Canada sending more equipment to Ukraine as full-scale war with Russia nears 2-year mark

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Canada is dispatching additional resources to Ukraine as the prolonged conflict with Russia approaches its second anniversary. The nation is allocating a further $35 million in military assets to support its Eastern European ally, coinciding with discussions among Ukraine’s supporters regarding its ongoing requirements.

"Trudeau Is Taking Canada To A WAR"

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In his participation in the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG) session, Defense Minister Bill Blair conveyed Canada’s commitment via a remote connection. Canada’s contribution includes ten multirole boats manufactured by Zodiac Hurricane Technologies, with an estimated value of $20 million.

These rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) are esteemed by the Canadian Special Forces for their utility in commando operations. Additionally, the Department of National Defence (DND) highlights its versatility in search and rescue missions, troop and cargo transport, as well as surveillance and reconnaissance endeavours.

Each vessel is equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors, navigation systems, and communication apparatus, as stated by the department in a press release. The allocated funds encompass training for Ukrainian operators, along with provisions for spare parts.

Justin Trudeau Is SUPPORTING Ukraine To Fight War

In this video, Prime Minister Trudeau recently reaffirmed that he will be supporting Ukraine’s fighting war and helping in the ongoing international resolution of conflicts.

Furthermore, Minister Blair unveiled plans for Canadian sponsorship of civilian instructors from Montreal-based Top Aces Inc. These instructors will provide training to Ukrainian pilots in operating F-16 fighter jets generously donated by Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Although Canada does not operate the U.S.-manufactured F-16 aircraft, Top Aces possesses expertise in their utilization, offering comprehensive fighter jet instruction. Minister Blair elucidated that the training program, inclusive of Top Aces’ aircraft, is encompassed within the $15 million training package.

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Future Endeavors and Support

The inaugural sessions under Canadian sponsorship are slated to commence next month, spanning one year. Additionally, Canada will furnish English language training for Ukrainian Air Force personnel through the Canadian Forces Language School.

At present, the contributions of other UDCG members remain undisclosed.

Meanwhile, a tragic incident unfolded, with reports indicating the loss of at least 25 lives due to shelling at a market within Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Furthermore, experts emphasize Ukraine’s quest for substantive security assurances during negotiations with Canada.

On another front, the Russians are significantly investing in infrastructure to assimilate the occupied regions of Ukraine.

A noteworthy development arises as the United States assumes hosting duties for the monthly meeting initiated by U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in April 2022, albeit without current provisions for contribution.

The Pentagon faces a funding shortfall, temporarily impeding its ability to supply the necessary ammunition and missiles to bolster Ukraine’s defence against Russian incursions.

Pending congressional approval for increased budgetary allocations, the U.S. looks to its allies to bridge the resource gap.

In his opening address, delivered remotely from his residence as he recuperates from prostate cancer surgery, Secretary Austin implores the assembled nations to provide Ukraine with essential ground-based air defence systems and interceptors.

Concurrently, Canada’s commitment coincides with NATO’s announcement of a substantial investment accord aimed at artillery ammunition production.

This $1.2 billion US contract is poised to manufacture tens of thousands of artillery rounds, facilitating replenishment of NATO member nations’ stockpiles while augmenting support for Ukraine.

The contract entails the acquisition of 220,000 rounds of 155-millimeter ammunition, the preeminent artillery shell in demand, according to NATO’s support and procurement agency. This procurement initiative will fortify allies’ arsenals while bolstering Ukraine’s ammunition reserves.

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