Casino Growth in Canada- A Detailed Analysis

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Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and has been widely practiced worldwide for years. Earlier people used to bet on horse races and tracks etc., then gradually with the increasing popularity of different sports and gambling, many casinos were established.

In Canada, casino gaming is on the rage; currently, there are 64 full-service casinos. Canada is a hub for both online and offline casino gaming. 

With the increasing popularity of digital media, online casinos are becoming people’s favourites. The number of online casinos in Canada continuously increases- you can get more info here.

This blog sheds light on the popularity of casino gaming in Canada.

Gambling in Canada

Until 1969, all forms of gambling were considered illegal in Canada. After that, some amendments were made to the law. Lotteries were the earliest form of approved gambling used for charitable purposes to raise funds.

Later, the government decentralized its control over gambling. According to the Criminal Code, Section-201, of Canada, any unlicensed gambling is an illegal offence. 

It can only be considered legal if licensed or managed by a provincial government. For instance, all offline and online gambling activities are governed under the province’s Gaming Control Act in British Columbia. The same rule applies to all the Canadian provinces. 

However, in 2021, there was a sign of relief for the Canadian gambling industry when Bill C-218 was passed. It legalized single-event sports betting in Canada, canceling the long prohibition on betting under the Criminal Code, Section 207.

With this revolutionary amendment, Canadian gambling is expected to generate much higher revenues.

Growth of Casinos in Canada

The first commercial casino in Canada opened in 1989 in Winnipeg, and the second was opened in 1993 in Montreal.

Since then other provinces, including Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, etc., also started dealing in commercial casinos. 

According to research, around 60% of people gamble in Canada every month.

With new advancements and the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, online casinos are also becoming very popular in Canada. More than 50% of gamblers prefer playing with online casinos.

The online casino market is constantly expanding and is expected to reach a volume of U.S. $3.35 billion by 2028.

Role of Casinos in Canadian Economy

The main purpose of expanding and operating gaming facilities like casinos was to create more jobs and contribute to the Canadian economy. 

Generating Massive Revenues

Based on 2017 industry data on the Canadian economy, a report states that it produced $16.1 billion in gaming wins and an additional $1,0 billion in non-gaming revenues.

According to the latest report, the gambling market size of Canada in 2022 was 12.5 billion U.S. dollars. 

A large section of the Canadian population participating in gambling directly or indirectly contributes to the Canadian economy.

Promoting Canadian Tourism

Traditional casinos exhibit many characteristics of tourist attraction. They arrange colourful shows, programs, and events. Several big casinos have concert halls where famous singers or artists are invited to perform; which attracts many visitors.

The casino gaming industry is the fastest-emerging sector of the Canadian tourism industry. The diverse range of entertainment in these casinos other than games includes restaurants, cocktails, spas, luxury shopping, and even accommodation. 

Moreover, they are located in beautiful locations adding to a complete holiday package for many.

Online casinos also promote tourism by blending virtual gaming with real-world exploration. Many traditional casinos have also launched their digital versions to promote themselves.

The online casinos also offer various games, vouchers, and bonuses to spas and restaurants to bring a positive impact on tourism there.

Creating Employment Opportunities

With an increase in the popularity of gambling in Canada, new job opportunities are also increasing. Casinos need workers to operate gaming tables, accept keno wagers, maintain slot machines, collect losing bats, payout bets and jackpots, supervisors, etc. 

Apart from these jobs, casinos also require human force for accounting and financial departments, entertainment purposes, security guards and surveillance officers, food and beverage departments, sales and marketing, cashiers, floor jobs, casino hosts, human resources to handle legal matters and licensing, and lots more.

As a result, many people get jobs in different casinos, contributing to the Canadian economy.

Future of Casinos in Canada

The gambling game will not look back for any reason in Canada. The growth of offline and online casinos in Canada states the nation’s evolving relationship with gambling.

With the new amendments in the gambling laws, casinos will continue to grow and attract new gamblers. Also, the digital age has played a significant role in promoting gambling. People can now participate in placing bets at their convenience.

The fusion of esports betting and cryptocurrencies in gambling excites gambling enthusiasts and the contribution of the gambling industry to the Canadian economy marks a progressive stance on casino gaming.

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