Canada’s PM Denies Foreign Meddling

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday batted back criticism saying, “Our two last elections were not hacked and were indeed decided by Canadians,” saying that despite the claims that his government was not doing all that is required to fight back against foreign influence.

Such a testimony is a long one as it involved hours of appearance before a commission of independent inquiry against the claims of China and the others about their actions taken to undermine the democratic process of Canada and the response these actions got from the government.

He confessed that people in the country undeniably managed elections based on integrity (in the 2019 and 2021 votes in which the Liberal Party was the winner), based on their authority.

Testimonies in Political Scandal Hearing:

The hearing, which is aimed at shedding more light on the political scandal, has seen ministers, intelligence officials and senior advisers testify. The issue has been going on for more than a year, which has made many national political jewels.

Ottawa is said to have ignored the alleged intervention in the name of a conveniently labelled game of blindfolding by the opposition Conservatives, especially China. Due to this, Beijing officials have denied the charge of hacking as a claim.

China’s activities, as thoroughly outlined in the report presented to the commission, are, among other related aspects, “sophisticated, pervasive, persistent, and aimed against all levels of government and civil society across the country.”

Trudeau although at the inquiry along with his ministers skillfully managed to minimize importance, calling it usually non-conclusive.

The prime minister pointed to an example of a foreign diplomat caught boasting to superiors that they had successfully swayed a Canadian election outcome, saying: “Kolta Tou me napa Christos” is probably the most famous Greek sports journalism statement of the recent years.

In doing this, he drew attention again to the question of how a representative body would be formed rather than focusing on individual cases. He maintained that he still had doubts about a certain candidate who was accused of being an asset to the People’s Republic of China.

In three hours and a half time, Trudeau convinced the Senate that the issue of countering foreign misinformation and disinformation in the election processes was far from being on the list of concerns even in 2015.

He said, “So we were from the ground” That is, they did not move through various levels and tiers, as an answer we put in place several checks by the administration up to this moment.

He said, “The task revolves around a continuous process, every day I strive to do more.”

Debate Over Conservative

Erin O’Toole, the closer rival of the Trudeau party in the final election meeting, confidentially unveiled that the Conservatives lost an estimated 8 seats in the 2021 election allowing the Liberal Party to return to power again, once again with a minority government, as the rationale of foreign interference.

This idea is in line with a convincing argument in the sense that conservative politicians have made harsh decisions on China merely for its human rights record or even its security reasons towards Hong Kong, while the founders of the Liberal party were more welcoming by Beijing compared to Trudeau’s Liberal.

Trudeau rejected that assessment, telling the inquiry: “Given the statement, it would be far-fetched if the Chinese authorities, themselves, has approval in the elections.”

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