greens has to offer!

Grilling fish or prawns kebabs over coals (Sikhna), or frying them until they are crispy (Talna) gives them a smoky, full bodied flavor; Steaming (Bhaap) retains their nutrients and delicate taste; Pickling (Balchao) preserves ingredients by extending their shelf life while adding zesty pizzazz.

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