Canadian Youth Criticize Government Policies

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Canadian policies have made young people feel like they can’t achieve work-life balance anymore. This in turn has led them to give up hope on family planning. A new study from Express Employment Professionals has brought to light some depressing findings – 33% of those seeking jobs while employed have to put off having children due to an unfavorable work-life equilibrium.

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To say the least, things look even worse for youngsters; a whopping 42% of Gen Z and 39% of millennials think the same way. In other words, it seems that nothing is being done by the government’s rules to cater for its younger citizens’ desperate need for career stability which is necessary in planning towards their future families.

Two-thirds (66%)of respondents who are working but looking for another job want potential employers should make finding positions with better work life balance easier. There was a staggering 77% from Generation Z and 72% from millennials cried out about this issue showing just how critical these statistics may be taken into consideration by businesses when hiring candidates.

Jessica Culo, an owner at one branch location under Canada’s largest privately-held staffing firm said “The majority of feedback I get from people not wanting kids yet is because they simply cannot afford it.” Brent Pollington also represents his own franchise within express as well as residing in Vancouver BC where he spoke up acknowledging that high living costs were playing major roles behind such decisions about starting families among many residents living there or elsewhere across Canada too!

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Although employers try their best during post pandemic era accommodating more needs on balancing between work life it self through flexible hours given out together along sides vacation leave days provided too however there should still be a limit where by employees must earn these demands rather than automatic granting because brent pollington suggests that workers need show commitment towards company as well prove finishing tasks within official time frame only hence implying mismatch in terms expectations from staffs and requirement set forth by employers.

According to Jessica Culo, there is a problem when it comes to employees wanting complete remote work even though most employers would prefer hybrid options. This has led to an increase in demands which are being made less as requests but rather expectations thereby putting even more strain on work life balance.

One suggestion given by them is that companies could introduce flexible start times for hybrid work schedules offer more paid leave days childcare subsidies where applicable and also gradual return programs after maternity leave among others so as new mothers can slowly transition back into their jobs over certain period instead of abrupt resumption immediately after birth.

Our recent poll on the Scoop Canada YouTube Channel tackled this topic of which party’s policies will have a positive impact on the future of Gen Z and millennials. The results were astonishing, almost every respondent voted for Conservative party amongst other. Join the ongoing conversation and cast your vote to make your voice heard on this crucial issue!

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Employers should therefore take note of these findings since they could help improve recruitment drives save best talents thus boosting overall productivity levels within organizations themselves this was substantiated when Jessica Culo mentioned that “Organizations which have something different than what other businesses offer will be able attract employees easily”.

In 2022 Canada had fertility rate of 1.33 children per woman lowest ever recorded figure hence showing how urgent it has become deal with this problem of balancing between career family life the pandemic only worsened situation further because numbers had already started going down previous year 2009

The leader of Express Employment International, Bill Stoller said that working parents should be supported. He pointed out on this survey “that job seekers feel like they’re being forced to choose between their careers and home life — a little bit of creative flexibility can help you attract and keep the best talent for much-needed skills.”

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In light of these urgent problems faced by Canada, it becomes necessary for the government to do something about them. They must take bold steps in responding to youth worries while implementing policies that will support work-life balance. If not taken seriously enough, this failure may affect people’s lives adversely; even more so when considering future population trends across different regions within the country.

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