Canada Backs Ukraine, PM Trudeau Affirms!

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Canada and Ukraine have been in a good relationship. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy discussed matters for long-term defense with his Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the phone.

The Ukrainian President tweeted, “Had a phone call with Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau. Discussed the program of long-term defense cooperation. Noted the beginning of the Russian assets confiscation and called for increased sanctions pressure on Russia. Coordinated positions on the eve of the NATO summit and other international events.”

Canadian Prime Minister responded to the tweet that Canada is going to provide Ukraine with support and Canada will continue to provide military and financial aid until the resolution of the war with Russia.

Canada Backs Ukraine

What is Happening in Ukraine?

Ukraine and Russia have been at war for over a year. Russia attacked Ukraine on 22 February 2022. The root cause of the war is considered as Ukraine’s willingness to join NATO which Russia has been strongly opposing since 2014.

The war has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries and many people have left Ukraine fearing for their life. It is said to be the largest refugee migration since World War II.

The preparation for the war had commenced months before when Russia started military movement near the borders. On 24 February 2022, Russia declared special military ops to aid the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk.

These regions have been creating unrest in Ukraine for their independence and experts believe support of Russia behind the same.

The war thereafter had escalated and the Ukrainian President had refused to surrender to Russia and has been countering Russia since.

The European nations, the USA, and Canada extended their support to Ukraine and have been supplying arms weapons, and medical aid.

Ukraine-Canada Relationship

Canada and Ukraine have always maintained a cordial relationship. Canada was the first of the nations to recognize the formation of Ukraine after the fall of the USSR. Both nations have been in a friendly relationship ever since.

In the recent aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia war, Canada was amongst first of the nations to put sanctions on Russia.

Canada has been providing military, financial, and humanitarian help to Ukraine. Ukraine has recognized the efforts of Canada on numerous occasions.

Canada sending four more Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Canada has stood by Ukraine prior to and at the start of the conflict with Russia and has extended financial support of CA$8.5 billion to Ukraine in January 2022 which was even prior to the attack by Russia.

Since its commencement, Canada has supplied Ukraine with military equipment, weapons including missiles and weapons such as assault rifles. Canada has declared support to Ukraine as long as needed.

Canada has imposed several severe economic sanctions against Russia under its Special Economic Measures Act.

It condemned Russia’s act of violence and violated the territorial integrity of a foreign nation and has called upon Russia several times to cease war with Ukraine.

Canada Backs Ukraine

With the recent interaction between Ukraine and Russia, it is clear to the international community that Ukraine will continue to receive assistance from Canada.

The one question remains – till when? We need to assist the world in maintaining peace and try to stop the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The future will tell us if Canada is ready to aid Ukraine by sending its troops.

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  • Prime Minister Trudeau is the most astute and diplomatic politician in Canadian history. Personally, I agree with your assessment of Canadian assistance for Ukraine. I hope that Canada, as a world power, takes the initiative to facilitate peace discussions between the two countries.

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