Cold Reality Hits Trudeau After a Lonely Week in Global Diplomacy

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Unsurprisingly, nearly all the questions were about India and the shocking allegation made by Mr Trudeau earlier in the week: the Indian government showed up a Canadian Sikh political activist who was implicated in such a crime as the Canadian ground, a terrorist bombing India has earlier accused him of carrying out.

Delhi used some technicality on why they had nothing to do with murder.

Enumerating the points on his mobile one by one, the Prime Minister gave his speech meticulously and deliberately. “We are not provoking or fomenting affairs is not our intent,” he added. 

“This is where we stand to defend the rules-based order.” And still, there were some reports and questions; Can we not find our allies? The journalist objects by articulating “Thus far down time you seem to have been unaided”.

He has been shown in the glare of the media as the lone Canadian facing off with India, one of the biggest nations in the world, with its people numbering several times higher than that of Canada.

International Concerns and Diplomatic Reactions

Over the past few days, with the Five Eyes intelligence partners merely contributing standard public statements, all of which fell short of uncritical backing, it was difficult to believe that there would be a smooth process of their full onboarding of the current international (money) laundering procedures prevention mechanisms.

Canadian ambassador in the UK, James Cleverly had this point to the country: Britain was “very serious” in their point about how vulnerable the lithium process was. 

Australia almost copied the wording to express its strong worry. Another example is when the country states that it is “deeply concerned” predominately by such accusations.

However, it was the United States’ absence that was so uncomfortably loud. The US has a very good opinion about the two countries, but it never expressed its indignation on the grounds of Canada. 

When President Joe Biden put forward India as a vociferous example at the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) a couple of days ago, he did not strike it for condemnation, but to acclaim the country for creating a new economic sphere.

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Collaboration and Diplomatic Responses

According to the National Security Adviser to Mr Biden, Jake Sullivan, there was no such wedge between the United States and Canada. On the contrary, he underlined that he had many informal consultations with the Canadians even as the talks continued. 

Yet some statements were befuddled and Reagan’s deep concern was muddled with the admonition that India was beginning to play a much bigger role in the global affairs of the West.

The main intricacy for Canada, the experts had a common viewpoint, is that at the moment, it looks paltry when compared to India’s critical strategic significance.

“The United States, Britain, and these Western and Indo-Pacific countries have integrated an approach that heavily rests on India in being an anchor and a breather to China. This is something they can’t throw away together”, Xavier Delgado, a researcher at the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute observed.

“That they have not even intervened to defend the lots of Canada, it is an indication that the world is not yet ready to stand along with this country’s sovereignty.”

According to CTV within called the Five Eyes partners United States Ambassador in Canada referred to reports about collaboration in the sphere of intelligence. 

So when he was pressed by some allies to condemn Putin’s assassination of the family members of his ambassador, like Mr. Pashnyy in Kyiv, he replied: “It’s not really, my habit to comment on private diplomatic conversations”.

However, this unobtrusive portrayal may be bothersome to those who complain that Canada is a solid member of the traditional Western coalition but is not a global power in its own right.

“Also weakness happens in it,” said Christopher Sands, director of the Canada Institute.

“Today you witness a power friction. This is not the moment that suits our nation. We are adapted to the softer environment,” he stated. “The thing, which turns the tide of war is army, force, and budget that created a coalition bias and, consequently, distorted Canada’s power, as it had not enough money.”

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Trudeau’s Decision

Canadians were mostly silent about Mr.Trudeau’s choice to release the subject that represented an assassination, only if the information turned out to be true, on their own country’s territory by one of the closest allies.

Although these ethics may provide the basis for change internationally that is not sufficient to challenge global trends. For Mr Trudeau, that harsh scenario required that he pretend alone at the same time when tensions with India constantly increased – the expulsion of the ambassadors, travel warnings and, best, the suspension of all visa services for those Canadians who wished to visit India.

To make it quite a nightmare, a rather tough week also emerges at the end of a very lengthy summer for the Canadian Liberal leader.

At this juncture, Canadians began to face inflation that was further worsened by high-interest rates. However, the media was awash with news that some think the government was aware of Beijing’s interference in Canadian elections but was negligent of it.

Something happened only a few days later that many people feared in the country’s post-Bernardo crime era. The news that he was being transferred from a high-security prison to a medium-security one triggered national outrage. The defeat of the Liberal government once more led to the criticism that Trudeau’s team had been surprised again.

The confidence rating of Mr Trudeau dropped from a year high to the lowest low by September as the approval per cent of Canadians was 63% disapproved of their prime minister who was elected in 2015.

“He hasn’t been that low at 8 years period in his life,” said Shachi Kurl, the President of Angus Reid Institute, a non-partisan research group. “Then somebody hit him with questions being put very squarely, such as ‘Are you going to stay behind? Will you resign?”

Trudeau’s Celebrity Status and Political Impact

That is also another fact for Mr. Trudeau who earlier came in the office of prime minister as an enormous star in the minor national phase, with overwhelmingly dominant commitments.

“He is a celebrity figure that Canada’s internal politics has never witnessed,” Clark, chief political writer for the Globe and Mail paper, rather said in a low voice. “With him winning the elections, his popularity only paced.”

However, if the voters have been tired out by seeing such frequent presence of a widely known and popular leader candidate like Mr Trudeau, then the latest survey is showing signs that people have also reflected themselves losing interest having noticed those recent times, Mr Clark remarked.

However combined take of some experts is: on one hand Mr Trudeau may be standing alone on the international stage except that this may contribute to a raise for he is at home now.

“This work was very good for his soul and mind, immensely,” the clerk said.

Not only that, but I’m guessing it was a positive development that the two leaders pictured together are both so well known and that Mr Trudeau ended his week by side with another ally – and an even bigger star – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He as a person was his only grouse, according to Mr Trudeau, because for one day, all was well with the world.

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