Canada’s New Passport Removes Terry Fox: Canadians are Upset

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The month of May has been disappointing for true Canadians. The death of the greatest guitarist in Canada, Gordon Lightfoot, on 03 May 2023, shocked many.

To add insult to injury, the Government of Canada redesigned its passport and removed a picture of the greatest Canadian of all time, Terry Fox.

Social media depicts complete disappointment and sadness due to recent events. The Canadians are demanding tribute and respect for one of the great heroes of Canada.

One user tweets,

“Terry Fox was a college kid who got terminal cancer but instead of falling into depression decided to run across the entire country, on one leg no less, to raise money for cancer research and inspire adolescent cancer patients.

The Liberal Party of Canada has removed the most uncontroversial, apolitical hero in all of Canadian history from the Canadian passport.

It is pure, unadulterated ideology. And it will not stop here.”

Terry Fox
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Why are Canadians upset? Who is Terry Fox, to whom the Canadians want to pay tribute? Let us read and find out.

Why are Canadians Upset?

Justin Trudeau’s recent decision has upset Canadians. The Government decided to redesign their passport.

The image of the legendary Terry Fox has been removed from the passport pages and replaced with images depicting the Canadian lifestyle.

The Twitterati is visibly angry and upset with this decision. The people are calling out the government for the decision to remove his image.

One Twitterati tweets,

Not only should Terry Fox still be in our passports, he should already be on the 5 dollar bill. #TerryFox”

Terry Fox
Source: Twitter

Who is Terry Fox?

Terrance Stanley Fox was one of the greatest humanitarians and athletes of all time in Canada. His role is considered pivotal in spreading awareness of cancer all across Canada.

1. Cancer

Terry was diagnosed with cancer in the 1970s, and in 1980, he had to amputate his one leg because of cancer.

Unlike normal human beings and getting demotivated, Terry embarked on an awareness run.  He decided to run from the east coast of Canada to the west across Canada to spread cancer awareness.

This run came to an end, with Terry’s health further deteriorating due to the spread of cancer into his lungs.

Terry’s run for Hope lasted 143 days and covered 5,373 km. His efforts gained him worldwide popularity.

Terry Fox
Image by Jondolar Schnurr from Pixabay

2. Terry Fox Run

The annual Terry Fox Run was established in recognition of him in 1981.

It is the largest fundraiser event in the world, with millions of participants from different countries.

3. Marathon of Hope

The Marathon of Hope is the greatest that Terry wanted to finish by running across the country.

The marathon began in 1980. He began the run from St Johns, Newfoundland in April.  He ran almost a full marathon daily.

The run made Terry Fox a national hero. In addition, he organized numerous events with athletes and politicians to raise money to aid cancer research.

He wished to overcome and complete the run, but he slipped into a coma and died.

Terry Fox gained popularity at a very young age, and his images of running a full marathon with an amputated leg drew the world’s attention to him.

He was named the Companion of the Order of Canada. He had won the Lou Marsh Award for being the best sportsman.

The Canadian Press also named him Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year two years in a row.

Both Terry Fox is an idol to many Canadians.  Their demand for recognition of their national hero is considered just.

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