Best Psychology Programs In Canada: Top 9 Universities

Are you a massive fan of a joker? No, not a clown. The movie Joker. Was the character intriguing enough for you? Or if you ever watched MindHunter and wondered how a human being could be this evil on earth!? And if you’re a Marvel fan, do not miss the Moon Knight, a psychological horror leaving you confused and curious about the human psyche in the ending. And wanting to pursue a career in psychology to explore the several aspects of human behaviour and mind; if yes, then you’re on the correct page.

Several prestigious universities provide the best psychology programs in Canada. Let’s start with insightful information which will help you make a concise decision when choosing psychology schools from the list of best psychology programs in Canada

An Overview: Best Psychology Programs In Canada

University tuition and other statistics are constantly changing. Therefore digits presented in the article for any university may differ from the current numbers. Furthermore, the selection is according to the quality of education and global recognition. All the universities described here offer the best education despite the differences in tuition fees.

Pursuing Psychology Is A Progressive Path For Every Young Professional

Psychology is one of the most actively developing sciences and a career option. Educating in this specialization with the best psychology programs in Canada will open many doors for students in various social spheres of life.

Psychologists are the most sought-after specialists in Western countries. Clearing a Canadian university diploma will allow students to work in any country. Graduates in psychology find work without problems and successfully move up the career ladder.

Suppose you are interested in the nature and causes of human behaviour. In that case, relationships between members of society and collectives, psychological disorders, and treatment methods, this program will suit you the best.

Let’s Find Out Why The Psychologist Profession Is Popular In Canada

A psychologist in Canada is a person who has completed the proper training, has a specialized education of at least a Master’s Degree, and has received a license from the psychologists’ professional association (Canadian Psychological Association).

Without a license, a person can provide services of a similar nature. But, they cannot be called an authenticated psychologist.

Additionally, a person with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and a master’s degree in psychological direction can get the proper license and settle easily in Canadian society.

Growth Of Psychology In Canada

We consider it essential to place the field of psychology in a context shaped by various factors. 

One of the very important methodologies is the Quasi-experimental research design. In this case, one can find more open models than the rigorous experimental control of variables. However, attention is given to the need for operational definitions applying to fieldwork is also beneficiary.

Psychological Specialties Of Canadian Universities

Getting trained in Canadian universities has accomplished a huge number of specialties. At the same time, universities are seen constantly adjusting their number of programs depending on the present situation in the country’s labour market, which each University is continually studying. According to the surveys in the year 2021, the most demanded psychologists were graduates from the areas listed below:

  1. Counselling Psychology
  2. Adolescent and child adolescent psychology
  3. Marriage and Family Counseling
  4. Police Psychology
  5. Military Clinical Psychology

According to Q.S. (Quacquarelli Symonds) Annual World University Rankings, it is stated that the below-listed psychology universities in the article provide the best psychology programs in Canada and are the most frequented and preferred among international students. 

Universities With The Best Psychology Programs In Canada:

1. University Of Toronto

Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash

The University was established in 1827. However, the psychology programs of this University did not achieve any specific department status until 1927.

The efforts of more than 60 full-time members and 20 members from different departments helped form a well-organized department that offers students many classes and research options. The University offers a broad bachelor of science degree designed to give students a foundation across the entire discipline.

A four-year degree is offered at the undergraduate level, and at the graduate level, there is a year master’s degree and a 4year doctorate. The main research areas are:

  1. Brain and behaviour.
  2. Social and personal abnormalities.
  3. The neurosciences of perception and knowledge.

Students from every foreign country come here to acquire knowledge, agility, and confidence at every career stage. Acquiring knowledge at the University of Toronto goes deeper into knowledge and a rigorous problem-solving model that shapes students into influential decision-makers. The Psychology department also provides an experimental laboratory, allowing students to put approaches to obtain direct experience for the growth of their future careers.

And it also goes in-depth for students’ personal development, with programs focused on helping to test and fulfil their potential as generous leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and courageous toward change. The tuition fee for Canadian citizens is CAD 92500 (full-time MBA degree) at the University of Toronto and CAD 120680 for international students.

2. McGill University

In Montreal, McGill University is the oldest University and one of just three English-language universities in Quebec, providing the best psychology programs in Canada.

In the year 1850 first psychology course was taught by W.T. Leach. In 1910, the first laboratory for psychology was established by William Dunlop Tait. 

Psychology at this University is offered as either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science program and a joint program across both. Students within each course can study various courses, including the psychology of bilingualism, health psychology, and hormones and behaviour. The students are also allowed to conduct and present their research projects.

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

McGill is a very large-size University with a population of around 30 000, and according to the Q.S. rankings, it is ranked as the 20th best Psychology University in the world.

