Canadian Intelligence Report Identifies India as a ‘Foreign Interference Threat’

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Under a disclosure from Canadian news agency Global News, India has been recognized as a potential hazard to Canada’s democratic mechanisms, alongside China, according to a report. The report in question, disclosed by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), was previously top-secret and has been recently declassified.

Dated February 24, 2023, the CSIS report titled “Briefing to the Minister of Democratic Institutions on Foreign Interference” underscores the pressing necessity for active Canadian governmental intervention against foreign interference.

As per the report by Global News, the document explicitly states, “We know that China sought to clandestinely and deceptively influence the 2019 and 2021 federal election,” citing China as “by far the most significant threat.”

India’s Growing Involvement in Foreign Interference

Furthermore, it underscores India’s involvement in foreign interference activities, indicating a deterioration of the situation. Although details regarding India are largely withheld, nearly three pages of the report are dedicated to India, making it the sole country explicitly identified alongside China.

India Is A Threat To Canada Federal Election Interference

The report advocates for the formulation of “clearly articulated strategies” to combat foreign interference, stressing the significance of raising awareness and briefing officials and politicians. It underscores the imperative for all governmental bodies, including provincial and municipal entities, to collaborate in “detecting, disrupting, and publicizing” interference activities.

Ongoing Inquiry into Election Interference

The release of this information coincides with a commission of inquiry into foreign interference in Canada’s recent elections, currently ongoing in Ottawa. This initiative was prompted by concerns raised by media outlets regarding Chinese interference.

The report specifies that “foreign states target elected and public officials and others with influence over the public policy decision-making process,” encompassing current and former Members of Parliament, members of provincial legislatures, municipal officials, representatives of Indigenous governments, ministerial and political staff, as well as public servants.

The briefing report divulges that China’s interference activities in Canada are extensive, utilizing various mechanisms such as the United Front Work Department, its diplomatic corps, and non-governmental assets like community groups and trusted contacts.

It emphasizes that these activities are directed at all tiers of government and civil society throughout the country. “These hostile states exploit loopholes in political party nomination processes; engage in money and financing operations; mobilize and leverage community organizations; and manipulate media outlets.”

Previously, in an October 2022 report by the CSIS, the agency asserted that “Government of India agents” had interfered in the Conservative’s 2022 leadership race by purchasing memberships for one candidate while undermining another. Additionally, they allegedly funded several politicians across various governmental levels.

While China remained the primary focus in that report, the “Canadian Eyes Only” intelligence assessment highlighted India’s utilization of “similar corrosive tactics as Beijing.”


Under a disclosure from Canadian news agency Global News, a report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has identified both India and China as potential threats to Canada’s democratic processes.

The report, previously classified but recently declassified, emphasizes the urgent need for active Canadian intervention against foreign interference. Global News highlights the report’s explicit mention of China’s covert attempts to influence federal elections in 2019 and 2021, labelling it as the most significant threat.

Additionally, the report underscores India’s increasing involvement in such activities, alongside China, indicating a deteriorating situation.

The report advocates for the development of clearly articulated strategies to combat foreign interference and stresses the importance of collaboration among all levels of government. An ongoing inquiry into foreign interference in Canada’s recent elections in Ottawa further underscores the seriousness of the situation.

The briefing report reveals extensive interference activities by China in Canada, employing various mechanisms to target government and civil society. Previous reports by the CSIS also highlighted India’s utilization of tactics similar to China’s, raising concerns about their corrosive impact.

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