Bookstores in Calgary – 5 Amazing Options to Explore

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Gallivanting on the streets, bibliophiles can be found sequestered in various small, cozy, and vibrant bookstores in Calgary. Calgary comprises many off-beat bookstores and cafes, curating a perfect scenery for keen bookworms and free-spirited souls. People walk into these warm spaces on a snowy evening to enjoy a perfect book along with a perfect cup of coffee. In some bookstores, you might even spot a few adorable dogs accompanying their coffee dates.

Notably, there are several bookstores in Calgary that are local and independent. They are home to innumerable book fanatics searching for a cozy place coupled with splendid old and new books.

1. Beautiful Bookstores in the Stunning Nooks of Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, the beautiful city of Alberta, glistens when the sun’s rays fall on it. The beautiful skies of Canada are a perfect setting for book lovers to sit, weave their imagination into stories, and be lost in their worlds. The bookstores in Calgary bring the readers together and help them grow more.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

2. Top 5 of the Best Bookstores in Calgary, Alberta

Here are 5 bookstores in Calgary you must visit:

2.1. Pages Books on Kensington

Located on Kensington Road, Calgary, Alberta this beautiful bookstore teleports its readers into the world of books. It is one of the local and independent bookstores in Calgary. It exhibits a wide selection of books, such as fiction, comics, philosophy, graphic novels, children’s books, etc.

This bookstore flaunts both – old and new books. The walls of the store are donned with beautiful artwork providing relief to sore eyes. The staff ensures that the bibliomaniac entering their store gets their hands on the book they are eyeing.

The discounted and used books can also be found on a rack outside of the bookstore, glistening and alluring, under the rays of the shining sun of Canada.

pages bookstore
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The Pages Books on Kensington is also regarded for bringing in authors and organizing host readings. It keeps the customers informed about upcoming events, too, thus maintaining and continuing the book-club culture in Canada.

You can check out their website here.

2.2. Owl’s Nest Books

It is one of the oldest bookstores in Calgary. The Owl’s Nest Books showcases an incredible selection of genres such as fiction, mystery, horror, biographies, comics, history, science, and more. Being a local bookstore in Canada, it also has a collection penned by beloved Canadian authors.

Also, the owners of the bookstore are avid bookworms. They are readily available to help the clients in finding books upon their visit. The bookstore also sells toys and gifts for special occasions for teens and kids.

The icing on the cake, not like many other bookstores in Calgary, this one is dog-friendly!

Calgary Bookstore Top Sellers
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You can check out their website here.

2.3. Shelf Life Books

It is a small and cozy bookstore located in South Calgary, Alberta. The friendly and knowledgeable staff assist the bookworms yearning for a perfect read.  While browsing through the shelves, you will find the widest book selections, including fiction, non-fiction, romance, mystery, memoirs, and more.


Bookstores in Calgary
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Shelf life books also organize readings for book lovers to discuss different books. The store brings together people by organizing host readings and poetry readings. In addition, it presents a comfortable space for the book-club members to lounge in an alternate world.

Also, you can find information about upcoming events on their website. You can check out their website here.

2.4. Sigla Books

Owned by a passionate and avid book lover, this bookstore is for the true literary giants. Located in Southwest Calgary, Alberta, it is a one-stop shop for book collectors looking for exciting and elusive titles.

Sigla Books have a vast range of books to browse across genres such as fiction, non-fiction, mystery, crime, horror, etc. It also boasts a set of antique books (unique in Calgary bookstores), which you will be fortunate to handle if allowed!

Bookstores in Calgary
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The bookstore also has a coffee bar. Readers can purchase their favorite book and enjoy a good coffee while turning the leaves of the book onto the next page.

You can check out their website here.

2.5. Fair’s Fair Books

Established in 1988, this bookstore has been serving Calgary with its business ever since, at reasonably fair prices. Fair money is one of the main attractions of this bookstore. This bookstore has two locations in Calgary – South East Calgary and South West Calgary of Alberta, respectively.

Fair’s Fair Books has a collection of exclusive vintage books, set up in an organized manner. The supportive staff is always eager to help the customers requiring aid with the purchase. In addition, the store also facilitates local delivery at a location convenient to the customer. The shop is one of the bookstores in Calgary, which also accepts quality used books if you want to sell old ones.

Fair’s Official Website Screenshot

You can check out their website here.

3. The Beauty of “Local” in Canada

Thanks to the local bookstores in Calgary, Alberta the sanctity of handheld books – both new and old, remains in Canada. In this ever-changing world, these local bookstores in Calgary offer a perfect combination of solace and literature with the best books. The scribbled notes written on old books connect two strangers belonging to different worlds. Significantly, they can impart thoughts and memories through used books.

The crispness of the pages of the new books, as well as the paleness of the old (yet gently used books), are both soul-satisfying to the dreamers of the city of Calgary, Alberta. Purchase or sell, these bookstores in Calgary are there to help!

4. The Friendliness and Warmth of Canada

All of these bookstores in Calgary share a commonality – dedicated staff and passionate owners. When the assistants show a genuine interest in the needs of the bookworms while they browse, it certainly leaves an imprint on the mind of visitors.

book wall doorway unique library
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It is this warmth and welcome, native to the people of Canada, that encourages literary minds to revisit the bookstore. It adds to the ambiance and vibrance of the place. Moreover, a supportive and friendly staff attracts legitimate book lovers just like fresh-baked cookies allure potential house buyers.

5. Book Clubs

Book clubs are an excellent medium for like-minded people to come together and exchange their unique perspectives. These bookstores in Calgary provide a perfect environment in addition to a great place for such meaningful rendezvous.

Book clubs have been popular since the 17th century, allowing people from distinct places to sit and learn at one table. They decide upon different titles every week. Finally, they happily gather on a Friday and converse about the facts of life that they have absorbed the previous week.

6. Conclusion

The savant readers are a blessed category of people who are able to create calm wherever they go. These cozy and homely bookstores facilitate the experience further – by providing them with quaint and fresh coffee. These bookstores in Calgary, Alberta are a haven for transforming dreams into stunning stories which are passed on at the same time, from one mind to another, one hand to another.

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Thus, to all the bookaholics out there – Keep reading, keep sipping!

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