Canadian MP’s Salary Surge Sparks Controversy

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Canadian MPs are now slated to earn over $200,000 annually, courtesy of a pay increase taking effect Monday. Additional salaries for special offices such as ministers, parliamentary secretaries, the Speaker, and the prime minister will also see an uptick. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s annual earnings will soar past $400,000 due to the hike.

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Parliamentarians of all stripes will receive salary boosts as mandated by legislation governing politicians’ pay. According to the House of Commons, the exact increase each year is determined by tracking an index of raises from settlements in the private sector. This year’s growth is 4.4 percent, translating to an $8,500 raise for a standard backbench MP.

We shared a post in our YouTube channel community section and asked the people of Canada what they think of the pay raise that Justin Trudeau, along with his ministers, is getting. And the results were shocking.

None of the Canadians who voted agreed with the pay raise. Therefore it was no surprise, that a staggering 80% of the Canadians earlier disagreed with the pay rise. You can also Join the conversation on our Scoop Canada YouTube Channel! Share your thoughts here to make your voice heard!

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Trudeau’s earnings will now top $406,200, Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre will rake in $299,900, and cabinet ministers will pocket just under $300,000. Those holding special offices, including federal party leaders, parliamentary secretaries, house leaders, and whips, will also enjoy pay boosts.

Senators will also benefit from an $8,500 salary increase, bringing their earnings to $178,100.

Liberal MPs' Salaries Will Be Increased Once Again

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, an advocacy group focused on reducing taxes and scrutinizing government spending, has already criticized the raise. “MPs are extracting more money from Canadians’ pockets and funneling more money into their own, and that’s unacceptable,” Terrazzano said in a release. “MPs should be providing tax relief, not increasing taxes and their pay.”

The federal government is slated to release a budget on April 16.

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