Wonderful Wetaskiwin: 6 Must-Experience Highlights of the City

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We all are seeking a peaceful place to embrace the soul. Are you among those who love to spend time with nature’s beauty and peace?

Then the City of Wetaskiwin is waiting for you! The people living in Wetaskiwin are aware of these blessings. Wetaskiwin is a creek word that symbolizes “the hills where peace was made.”

Wetaskiwin City is known for the slogan and Jingle “Cars cost less in Wetaskiwin” in western Canada. It is a small yet attractive city in Canada. It is located in the area of Alberta, which is 70 kilometers (43 mi) south of the capital of Edmonton.

Here are the top attractions that make the small City of Wetaskiwin much more popular among Canadians and Visitors.

1. City Hall

City Hall is one of the most attractive places in Wetaskiwin. It was built under the direction of Architect A. M. Jeffers between 1906 and 1912.

It is made in a modern Renaissance style; the outside of the building is covered with red bricks, the keystones are often constructed of stone, and the foundation is generally made of rubble sheathed and concrete sandstone from Calgary.

Initially, the jail cells are made in the courthouse’s basement; the caretaker looks after the prisoners, and his wife holds the family in the upper section and makes food for the prisoners. The cells are still in the same condition; prisoners scratch on black walls.

2. Water Tower-Wetaskiwin City Council

Water Tower is considered one of the oldest water towers by municipalities in Canada. This water tower can hold 454,609 liters of water and is 42 meters high; it has attracted eyeballs since 1909.

However, in 2004, the water tower got into trouble when the Wetaskiwin City Council decided to demolish it, but concerned citizens convinced them the old building was worth saving. Now, it is completely restored.

3. Peace Cairn

Peace Cairn is dedicated to Canada’s Diamond Jubilee on July 2, 1997. Located north of present-day Wetaskiwin, Peace Cairn has spelled the peace between the Blackfoot and Cree First Nations for the last 60 years.

As per the close search, Peace Cairn had a beautiful story. When it was under construction, schoolchildren carried a rock and walked in a procession from their school to the hill where the cairn was erected.

4. Manluk Centre

The vision of building Manlik Centre was to promote fitness and regional Aquatics. Manluk Centre has a 44,756-square-foot facility that opened on September 13, 2014.

  • Amenities In Manluk Centre
  • Denham Ford Whirlpool (with space for 25)
  • Supreme International waterslides (there are two)
  • Recycling Centre
  • 25-metre, six-lane Wetaskiwin Co-op Competition Pool
  • Sirrs LLP Steam Room
  • Wetaskiwin Credit Union Lazy River
  • Fitness facility on the second floor
  • Home Hardware Patio & Deck Storage

5. By-The-Lake Park

City of Wetaskiwin
Image Source: Wetaskiwin official website

It is a public place to spend some quality time with friends and family, which features 2.5 kilometers of paved trail and surrounds a 17-acre picnic area.

It is located near the Automile, close to Wetaskiwin’s downtown core, and known for nature trails with signs identifying many wildlife and plants.

By-the-Lake Park‘s lake is filled with fish for winter, and summer fishing is always filled with community groups and schools for watersports and canoeing.

Residents used this place in winter for ice games and sports like cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, and pick-pond hockey games.

6. Museums in the Wetaskiwin Provincial Capital

Wetaskiwin has several Museums for information about the city’s structure, heritage, and attractions.

The major Museums are the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Alberta Central Railway Museum, Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum, and Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame.

6.1 Reynolds-Alberta Museum

City of Wetaskiwin
Image Source: Reynolds Museum Official Website

Reynolds-Alberta Museum is located at Ave, Wetaskiwin, and was created by Stan Reynolds in the mid-20th century. The museum is dedicated to machines and technology and celebrates “the spirit of the machine.”

They collect enough vehicles for a personal exhibition for the public, including a large collection of machinery, automobiles, and airplanes.

More than 100 major artifacts are displayed in the main museum building, with over 6,600 artifacts in total as of 2020. Most are kept in the storage building of the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

6.2 Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum

Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum was incorporated in 1986 in Alberta, Canada. It is working as a non-profit society. It celebrates Wetaskiwin’s history, heritage, culture, and area. This place connected visitors to the documentation and the stories of the local community.

That includes the County of Wetaskiwin, the City of Wetaskiwin, the Maskwacis Cree Four Nations of Montana, Samson, Louis Bull, and Ermineskin.

With dedicated facilities, the commitment of Society members, competent staff, grateful volunteers, and the unfailing support of the community, the museum has become the city’s heritage house, preserving its history to provide knowledge for future generations.

6.3 Alberta Central Railway Museum

City of Wetaskiwin
Image Source: Alberta Central Railway Museum official website

Alberta Central Railway Museum, located southeast of the City of Wetaskiwin in Central Alberta, Canada, ensures the fun and comfort of pastime rails apartments. It increases the excitement when you take steps to the Alberta Central Railway Museum.

You can experience the 1907 Canadian Pacific Railway depot, including the baggage room, waiting room, and telegraph office, as well as exhibits and railroad artifacts.

Alberta Central Railway Museum tells the story of 1926 passenger coach and rail yards.

This place is strong enough to share life at a station, the contact of the Canadian Pacific Railway with the settlement, and the significance of the railway to Western Canada. The visitors can ride a first-class observation-buffet sleeper, Mount Avalanche, from 1926.

6.4 Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame

The Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, is home to Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Like the other museums, this not-for-profit organization is dedicated to learning about aviation businesses.

The place is honored by more than 200 aviators, engineers, technicians, and administrators. The Hall has a far-reaching collection of personal items and memorabilia related to inducted members, including documents, licenses, uniforms, logbooks, insignia, photographs, medals, scrapbooks, and trophies and awards.

The library contains approximately 2,500 books and over 12,000 periodicals related to Canadian aviation and information.

City of Wetaskiwin
Image Source: Canada’s Aviation hall of fame official website

Bottom Line

With a population of approx 12,594 citizens, Wetaskiwin is a safe and beautiful city. It has a lot of information about Canadian heritage, early life, and the changing atmosphere.

This place has all the aspects to increase your interest in this small city. You will ensure to have fun in the city named “Wetaskiwin.”

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