Students come to McGill from over 150 countries because of

  1. A solid academic reputation. Their 21 executive faculties and professional schools offer programs in around 300 areas of study.2.
  2. The outstanding faculties bring the latest research reports directly to their students.3.
  3. The Montreal setting has it all. Lively and cosmopolitan, Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. Although McGill is an English university, over 20% of our students are francophones.
  4. McGill University has recognition worldwide, and its graduates are prominent in every field.
  5. An active alumni network provides graduates with contacts around the globe.

3. University Of British Columbia

At the University of Columbia, psychology was first introduced as a single course and, in 1915, was offered by the Department of Philosophy. With passing years the number of courses and faculties grew until, in 1958, the University of British Columbia Psychology Department officially became the Department of Psychology with the best psychology programs in Canada.

The department’s present home is named for Dr. Douglas T. Kenny, elected as the Head of the Department of Psychology branch in 1964. The University of British Columbia offers the 10 best psychology courses. 

Image from Shutterstock

Psychology is one of UBC’s most popular undergraduate majors, with students choosing either the bachelor of arts or the behavioural neuroscience program.

The master’s in psychology is a 24-month program. In this program, the students must complete a thesis and present it at the University’s annual Psychfest.

The psychology students’ research is focused on several major areas. They are cognitive science, developmental, health, behavioural neuroscience, quantitative methods and clinical and social psychology.

4. McMaster University

Since 1887, the University has been dedicated to cultivating human potential, a commitment they demonstrate every day through groundbreaking approaches to teaching and learning and their world-class, interdisciplinary research.

Students are challenged to apply their knowledge to solve practical, real-life problems. 

Photo by Spencer Russell on Unsplash

An hour’s drive from Toronto and a one-hour flight from major American hubs New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago, the campus is located in the heart of one of North America’s multicultural and most vibrant regions.

The University’s tagline “Education with Purpose” is more than a tagline; it accurately reflects its mission, vision, and values. While University instils a sense of purpose in the students, it also has a collective purpose to help transform business and society in Canada.

5. Western University

In the list of Canada’s leading psychology universities, there’s another famous name that attracts students. Western University has captivated the attention of scholars and academic leaders in their fields. They also conduct groundbreaking research globally in some of the most provocative and cutting-edge fields.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

From its establishment in 1878, Western University has been the source of discoveries that have benefited Canada’s psychological and health development. It has also been helpful around the world.

It is one of the best academic institutions in Canada and has over 306,000 living alumni worldwide and more than 24,000 students. Some notable alumni include government officials, academics, business leaders, Nobel Laureates, and Rhodes Scholars.

6. University Of Calgary

best psychology programs in canada
Photo by Füm™ on Unsplash

Like their tagline “Transform inspiration into impact,” the University of Calgary offers 150 programs and awards license courses for graduates, including master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) courses.

Approximately 30,000 students gained admission in 2014. International students pay the tuition fee of about 12,700 Canadian dollars as of 2017. Further, to prove its excellence, this institution ranks consistently high in Canada in many university rankings by different organizations.

Moving on with the list of best universities in Canada, let’s check out the remaining names.

7. Queen’s University 

One other of the top universities in Canada to study psychology is Queen’s University. The world is constantly changing today — newly developed technologies, skills, emerging markets, changing competitors, evolving expectations, and more and more.

Due to its popularity and strong reputation, the University attracts the interest of top students. The School also maintains international exchange partnerships with over 100 respected institutions in around 37 countries. 

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Following their tagline “Mission and Vision,” Queen’s College – School of Psychology combine the different fundamental and professional psychology fields with the best psychology programs in Canada.

The branch of psychology offers four areas in Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy study levels, including Clinical, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental, and Social-Personality.

8. University Of Waterloo

best psychology programs in canada
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The list of best psychology programs in Canada is not complete without mentioning the name of the University of Waterloo. It’s a public research institution with campuses in Waterloo.

The University also manages 3 satellite campuses and 4 affiliated universities. Not to forget, the University is also a member of the U15. The University had around over 30,000 undergraduate and 5000 postgraduate students in 2016. The psychologists trained in all the programs stand out for their skills as practitioners. From 2009 to 2021, the University also managed undergraduate programs in Dubai.

Let’s face the fact that studying psychology is sometimes tricky because places are limited, and also the competition, competition is very present. But studying psychology here also gives you chances to grow and learn daily.

9. Dalhousie University

The institution is over a century old and nearly one and a half centuries old! It offers programs that rank among the top 100 programs in the world and the top 3 Canadian schools. And if we talk about the best psychology programs in Canada, Dalhousie University.

Photo by Alihan Turgut on Unsplash

Mainly, they provide experiential learning to give students a better understanding of the concepts they have learned or developed and not just to mug up things, even how to apply the knowledge and or the skills in solving real-life problems.

Since 1883, the University has been widely known for its intellectually ambitious and rigorous approach to the law profession, serving as the model for legal education in Canada.


If you are a student looking for the best places for your psychology degree in Canada, this should be your best friend. Mentioned above are the best psychology programs in Canada that you can choose from. 

So select a university of your choice and get started. All the best! 

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