Candlelight Tribute: Amy Winehouse in Toronto

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Hey Toronto, Candlelight is bringing the Best of Amy Winehouse musical concert at the Paradise Theatre on various dates, including 12th July and 30th August, 2023, from 6.30 pm and 8.45 pm.

You are about to witness a fantastic event that will awaken the music enthusiasts in you. The show will take you to a realm of enchantment and nostalgia.

Well known for creating attractive live experiences, Candlelight Concerts presents an astonishing tribute to the late great Amy Winehouse.

Get ready to be flowed away by her heartfelt melodies, which will touch your soul. 

1. Performers: PureSoul Jazz Band

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening of musical brilliance as the PureSoul Jazz Band takes the stage, brought to you by Candlelight Concerts.

This extraordinary evening will showcase an exquisite lineup of Amy Winehouse’s iconic songs, including ‘Valerie’, ‘Back to Back’, You Know I’m No Good, ‘Me and Mr Jones, ‘Love Is A Losing Game’,  ‘Rehab’,  ‘Mister Magic’, and ‘Tears Dry On Their Own.’

Prepare to be captivated by the incredible performances of the PureSoul Jazz Band as they bring Amy Winehouse’s iconic songs to life in the lively setting of the Paradise Theater.

Candlelight Celebrates the Best of Amy Winehouse in Toronto!
Candlelight: Best of Amy Winehouse: Source: Fever

2. The Venue: Paradise Theater

Settled within the lively city of Toronto, Paradise Theatre provides the perfect ground for this elegant experience.

With its historical values and ambience, the theatre promises a trip to a bygone era, where the power of music goes beyond time and space. 

3. Date and Time

Candlelight Concerts values the importance of convenience and offers various dates for the audience to choose from.

Whether you prefer an early evening show or a later night nocturne, the concerts are scheduled at 6:30 PM and 8:45 PM.

It allows flexibility for individuals to select their preferred slot.

You can handpick your desired date and time during ticket purchasing to ensure an unforgettable experience. 

4. Entry Requirements

The concert lasts approximately 65 minutes, tying the audience in an enchanting musical journey.

To ensure that attendees can fully enjoy the enchantment, doors open 45 minutes before the start time, and please note that late entry is not permitted.

We request you all be on time to unlock the enchanting ambience.

Candlelight Concerts wholeheartedly welcomes music enthusiasts aged eight years and above. An adult must guide younger souls aged 16 or below.

This approach ensures inclusivity so audiences of all generations can savour the soul-stirring melodies of Amy Winehouse, nurturing an atmosphere where music becomes a language of all.

5. Accessibility

Paradise Theatre demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity by offering wheelchair accessibility, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to participate in this extraordinary experience fully.

By eliminating physical barriers, Candlelight Concerts creates an inclusive environment where people of all abilities can enjoy the enchanting music of Amy Winehouse.

This venue is thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that everyone can immerse themselves in captivating melodies and soulful performances without any limitations.

6. Seating and Zones

Upon entering the Theatre, patrons will be assigned seats on a first-come, first-served basis within their designated zone. This system ensures fairness and equal opportunity for all attendees, regardless of arrival time.

Amy Winehouse Tribute - Fever Candlelit Concert

Whether you prefer a closer view to observe the subtle nuances of the performance or a more distant vantage point to take in the grandeur of the entire setting, each zone offers a unique perspective to suit personal preferences.

7. Unlock the Magic and Book Your Tickets

This Candlelight Concert is a poignant homage to an extraordinary artist and an opportunity to rediscover the power of live performances with PureSoul Jazz Band.

Join fellow music savants in celebrating Amy Winehouse’s musical legacy as her spirit comes alive on a night of enchantment and soulful melodies at Paradise Theatre.

Get your tickets now from and prepare to be shot to a world where the magic of Amy Winehouse’s music shines brighter than ever before.

8. Unveil the Magic of Music with the Bests of Amy Winehouse

  • What: Live Music Show, filled with enchanting songs from the Late Amy Winehouse by The PureSoul Jazz Band
  • When: On various dates, including 12th July and 30th August 2023.
  • Where: Paradise Theatre at Toronto’s  1006c Bloor Street West.
  • Time: 6:30 PM and 8:45 PM (can be selected during ticket purchasing).
  • Ticket: Book at the Feverup website or application.

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