Delicious classic poutine served in a cozy Quebec bistro. Delicious classic poutine served in a cozy Quebec bistro.

Top 8 Best Poutine In Quebec City—You Must Try

Where do I find the best Poutine in Quebec city? Well, this is a very wrong question you are asking me. Unofficially Poutine is the national dish of Quebec City and one of the most known French-Canadian dishes across Canada.

Crunchy french fries mixed with melt-in-the-mouth cheese curds, rich-flavoured gravy, and the tastiest toppings—nothing but pure joy for your tastebuds. Quebec offers so many traditional dishes, but no one can beat the unique combination of Poutine that comes into the Canadian fast food scene in the 1950s.

Gaining its popularity from the Le Lutin Qui Rit (a restaurant in Quebec where the traditional Poutine was first served), it is now one of the most available fast food in many restaurants.

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So, if you are feeling hungry, let me help with the list of the best poutines in Quebec City. Warm, greasy, crispy, mmm, so delicious.

1. Poutineville

Want to be a little creative with your Poutine? Welcome to Poutineville—a hotspot in the Montreal Poutine chain, where you can create the Poutine on your own. And the best place for offering some unique flavoured and imaginative toppings.

With a wide range of 40 ingredients, 4 potato choices, and 11 different kinds of cheeses, you can prepare your very own Poutine according to your mood. Their creation is also delicious, filled with smoked meat, Italian sausage, fried egg, and brushed with hot sauces.

But what’s so special? Their signature Poutine—‘The Heart Attack, the biggest Poutine in Québec city. That comes with more than 14 ingredients, weighs nearly 15 pounds, and costs $100.

Where: 735 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, QC G1K 3C6, Canada

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2. Le Chic Shack

Best poutine in Quebec city
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If you are looking for the best Poutine, stop at La Chic Shake. Your tastebuds will be mesmerized by crispy fries and creamy cheese curds. Located in old Quebec, this casual spot is famous for gourmet burgers, milkshakes, and obviously for the mouthwatering Poutine.

In Le Chic Shack, you will find the classic Poutine made with Yukon gold potatoes, fresh cheddar cheese, and homemade sauces. The topping list is also incredible—from forest mushrooms to braised beef, all are just paired beautifully with the classic version.

And if you are a vegan, you are in great luck. They come with the most delicious vegan Poutine, and the Canadian beef burger is also a must-try thing here.

Where: 15 Fort St, Quebec City, Quebec G1R 3Z8, Canada

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3. Casse-Croute Chez Gaston

Housed in downtown Saint-Roch, this tiny snack bar should be on the bucket list. And the reasons? Reasonable prices, great service, and the Poutine recipe feature crispy fries and large chunks of fresh cheese with a beef-flavoured sauce.

Don’t miss out on their unique dish, La Poutine Gaston—stuffed with sausage, onions, and minced meat with the toppings of thick gravy and cheese curds.

So, choose a favourite spot, order your food and enjoy the classy vibes. I am pretty sure you will not regret it later.

Where: 332 Rue Dorchester, Québec, QC G1K 6A2, Canada

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4. Snack Bar Saint-Jean

best poutine in Quebec city
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This eatery is not only for Poutine but for some insanely delicious fast food too—that will compel you to come here again and again.

Apart from the good Poutine, they have a large selection of hot dogs, burgers, grilled cheese, and kraft dinner nuggets—you can easily pair them with your favourite drinks from the nearby bars.

If you want to try something unique, go with Poutine au bacon stuffed with french fries, cheese curds, hot gravy, and bacon. Oh yes, don’t miss out on La Club—you will fall in love with the toppings of white chicken, lettuce, and tomato.

Where: 780 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1P9, Canada

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5. Chez Ashton

Do you want to taste the best Poutine in Quebec City? No one can beat Chef Ashton. One of the most famous restaurants and locals’ favourite for serving the best Poutines across Canada for decades.

With more than 23 locations, they offer quality ingredients, fresh cheese curds, and rich-flavoured sauce that you will find nowhere else. They have the three most delicious recipes—the Galvaude, the Classic, and the Dulton.

So, plan your trip to this place and choose the size and sauce according to your mood. And don’t forget to try their meatloaf sandwich—it is nothing but a treat for your mouth.

Where: 54 Cote du Palais, QC, Quebec G1R 4H8 Canada

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6. Frite Alors

best poutine in quebec city
Photo by Julien Jean Zayatz, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

How about mixing your fresh squeaky cheese with the hand-cut crispy french fries, made according to Belgian style? Welcome to the Frite Alors—a small joint in the Montcalm district and famous for serving some of the tastiest vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, pressed sandwiches, and obviously the most delicious Poutine.

What’s so special? La Générale Tao—a Poutine comes with chicken balls, sesame seeds, and gluten-free thick homemade sauce. Try out their Ginette also, stuffed with bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, and sour cream.

You can also enjoy the fries with seasoned mayonnaise, coated with one of their flavoursome sauces. It is undoubtedly a budget-friendly restaurant.

Where: 122 Cremazie Ouest, QC, Quebec G1R 1X5 Canada

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7. La Banquise

Situated at the heart of Montreal, a most popular spot for locals, as well as tourists, has been serving since 1968. With 30 different kinds of these greasy spoon dishes and 24-hour service—this is absolutely the best place for all the Poutine lovers out there.

Try their La Couvre Feu—you will be dazzled with the unique combination of ground beef, cheese sauce, onions, hot peppers, and mac’n cheese bites. And for the lighter mood, go with La Royale, filled with pulled pork, bacon, and apples—absolutely mouthwatering.

So, if you want a place where you can go any time and any day, just include the eatery for the best Poutine in Quebec city on your list.

Where: 994 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, Quebec City H2J 2J3, Canada

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8. Casse Croûte Pierrot

best poutine in quebec city
Photo by FILMME, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

Have cravings at midnight? Head to Pierrot—a dreamland for snacks and fast food lovers and has been serving for the last 50 years.

Pierrot is a neighbourhood eatery and a popular spot for late-night cravings and at your service any time you want. You can taste small cheese curds that will melt slowly with the heavenly delicious beef sauce and caramelized golden fries.

Where: 1996 1re Av., Québec, QC G1L 3M2, Canada

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Final note

Poutine is a must-try Canadian food and undoubtedly a guilty pleasure for your mouth. From having it as a meal to devouring it at two o’clock, you can eat this crispy and oh-so-cheesy dish whenever you want. So, enjoy this article, choose your favourite restaurant, and plan your trip to satisfy your craving.

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