Debate Over Trudeau’s Stance on Khalistan

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In terms of the last two months, the three serious anti-India cases done by the Khalistani separatists in Canada have been meticulously reported in Canada. Despite his being a strong counterweight the increased activity of Khalistan activists in Canada forsaken, Mr.

Trudeau seems to have taken no serious steps against this “new surge of Khalistani activism” according to a few observers.

Responding to the posting of Khalistani posters targeting the agencies and ministries of India, Canada had made an announcement to be looking after the security of the officials of India and termed the “advertisement material” that was circulated ahead of a Khalistani rally “unnecessary”, the experts say more deeds must be done.

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Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s statement came in after the Minister of External Affairs of India pointed towards the extremist Khalistani ideology being practised in countries like Canada, the UK and the US.

According to Minister S Jaishankar, the purpose of this action was to defend the relations of the country and keep the extremist Khalistani ideology out, as it was “not good” for relations.

The Indian authorities alleged that Canada had invited and offered political asylum to the conspirators of the Delhi attack, which took place yesterday. Additionally, a strong debate on this issue was also made public.

In this demonstration, their concern was centred on the posters and another incident in March where Sikh extremists projected two smoke canisters into the Indian High Commission premises, they contemplated.

These are the ones but only among several anti-India incidents reported from Canada, which is the first country most Indian migrants, including from Punjab, move to.

Khalistanis organized a parade as early as in June to claim their right on the premises of the planned commemoration of the 36th anniversary of ‘Operation Bluestar’ on whose float of a van there had been a depiction of the assassination of deceased PM Indira Gandhi.

Parade in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario and Canadian Foreign work -A division of Canada had a High Commission in Ottawa; the one sounded against India’s High Commission in Canada also a foreign ministry.

Why Does Justin Trudeau Support Khalistan?

Political Dynamics:

With a tail of uncertainty about the future of the country in the face of the pandemic, hoping that the way the situation is handled by the Liberal Party will win them an outright majority in the House of Commons, Trudeau calls for early elections to be held on September 2021.

Yet, it’s interesting to note that sceptics claimed that it was birdish to vote even with the epidemic situation. However, what he expected in 338-member, the House Of Commons, was not all that he had wanted.

The Liberals suffered the heaviest blow, losing 20 seats, their number declining from 177 to 157 at the time of dissolution. The Conservatives, on the other hand, did much better, clocking 121 seats, the opposition.

Bloc Quebecois emerged as the third largest party with 32 seats, NDP gained 24 seats, and Greens pocketed 3 Moreover, TRUDEAU won a larger number of seats as compared to his opponents, but this could still permit him to form a minority government only.

So many organizations proclaimed that the Conservatives as well had more votes than him. Control of the majority in the House of Lords and the Government Benches in the House of Commons was an objective, but without a majority in both Houses, he could not go ahead with his plans.

Impact of Jagmeet Singh’s NDP:

The New Democratic Party (NDP) under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh ‘Jimmy’ Dhaliwal, has snatched a place of importance. Together with 24 seats, it became a life-and-death issue for Trudeau’s government. It, perhaps, could be the reason why Trudeau is afraid to upset “a Khalistani associate” according to critics.

“Walking a mile in his shoes, he balances a minority government greatly backed by Jagmeet Singh who is his only solidarity fag in politics. Though even though the 2019 elections have a goal of preserving the relationship between them, Singh is looking like someone who supports him on issues as a need rather than as a trusted partner he relies on,” they say.

Not anymore in 2019, Singh also began to become more vocal in his ​support for the Khalistanist​ movement even in India’s headlines. As much, he attacked the government of PM Modi during the farmers’ rally over the now, repealed three farm laws, as well as during his criticism of India’s intervention at Amritpal Singh.

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