Canada’s National Wine Day Celebration on May 25th

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Wines are alcoholic drinks fermented from grapes. Yet wines are very different contrasting from beer, where wines are less alcoholic than beer.

Canada offers Canadian wine, with British Columbia and Ontario being the two most significant wine producers.

On 25 May 2023, Canada celebrated its National Wine Day. Canada celebrates its National Wine Day as a way to promote wine.

Wine growers in Canada have tweeted that Canada is in 6th position for growing world-class wine. About 11.6 billion dollars is contributed to the Canadian economy.

They have also shared to celebrate this National Wine Day with friends and family. The WGC (Wine Growers Canada) has acted as a unified voice (national and international) of Canadian wineries for over 50 years.

1. Production and Revenue

The wine-making process first involves harvesting the grapes. They are then crushed, pressed, and sent to the fermentation process.

After fermenting, they are pressured and filtered to filter out the fermented juice. Next is the filtration, where they are poured into the barrels. After a certain period, they are filled in wine bottles and ready to be dispatched and consumed. 

Wine Growers Canada has commissioned (independent) reports regarding the overall economic impact in Canada.

National Wine Day
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The revenue production has exceeded 17 billion dollars in wine production this year—their most recent information on Canada’s Wine Economy – Growth and Innovation Through Global Challenges shows that Wine Growers Canada has contributed about 11.6 billion dollars to the production of wine since 2011. 

This paper shows over 70% increase between 2011 and 2019, which analyzes vineyard and winery revenues, income impacts from labour expenditure, fiscal consequences for federal and provincial governments, and supply chain links.

The growth of the Canadian wine sector promotes local economies and farm-to-table dining.

2. Traditions  

Traditionally, National Wine Day revolves around indulging and celebrating with wine; friends and family gather to share a bottle of wine they particularly enjoy.

Spending lavishly on wine is now considered the standard, so go ahead and buy that bottle of wine and enjoy. 

Hosts provide wine-tasting events where enthusiasts and experts can sample wines worldwide.

Wine tasting on National Wine Day

Since many people view wine bottles as art, they recycle them for new uses or make wine racks to show them off on National Wine Day.

3. Celebration – The National Wine Day

“Wine” has been enjoyed throughout history. Its natural likeness is not only linked to the taste but also to its nutritional value and psychotropic.

Moreover, this National Wine Day is a fantastic day to go to the vineyard and do some wine tasting, which is an excellent treat for yourself.

You can try different varieties of wines in the Vineyard. 

Particular to this day, one-of-a-kind discounts and products are being made available.

So, you’ll need to go to the wine shop in your neighbourhood and get the wine you want.

Above all, you can remind yourself of this Wine Day with your friends and family with your favourite meal. Cheers to you all on this National Wine Day!

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