Best Zoo in Nova Scotia: 3 Interesting Facts

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Welcome to the fascinating world of wildlife discovery in Nova Scotia, where some astounding zoological marvels exist with the region’s rich natural beauty. Families and animal lovers alike can enjoy a memorable visit at these zoos in Nova Scotia.

One of them is the jewel in the crown, deserving of the title of “Best Zoo in Nova Scotia.” Come along on an adventure to see this remarkable spot, where education, conservation, and the simple joy of seeing various animals come together to provide an engaging and wonderful experience.

1. The Best Zoo in Nova Scotia – Oaklawn Farm Zoo

There are many zoos in Nova Scotia. These zoos have a wide range of animals and birds.

Oaklawn Farm Zoo was established in the year 1984. This is Nova Scotia’s largest zoo. The Oaklawn Farm Zoo boasts the largest display of wide diversity of primates and big cats in Eastern Canada. This zoo is located in a large area, and it has a large variety of exotic and endangered animals.

This zoo has a gift shop and restaurant. Children are allowed to feed some corn to the deer and goats. The main attraction of this zoo in Nova Scotia is the feeding time of bears and big cats. During feeding time, the owner enters the cages and feeds meat to these animals with his hands.

This is a totally fun adventure place. There are many animals in this zoo in Nova Scotia. The major exhibit animals are lions, Siberian tigers, and monkeys. This zoo opens at 10 a.m., and the last admission to the zoo is at 6 p.m.

Address: Aylesford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

1.1. Origin

This zoo was started in the year the 1970s by Ron and Gail Rogerson. It was started by a farm, and then they introduced some conventional animals to the zoo. Later, they introduced some exotic animals here. In 1975, they organized a program named Learning to Live.

In this program, they invite school students and teach them how to interact with and care for the animals. They expect people to treat animals with love and care. Later, in 1985, they decided to convert the farm into a zoo.

1.2. Animals

This zoo in Nova Scotia has the largest number of animals. It has Mara, Crested porcupine, Lion, Eastern painted turtle, Tokay gecko, Green iguana, Spider monkey, Goliath birdeater, Meerkat, Pot bellied pig, Capybara, Chilean rose tarantula, and many more.

1.3. Birds

This zoo is home to many birds as well. Some of them are Ostrich, Alpaca, Jaguar, Guanaco, Rhea, Great Horned Owl, Black Swan, Indian Peafowl, Bald Eagle, Llama, and many more. The different species of birds live in different cages.

2. Final Note

To sum up, Oaklawn Farm Zoo is, without a doubt, the greatest zoo in Nova Scotia. This remarkable location, which is hidden away in the center of the province, skillfully combines educational programs, conservation activities, and a dedication to giving each guest an unforgettable experience.

Oaklawn Farm Zoo is a must-visit location for anyone looking for an enriching and unique zoological experience in Nova Scotia because of its wide variety of wildlife, painstakingly designed exhibits, and sincere commitment to animal welfare. It also acts as a beacon for promoting a strong bond between humans and the animal.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Do these zoos contain animals of domestic breeds?

Ans. Yes, there are petting zoos that contain domestic breeds of animals. In these zoos, people can easily interact with the animals.

Q 2. What is the main purpose of zoos?

Ans. The main purpose of the zoo is to educate people about the habitat of animals. Teach them the methods of interacting with animals.

Q 3. Do zoos contain endangered animals?

Ans. Yes, zoos are the home for many endangered animals.

Q 4. What are the rules of a zoo?

Ans. The visitors will walk on the designed path behind the safety barriers. Do not feed the animals if it is not allowed. Keep your hands away from the cages of the animals. Do not harm the plants and trees.

Q 5. What are the benefits of the zoo?

Ans. Zoos help maintain the ecology and biodiversity of the environment. It helps to repair damaged ecosystems. They also help in the rehabilitation center for animals.

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