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Attention!! Summer is on, and kids of all ages the invited to hit the fun at castle fun park Abbotsford. Castle Fun Park is all set to welcome visitors to have light-hearted fun with family and friends.

This park is a family amusement park with a little something for everyone! Here, you can enjoy cool and current games like; Mini golf, Shooting, go-karts, driving boats, and many more. Multi-aged group cab plays arcade games and is just plain fun.

Once you enter the amusement park, you will forget about the outside world and emerge in the indoor games they offer. This place becomes the best place as well as crowdy in early summer.

All You Need To Know About Castle Fun Park Abbotsford

Outdoor Mini Golf

With 18 holes as your goal, the Cascade Mountain Range as your backdrop, a bridge over a running stream, and meandering past a spinning windmill, as well as a lighthouse and medieval Castle, this place is an award-winning garden and heaven for all mini golf lovers. You can play golf on various mini golf courses and other grounds, including jungle golf and coral sea golf.

Arcade games

This park gives you the immense pleasure of Arcade games with more than 200 choices. You can play Frogger and Pac-Man to virtual reality fighting, first-person shooters, pinball, and racing to get on the top of the leader board and win tickets for cool prizes.

Castle fun park Abbotsford
Image Source: Official Website of Castle Fun Park, Abbotsford


Are you excited about the twist and turns? Then these rides may help you to get some adventurous pathways. They offer three types of rides:

  • Go-karts, a 400 m long track, will be the best attraction for the kids to ride at high speed safely and licensed-free.
  • Bumper cars are fun for the kids, even those who are probably known as old kids! Bumper car rides need no license, or you will not pay any penalty for threatening or cutting people off! Flashing lights and pumping music made this place ideal for Bumper car rides.
Castle fun park Abbotsford
Image Source: Official Website of Castle Fun Park, Abbotsford

Batting Cage

For cricket lovers, It has a unique batting cage. They have pitch batting systems, which allow individual height and speed customization so that you don’t have to wait for your favourite cage! You will find the best pitching speed for you, ranging from 30 to 70 mph.

Remote Control Boat

They have a unique space for Remote Control Boats, attracting the most.

Laser Maze

Laser Maze is a different concept in which you should be a Ninja of a superhuman or a buster, break the beams as fast as you can, and navigate through them without touching them! Your whole performance is visible on the big screen so that your friends can see you and cheer or make fun of you as well.

Apart from all these, you can also enjoy the various theme park and setups and skill games like a Shooting gallery, Driving range, Bowling, mini-golf, Soccer Kick, and Target Hockey.

Castle fun park Abbotsford
Image Source: Official Website of Castle Fun Park, Abbotsford

Food And Refreshments

While playing games and having an adventurous, fun time along with friends and family. This place have various hot food and beverages to make your tummy fill and tongue yummm! You can have fruit and veggie platters, hot dogs, essential and optional cookies, and various drinks, snacks, and birthday parties on0 their drop-down menu.

People can celebrate and organize birthday parties for kids. So that kids can play games while celebrating definitely a good time along with fellows and experience true family entertainment. They have various birthday party package and group packages as per your need and offers great customer service.


Running over the last 32 Years, it has been managed by the Wiebe family. The amusement park is located at 36165 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford, BC, Canada, V3G 2K8. They are conveniently located in the heart of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC – a mere hour from Vancouver and 5 minutes from the Sumas and Huntington border crossing.

Castle Fun Park, Abbotsford Reviews

  • The park has received much appreciation from visitors across the city. One visitor who visited this place along with his two friends has recommended the park for its lavish weekend dinner and mostly for playing mini-golf when visiting with your partner-in-crimes.
  • Another visitor also shared his experience at park and recommended the park for its excellent customer service and its service quality. 
  • Elders and grandparents also find this place suitable for the kids and have recommended the park even for them to play fun new games.
Castle fun park Abbotsford
Image Source: Official Website of Castle Fun Park, Abbotsford

Castle fun park Abbotsford is such a nice place to go with your kids and make memorable moments along with them. This place is known for its variety of simple indoor and outdoor games. This park is also featured in several movies and shows like Secret Millionaire, Dater’s Handbook, and Pants on Fire.

Placards are considered as the passport to enjoy anything you wish to! They will give you Placards, and you just need to fill in the amount you want. It will never expire, and you can use the amount to have a portion of food, drinks, play, and earn tickets.

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