True North Warriors: Unveiling Fascinating Facts About Canadian UFC Fighters

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Seeing the complete change in the UFC history for Canadians is quite outstanding. Until the last decade, the Canadian UFC fighters couldn’t win the UFC. However, in the late 2000s, Canadians paved their way to the top.

If you had to list down the best of the best Canadian fighters, who would you pick? Most internet surfers will give you a list of great fighters like Patrick Cote, Rory MacDonald, or Hakeem Dawodu. But the list of the best Canadian MMA fighters keeps improving each year.

The best UFC fighters have the best kind of stories. Whether it is a fight story in an important round or a silly habit they picked up in practice, some facts and stories will amaze us. The best fighters had faced the toughest challenges in the UFC.

1. Facts About Jason MacDonald

Canadian UFC fighters
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Jason MacDonald was a notable fighter throughout his UFC career. The middleweight fighter has 19 submission wins. MacDonald made his UFC debut in October of 2006, where he won his first UFC fight. So, here are some lesser-known facts about him.

1.1 The Three-Time Winner of Submission of The Night

The submission specialist has won the Submission of the Night bonus thrice. One of the most memorable submission events was the fight round with Ed Herman in October 2006.

Hence, the Canadian fighter was among the many fighters who soon earned the bonus in their UFC career. Moreover, this should remind you that Jason has won the Knockout of the Night bonus once.

1.2 Jason ‘Athlete’ MacDonald

Jason MacDonald was named “the Athlete” during his early fight in the UFC. His outstanding skill sets made him the ultimate MMA athlete to win 25 fights. Thus, his martial arts training from a young age paid off with a name in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

1.3 Post-Retirement Career

After years of pain and fights, the Canadian fighter retired from his MMA career on 4 November 2013.

Now, the former UFC middleweight champion is a professional instructor in the MMA field. Hence, you will see a new generation of Canadian fighters under MacDonald’s influence.

2. Facts About Patrick Cote

Canadian UFC fighters
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Patrick Cote is a respected former Canadian MMA fighter with a significant career in the UFC, with 21 bouts tying him with Georges St-Pierre for most Octagon bouts by a Canadian.

2.1 The UFC Middleweight Title Fight

On 25 October 2008, The UFC Middleweight Champion fought against Anderson Silva in the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 90.

However, the fight ended badly for Cote as he faced a knee injury. The bout was big MMA news, resulting in a TKO loss.

2.2 Winning Spree From 2006 to 2008

The middleweight champion was the best Canadian fighter from 2006 to 2008. His four-fight winning streak during these years was a highlight of his MMA career.

Through these years, he had notable fights with famous MMA fighters like Kendall Grove, Drew Mcfedries, and Scott Smith.

2.3 Shift To The Welterweight Division

The former UFC veteran shifted to the UFC welterweight division to experience better fights. Regardless, Cote got some notable wins, but this did not last long.
Eventually, the MMA fighter retired from the profession on 8th April 2017. Therefore, he represented Canada in the UFC.

3. Facts About Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre

Canadian UFC fighters
Photo from Georges St-Pierre on Instagram

St-Pierre’s time in UFC has been a big success in Canadian MMA. People believe that St-Pierre is the most incredible MMA fighter to ever exist. Hence, Canada’s UFC GOAT debate is still on. Moreover, he was given the UFC title “Rush” for his striking way of making quick knockouts.

3.1. The UFC Hall of Fame

Georges St-Pierre has been one of the best Canadian fighters. The former champion’s legacy in the cage and relentless training made MMA popular in Canada. Henceforth, this took the UFC’s global expansion to the next level of popularity.

3.2. Hiatus and Come Back

Georges St-Pierre last appeared at UFC 217 in 2017, returning to the cage after a four-year absence to fight Michael Bisping for the middleweight championship.

After figuring out that he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Georges St-Pierre, who made a submission win in the third round, gave up the championship belt.

Earlier, St-Pierre had stayed out of MMA in 2013 after saying that most MMA fighters use PEDs even during matches.

3.3. The UFC Debut

The UFC veteran made his UFC debut on 31st January 2004. His fight with Karo Parisyan earned him the biggest victory of his career.

Interestingly, the UFC welterweight champion won the fight by unanimous decision. Hence, it is a stepping stone for his upcoming records.

4. Facts About Carlos Newton

Canadian UFC fighters
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The UFC veteran Karo Parisyan fought his UFC debut on 31st January 2004. His fight with Georges St-Pierre was a significant event in his career.
However, the UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre won the fight unanimously.

4.1 Only Canadian Fighter With The Best Bulldog Choke

Newton became the first Canadian champion by winning against Pat Miletich. However, he was defeated by Matt Hughes in November of that same year.
Despite losing to Matt Hughes, Newton was among the first Canadian MMA fighters to succeed. Factually, he is also one of the only MMA fighters who has contended in tournament fights in Pride FC and the UFC simultaneously.

