Canadians Reject Liberal Budget Amid Fiscal Recklessness

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The Liberal government’s latest budget has sparked widespread outrage among Canadians, with a staggering 49% expressing negative opinions, far outweighing the mere 21% who view it positively. This dismal reception stands in stark contrast to the government’s already dwindling support, hovering around a meager 25% in federal polling.

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The online survey, conducted by Leger among over 1,500 Canadian adults between April 19 and 21, exposed the depth of public dissatisfaction. A quarter of respondents held a “very negative” opinion, while 24% expressed a “somewhat negative” stance, reflecting the budget’s failure to resonate with the nation’s priorities.

Alarmingly, the Liberal government’s financial blueprint proposes a staggering $111.2 billion in new spending over the next five years, accompanied by a whopping $40 billion deficit, with no concrete plan to restore fiscal balance. This reckless approach has raised concerns about the government’s commitment to responsible economic stewardship.

Despite the overwhelming negative sentiment, a few elements of the budget garnered modest support. Nearly two-thirds of Canadians viewed the $8.5 billion investment in housing, aimed at constructing 3.9 million homes by 2031, as a positive step. However, the ambitious goal of building 1,096 homes per minute for the next seven years without interruption seems implausible.

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Similarly, 64% of Canadians agreed that a $900 million increase for greener homes and energy efficiency programs could benefit the country and its residents. Nonetheless, the government’s revised defence policy, which prioritizes climate change over meeting NATO’s 2% GDP spending target, has raised eyebrows, with 58% of Canadians supporting the planned increase in military and defence spending over the next 20 years.

Despite these isolated areas of support, the government’s decision to raise capital gains taxes, projected to generate $19.4 billion over the next five years, has drawn fierce opposition. Thousands of Canadian CEOs and tech leaders have penned a letter to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, warning that the tax hike could trigger an exodus of entrepreneurs to the United States.

Compounding concerns, the Canadian Medical Association has cautioned that the tax increase could exacerbate Canada’s already pressing issue of physician recruitment and retention. Nonetheless, 56% of Canadians agreed with the capital gains tax increase, highlighting the divisive nature of the budget’s measures.

In our recent survey on the Scoop Canada YouTube Channel, we inquired about Canadians’ perspectives on whether they support the budget proposed by the liberals or not. The results were astonishing, with a majority of respondents not supporting the budget. Engage in the ongoing discourse and contribute your vote to ensure your viewpoint is represented on this significant issue.

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Source: Scoop Canada YouTube channel

While 53% of Canadians supported forgiving student loans for various health care and education workers, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly critical. Only 16% of respondents believed the Liberals should continue investing in different programs and initiatives, even if it results in large future deficits. Conversely, a mere 14% favored increasing taxes to reduce deficits while maintaining spending on programs.

Strikingly, the largest portion of Canadians, a resounding 47%, demanded that the Liberals cut back on spending and curtail various programs to return to a balanced budget as soon as possible, a clear rejection of the government’s fiscal policies.

The survey’s respondents spanned the country, with the highest representation from Ontario and Quebec, Canada’s most populous provinces. Gender and age groups were relatively evenly distributed, lending credibility to the findings.

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As the Liberal government navigates the aftermath of this budget debacle, it faces mounting pressure to course-correct and regain the trust of a disillusioned electorate. Failure to heed the calls for fiscal prudence and responsible governance could further erode the government’s credibility and jeopardize its future prospects.

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