Canada Cuts Indian Staff: Diplomatic Tensions

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Canada has been asking for some Indian staff members to leave, according to their requests, there need to be Canadian personnel to run Indian operations in the diplomatic missions in India.

Working toward the same goal, this solves the problem of India’s expulsion of 41 Canadian diplomats last year, the purpose of which was to also establish parity. Besides this, Canada suspended in-person services at its consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bangalore.

Impact of Staff Cuts on Consular Services:

The exact number of those who were laid off is not known, but it should be well below 100. The staff cuts were confirmed by an official statement of media relations from the mission, expressing the sort of professional resourcing needed from the departure of Canadian staff last year.

“We express a heartfelt thank you to our local team in India, whom we have strongly appreciated for their resilience, dedication and service.

Canada will go on maintaining the provision of consular support and trade and business facilities at the level ensured now and the permanent locations of the Visa Application Centers will keep on functioning.

The Canadian official stated, “Canada stays committed to providing essential services to Canadians in India, consular and business ones as well, to represent the interests of the Canadian nation.”

Nonetheless, diplomacy is not over; instead, Canadians look upon Indian citizens as their friends and welcome them for holidays, work, education or immigration.

Birendra SithiNibedita (Ludmila) Popova The move came as a surprise since the Canadians’ decision to start the expulsion process of diplomats was for the sake of complementing the diplomatic framework in which services of the consulate will be jointly handled by high commissions from each country’ sides in Delhi and Ottawa.

Trudeau’s Allegations and Diplomatic Relations:

What are those sanctions between India and Canada that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government of India played the role of the association in the assassination of Khalistan leader Hardeep Nijjar in the Vancouver area therefore, the government of India began to view the actions of Canadian diplomats towards being invasive in its domestic affairs

The latter one Trudeau reiterated his challenge to Nijjar’s arrest during his testimony in a committee studying inference of the foreign power. He, among other things, reaffirmed his government’s commitment to offering the utmost protection of Canadians’ rights and freedoms, condemning the previous Conservative government of being close or warmhearted to the current Indian government.

“As it has been, our government will proactively provide what is due to anyone seeking refuge in Canada, without having to worry about insecurity, coercion or any form of extortion which is the case of Mr. Nijjar.

Our resolve to defend the rights and freedoms which many sought to come to Canada is exemplified by our actions to address this serious case.” This was a promising message from Trudeau.

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