4.2. Carlos Newton’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Newton is a black belt in jiu-jitsu, getting his training under the Warrior MMA Newmarket. 

Newton’s “Dragon Ball Jiu-Jitsu” combines conventional Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, and boxing, making a unique fighting technique.

Newton was a fan of the anime series Dragon Ball, and this technique referenced the show. Also, his nickname “The Ronin” is a tribute to Japan’s martial arts tradition.

5. Facts About Mark Hominick

Canadian UFC fighters
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Mark Hominick has had a successful career in mixed martial arts, with notable achievements in the TKO company. He is associated with the Adrenaline Training Centre in London, Ontario, Canada.

5.1. World Extreme Cagefighting Champion

Mark Hominick had a record of many WEC fights before his HFC career began. He fought against Yves Jabouin in 2010.

5.2. Hominick vs Aldo

Mark Hominick once gave Jose Aldo the fight of the night. At UFC 129 in Toronto, Hominick and Aldo fought for the UFC Featherweight championship.
However, Aldo was the better fighter that night, and Hominick was outgunned. Despite suffering a severe hematoma due to a forehead injury, Hominick showed great determination and spirit.

5.3. Legacy For The Canadian Fighters

Hominick had a successful featherweight career, competing for the UFC and WEC. Interestingly, his most notable performance occurred during the match against Aldo.
Hominick flourished despite having an orange-sized hematoma on his head and fought until the end. Notably, this moment built a strong legacy for Canadian fighters.

6. Facts About Jordan Mein

Canadian UFC fighters
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Jordan Mein has had 44 fights from his mixed martial arts career, winning 31 and failing 13. Mein’s overall win board until July 2023 is 31-13 (16 KO victories, seven submission victories, 3 KO losses, and four submission defeats).
Hence, you can also define him as a seasoned Canadian MMA fighter in the UFC scene.

6.1. Kickboxing and Welterweight Contender

Mein has always been a pro at fighting professionally all over Alberta.

He joined classes for martial arts at the age of four, started with kickboxing at 11, then became a pro-MMA fighter at 14. Now, Mein is in the UFC, competing in the welterweight division.

6.2. Early Retirement and Comeback

After Jordan Mein lost his matches in the UFC 183 tournament, he made a surprising retirement plan from his entire MMA journey.

‘Young Gun’ had been a professional fighter since his early teens, and by the time he quit MMA at 25, he had already racked up an incredible record. Mein, however, returned to the sport in 2016 and wanted to deliver the performance of his life.

Unfortunately, that didn’t go too well at first. He lost fights against MMA fighters Emil Weber Meek and Belal Muhammad right after his hiatus.

6.3. The Ultimate UFC Debut

In his first fight as a professional, Mein fought against Canadian MMA fighter Rory MacDonald, but a rear-naked choke in the first round had him losing the bout.

At UFC 158, Mein went against the mighty Dan Miller in the first round, passing his first UFC test with no sweat. Miller had never been finished before, and it was a strong beginning for his UFC career.

7. Facts About Sam Stout

Canadian UFC fighters
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Sam Stout, one of the best former Canadian MMA fighters, is a former TKO Lightweight Champion.

From 2003 through 2015, Stout has been a professional, but his 20 face-offs in the UFC, where he earned seven Fight of the Night awards, made him a renowned Canadian.

Therefore, you might know him as a fellow Canadian MMA, but Stout’s legacy is a gift to Canadian MMA.

7.1. The Debut of The Ultimate Fighter

With an 8-1-1 professional MMA record, Stout appeared in his first UFC fight against Spencer Fisher on March 4, 2006, competing on the preliminary card of UFC 58: USA vs. Canada.

Stout has engaged in 20 additional UFC fights since making his debut. Hence, his UFC record was 9-11-0 at that time.

7.2. Sam Stout and His First Knockout of The Night

At UFC 131, Stout competed against Yves Edwards on June 11, 2011.
Stout knocked out Edwards with an overhand left punch on the chin in the opening round, earning a Knockout of the Night bonus.
Additionally, Stout’s first UFC victory by way of stoppage was one of his many notable wins.

7.3. The fight for Fight of the Night bonus

Phillipe Nover and Stout were scheduled to square off at UFC Fight Night 19. Nover backed off from a seizure on September 16, 2009, the match day. Thus, the game was called off.

After that, at UFC 108 on January 2, 2010, Stout won unanimously over Joe Lauzon. Eventually, Stout won his fourth Fight of the Night award for the match, adding to his four Fight of the Night honors.

8. Facts About Mark Bocek

Canadian UFC fighters
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Mark Bocek, the first Canadian black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, was a trainee under Rickson and Renzo Gracie.
He trained under Nova Uniao and earned his belt from Joao Roque in December 2003. Hence, the lightweight competitor from Canada was a skilled martial artist.

8.1. Bocek’s Passion For MMA After Watching UFC 2

Mark Bocek’s life was never the same after Ultimate Fighting Championship 2: No Way Out in March 1994.

He was a 13-year-old kid when he wanted to learn the art of martial arts and combat. Mark Bocek greatly loved Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films.

8.2. The 2014 Finale

On April 16, 2014, Bocek was scheduled to compete against Evan Dunham at The Ultimate Fighter: Nations Finale.

Dunham, however, backed out from the match the week before the event due to an unforeseen circumstance. Instead, a promotional rookie, Mike De La Torre, fought the match. Fortunately, Bocek prevailed in a close decision.

8.3. Uncalled Retirement

 MMark Bocek didn’t agree with taking PEDs and claimed them as far bigger problems in MMA than most people hear.

So, he called his retirement from the Canadian MMA sport in 2014 mostly because he thought the competition was unfair.

Therefore, you will probably not see Bocek in the cage, but the fighter in him has left a legacy for upcoming Canadian fighters.

9. Facts About Rory MacDonald

Canadian UFC fighters
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The former sixth-place finisher in the average weight category, Rory MacDonald, is a gem of Canada. Outside the MMA platforms, Rory is a simple guy with conciseness who might not break off a bone or two in your body.

Although Rory has over twenty champion titles under his name, including the contest for the MMA champion title, Rory Macdonald has fought the best of the best.

9.1. One of The Youngest MMA fighters in Trystar Gym

Rory has only once faced lightweight opponent Nate Diaz in a decision in all his MMA victories. His other victories since 2011 include seven by knockout or technical knockout, nine by submission, and seven by decision. At the age of 21, Rory got himself into the exclusive Tristar Gym.

9.2. Canadian MMA Pioneer

Rory Macdonald’s fighting career has increased love for MMA in Canada. The brutal fight between MacDonald and former welterweight champion (Ruthless) Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 in July 2015 should be trained at the UFC Hall of Fame’s “Fight Wing” before the end of 2023.

9.3. The UFC 174 Tournament

Rory Macdonald’s fighting career has increased love for MMA in Canada. The brutal fight between MacDonald and former welterweight champion (Ruthless) Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 in July 2015 is set to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame’s ‘Fight Wing’ as part of the class of 2023.

10. Notable Wins and Fights From Canadian MMA Legends

We have now walked you through some facts about your favorite Canadian fighters.

Hence, it is only fair to recall the great moments in Canadian UFC history to date. Now, let’s reminisce about some of these legends’ notable wins and fights.

10.1 Rory MacDonald Vs Demian Maia

Rory MacDonald vs Demian Maia

Rory MacDonald’s 2014 UFC rundown was a changing point. He went against former middleweight title contender Demian Maia, whom Jake Shields beat by a split decision in 2014.

In the first round, MacDonald remained composed despite Maia attempting to get a submission against the MMA champ. Fortunately, he charged back in the second round, and finally, in the last round, Maia was defeated. 

10.2. Dan Hardy Vs. Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre defended his welterweight title against Dan Hardy on March 27, 2010. St-Pierre won the bout by unanimous decision.

10.3. Mark Hominick Vs. George Roop

HD 720 Mark Hominick vs George Roop

Mark Hominick had the best performance of his career when he fought against George Roop on January 22, 2011, through a TKO in the opening frame. With a record of 20-8 (16 finish wins), the 28-year-old slammed Roop. Roop, who was, brought out the best of Hominick’s skills. This one had the best performance out of all the bouts Hominick has participated in.

10.4. Carlos Newton Vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

The 1998 match between Sakuraba and Newton in Pride 3 resulted in a submission win for Sakuraba. However, it was not one of the most significant fights in Pride history.

10.5. Sam Stout Vs. Joe Lauzon

UFC 108: Lauzon vs. Stout preview - 2009-12-30

Sam Stout defeated Joe Lauzon in a lightweight event throughout three rounds, winning unanimously on January 2, 2010.

Lauzon entered the bout as the winner of the match, but Stout was a champ thanks to his immense striking potential. Finally, Stout escaped a choke in the final round, leading him to a big win.

11. FAQs

11.1 How many fighters from Canada won the UFC 289?

All six participants that contended in the UFC 289 won their sets. This was a crucial time for Canadian MMA as Rory MacDonald and St. Pierre were out of shape in most matches. Thus, these results retained Canada’s pride in the MMA world.

11.2 When was the last time the UFC came to Canada before 2023?

UFC was last held in Canada on 14 September 2019. The bout took place between Cowboy and Gaethje. The Championship occurred in Vancouver, capturing some of the best fight moments.

11.3 Is the UFC coming to Canada in 2023?

UFC has already held its match in Vancouver, Canada. The fight occurred on 10th June 2023, declaring the Ultimate Fighting Championship 289. This fight ring started with Women’s UFC rounds.

12. Conclusion

Canadian UFC fighters are incredibly famous, and we have discovered several facts about them. However, the best of Canadian sports is yet to come, with underdogs joining the tournament.

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